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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

500th Comment

Just recorded my 500th comment this weekend. Drumroll please...

And the 500th commenter is... "Anonymous"!!! Well, fortunately, he/she attached their initials... so "VF" whoever you are, you're it! Congrats!

And for playing our comment game, your prize is, take a deep breath... and wasn't that breath of fresh, free, Conservative governed Canadian air wonderful? On to our next contest...

Christians and Politics

Wow, started a firestorm, did I? This was a comment left on my blog regarding my faith in Jesus Christ, and my involvement in politics...

"Not that I have any problems with you being a Christian. I have a problem with the fact that you don't understand the fact that seperation between the Church and State is important, or you are not really different from Hamas who can seperate faith from the state. Comment on that man."

Ammm, Hamas kills people, I don't... you know, I believe in the “Thou shalt not kill” thing and the “turn the other cheek” concept. ;-) There's my comment on that, man.

I can't separate my faith from who I am, because it MAKES me who I am. Therefore, due to my beliefs, I can't lie, cheat, steal, I look "do unto my neighbour as I'd have him do unto me", look out for my fellow man, etc... I think we need more people like that, not less, in Federal politics... don't you?

As for the "Sep. of Church and State", I agree with others who have commented here that it was intended to keep the State out of the Church, NOT vice-versa. (ie - no official state religion) And don't forget, the "Sep. of Church and State" is a AMERICAN thing, not a Canadian one. (so much for the liberal left not wanting to be like the USA!)

If you want to try and say that you can't be religions and be in politics, then let's throw out the Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, and, to be fair, let's keep those darn atheists out too, since Humanism is also a defined system of belief... whoops, now we're into anarchy... let's not go there, eh?

I love the hypocrisy of the left... keep the Christians out of politics, but ensure that everyone else is diversely represented.

Yea, like I thought... HYPOCRITES.

Monday, January 30, 2006

McKenna says "Thanks, but no thanks"

Woo hoo! Frank McKenna WON'T be running for Paul Martin's job. Man, I was worried about him, so this is a relief. I think he would have killed us in Atlantic Canada, and I think he had the momentum to hurt us elsewhere, so I'm glad he's not in the running.

Now, all we have to do is get Ignatieff out of the picture... then 24 Sussex is ours for years to come! (Mu-ah-hah-hah-hah...)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Still here... more to come

Some may have wondered if I was shutting the blog down now that the election is over. Nope, I'm still here, just taking time to catch up with other things and get back to real life. Will be posting more as we draw near to Feb. 6, the date of Prime Minister Harper's swearing in ceremony.

Looks like I'm not the only one who's sticking around either... Warren is back! Don't be so surprised at my support for ya Warren, I appreciate a good and reasoned debate/argument from the dark side... we get that from guys like you, but not from "The Board". Such debate and collaboration are what makes this nation great, right? Like I said, you write on this past election, (or any other political matter) and I'm buying the book.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Say it ain't so Warren!

What is this? Have we seen the end of "The Blogging Warren"?

Say it ain't so Warren, say it ain't so!

Well, if so, he said it's time to pass on the torch. I wonder if we can get a tradition going by having another former PMO staffer start a blog. Warren worked for JC, so now that PM is done, maybe someone from his office could start a blog... say, Scott Reid? What do you say Scotty? I know you're gonna have loads of time on your hands soon, and I got the perfect name for it... nah, too easy.

Then again, on second thought... PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US WARREN!

Ontario drinks the kool-aid... again

I just really don't understand this province. They keep falling for the lies, time and time again. They elect thieves and liars without a second thought. They were willing to once again believe a party that was PROVEN to have lied to them in the past.

We drank the Liberal kool-aid, again. We never learn. The Liberal Party of Canada is ripping the fabric of this nation apart, and doing so be touting themselves as the sole party with a divine right to govern. Ontario, you've just given a bloody nose to Quebec and Alberta... you've once again voted for the party that has insulted these provinces over and over again.

Ontario has once again supported the rending of this nation between urban and rural... rural wants to go right, urban wants to go left. The major urban centres east of Manitoba are Liberal fortresses, and B.C. went to the NDP. Calgary and Edmonton went Tory... no surprise, as many there are more likely to understand the issues of urban vs. rural. [UPDATE: Looks like I'm not the only one to notice this]

The rest of the country has figured this out... why can't we? Quebec figured it out, and voted for a new Federalism. They sent 10 Conservatives to Ottawa. Atlantic Canadians have figured it out... they increased their support for the Tories, though it only translated into two more seats. In B.C., well, we lost five seats, but the NDP picked them up... it's a vote for change and not corruption, regardless.

And then there's my riding, Guelph... Gullible Guelph. Oh yes, we got scared and drank the kool-aid too... 5000 people did. Dupped. They have no clue what they've done... just voting for the status quo because the Liberals said things will be bad if we vote for change. Our Liberal MP has been on the backbenches of the government for 12 years, and done little... how much can she accomplish for this city from the backbenches of the Opposition? Yea, I thought so.

Well, all is not lost. We will FINALLY get to the bottom of the garbage that's been going on in Ottawa for the last 10 years. (the first two or three years of the Liberals were OK, other than the helicopter thing) Canada has voted for the best Prime Minister to come along in 50 years... Stephen Harper. He's a very cerebral man, a bridge builder, a consensus leader. Canada does not really know him at all... he's not a scary, power hungry leader.

He's a quiet, mild-mannered person who will change forever the face of Ottawa... and NOT in the negative ways that the Liberals would have you believe. He'll be able to restore relations with the US, and WILL NOT bow to George W. Bush. He'll show Canada that we can be a nice neighbour, and will help in pulling down the 12 foot high brick wall we've built, and work with our neighbour to maintain a nice, solid, three foot picket fence, over which we can chat and agree to disagree, and over which our goods can be easily passed, whilst still keeping out the noisy, yappy dogs that we don't like. (like Michael Moore, perhaps?)

Mr. Harper will be able to show Quebec that Canada does want them to stick around, and that it will be in their best interest, but he won't give away the farm to keep them here. (and that our hockey teams will be able to win more games as one, rather than two)

Mr. Harper won't be forgetting the concerns of cities, which so many think he will. He wants ALL PARTS of this nation to succeed, not to hobble one in preference to the other... which has been Liberal policy for 40 years now. (NEP anyone?)

Canada, relax. Everything is going to be fine. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is going to build consensus, implement some really good programs, and win over Canadians. This country is going to move ahead, and no one is going to get left behind. Oh sure, you're going to hear some on the left screaming loud, protests here and there about nothing, but that's all those nutbars do, so just ignore them. If you have issues, contact your MP... I've found that Conservative MP's typically are much better at responding than other parties, based on my own experience.

Let's work together to build, not tear down. There are solutions to our problems, and together, we can work towards solving them.

Here's to our new Conservative government, and to our next Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper!

Monday, January 23, 2006

E-Day... GO GO GO GO!

Time to hit the beach running... alarm went off at 6:30am, will be heading off to the campaign office to pick up my E-Day kits. Then to the polls to get set up. Voting starts at 9:30am. I'll be there all day, so this blog will be quiet until the polls close in B.C. at 10:00pm EST. (at least)

THEN STAY TUNED FOR THE LATEST!!! I'll be monitoring as many feeds as possible from our war room, and will post as things happen.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

E-Day Countdown begins

Getting ready for a momentous E-Day tomorrow. This riding is gonna be close. Stephen Harper was here to visit yesterday. And we got some experienced help in our office to run things on E-Day... The Conservative Hipster. That's right, some LIVE blogging gonna be happening from the Guelph Conservative HQ tomorrow night... after the polls close of course, and in full compliance with all relevant sections of the Elections Act, to be sure. (we don't want to give anyone ANOTHER reason to investigate the Blogging Tories)

So, I'm getting ready to work a couple of polls tomorrow, and I'm told the ones that I'd volunteered for are some of the BIG ONES we need to win in... large numbers of supporters, lots of work. I canvassed in this area a few weeks ago. One woman I met on the door that day, said she'd call the office right away and volunteer. I met again today during training... she's apparently been one of the most committed ones there! She's been there DAILY since, making literally HUNDREDS of phone calls! When she showed up, they asked her who got her to volunteer... and she had no clue who I was! So she was able to tell everyone today, "Hey, this is the guy who got me here!"

Talk about a great boost right befoe the vote!


NOTE: If anyone wants to join our live day efforts, drop a line in my comments and we'll connect... I'll be online via MSN, blog, e-mail and cell.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

How could this man be scary?

Look at this face... how could either of these men be scary? (just so there's no confusion, the guy on the right is me... the guy on the left is Stephen Harper)

Yea, I met Stephen Harper today. We stood there talking for a sec, and I mentioned to Mr. Stephen Harper that I was a "Blogging Tory". And he said, "Oh, you're a Blogging Tory? Which one are you?" I said "Christian Conservative". "Yea, I don't read them much, but my wife does... I'll mention you to her."

Gotta run... more later.

Ignatieff's riding president ENDORSES CONSERVATIVE!

ABANDON SHIP!!! ABANDON SHIP!!! The riding president for the Liberal's in Etobicoke-Lakeshore, has resigned, saying he can no longer support Michael Ignatieff... and then to twist the knife a little more, HE ENDORSED HIS CONSERVATIVE RIVAL, John Capobianco!!! His statement:
"After the nomination fiasco, I've purposely waited on the sidelines to see if Michael Ignatieff can in some way redeem himself as a credible Liberal candidate in this riding. I regret to conclude this has not happened," Chyczij said in a statement.
This is the SECOND high profile riding executive member in Toronto to defect in the last week, as a member of the St. Paul's Liberal executive resigned and endorsed Peter Kent.

Possible voter FRAUD in Edmonton

My goodness... Small Dead Animals is reporting that Laurie Hawn, Conservative candidate in Edmonton Centre, has filed a complaint with Elections Canada. HUNDREDS of names of registered voters were found to be registered at post office boxes, self storage yards, truck stops, office buildings (entire familes, no less), etc. SOME OF THOSE VOTERS HAD ALREADY VOTED AT THE ADVANCE POLLS!!! This is the riding of "Landslide Annie"... has she been hanging on to this riding for YEARS VIA FRAUD???

The Conservative campaign in Edmonton have requested an offical investigation of the results of the 2004 election, and who know's what's going to happen with Monday's results.

The Home Stretch... AND HARPER'S COMING HERE!!!

Oh yea... here in SW Ontario, Guelph is one of the many ridings that could be snatched from Liberal clutches on Monday. You can bet the media will be there in force! Let's see if we can put on a good show for the cameras! Watch for a young guy in his late 20's, short semi-spiked hair, gotee and moustache, going nuts with a sign or thunder-sticks... cause one of them's gonna be me!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ed's parting shot at the Grits

Ed Broadbent made what will likely be his final statement as an MP. In it, he takes a stinging shot at the Liberal Party of Canada... but it's not across the bow... he's aiming for the head! Read this portion:
"Mr. Martin accuses the New Democratic Party of partisanship. Were it not for the NDP putting its interests aside and putting working people’s interests first, the Liberal Party would have been fed to voters last spring.

It now is. And it has run a campaign that at best is incoherent, and at worst is deeply offensive. To women. To members of our armed forces. And to people who long for intellectual honesty in politics once more.

It is clear the Liberal Party no longer has the moral authority to deserve people’s votes. It is, simply, not the party it used to be or the party it portrays.

Mr. Martin’s team is running a campaign based on intellectual dishonesty. Cynical manipulation. And recklessly using significant issues for the sole purpose of continuing Liberal entitlement – which we know is used to benefit Liberal insiders, not working people."
Ouch... here's hoping that gets some press! Read it for yourself on the NDP website here.

One Final Tory TV Ad?

The party has just released what may be the final commercial for the campaign. I hope they air this one EXCLUSIVELY AND NON-STOP until the last moment, IT'S A FANTASTIC COMMERCIAL!!! Positive, energetic, truly showing our vision for the future... it's called MOVING CANADA FORWARD.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

WOW... Rick Mercer's Rant

On this week's Rick Mercer Report, he had his usual Rant... this time, his guns were BLAZING on the Liberal Party's "Soldiers with guns" attack ad. And in the rant, even he predicted a Conservative win on January 23.

You have to watch it for yourself... I couldn't believe it when I saw it.

Rick's Rant on Liberal attack ad.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sweet new NDP commercial - "Former Liberals"

The NDP just launched a SWEET new commercial called "Former Liberals". The commercial consists of on the street interviews with "real people" like the Liberal ones... but these ones seem to strike me with more realism. At the bottom of the ad, there is a scrolling text bar that says "These are not actors... these are real former Liberals... etc...".

You've got to check it out for yourself!!!

Welcome to the curious!

WELCOME! You may have heard about the "Blogging Tories" on the news today, and may be wondering what we're all about. We're a loosely affiliated bunch of people who run our own personal blogs about Canadian politics... and we're, for the most part, supporters of the Conservative Party of Canada. As far as I know, none of us have direct connections to the CPC, other than the occasional party member or MP, but we're not organized by the Party in any way.

So look around, enjoy, read up on things, and feel free to comment. We love discussion and interaction... that's what we're all about!

Hey Liberals... BRING IT ON!

The Trojan Tory, Carol Jamieson, has asked Elections Canada to investigate us, the Blogging Tories, alledging that we're an unoffical arm of the Conservative Party of Canada. The Liberal Party of Canada has taken up the call, posting in on their website.

So to all you Liberals out there... BRING IT ON. That's right, investigate me all you want.

1. This is my own personal blog, started of my own inicitive in January of 2005
2. I have had no direction whatsoever from the Conservative Party of Canada
3. I have had no funding or support from the Conservative Party of Canada
4. I don't even think the Party know's I'm a Blogging Tory
5. I have had no direction from my local Conservative EDA
6. Everything posted here has either come from my own head or has been a link to something I personally read myself

Any more questions?

We, the Blogging Tories, are independant Canadians who (for the most part) are sick and tired of the MSM's lack of in depth reporting of the stories that we feel are important to the national debate. I feel that we are being attacked because the political "elite" haven't figured out how to control us, and that THIS is the NEW MEDIA, and they're lightyears behind the times.

Bring it on... BRING IT. The Bloggers are here to stay. And to you Liberals who accuse the Conservatives for lack integrity because of the bloggers, quit your whining. The Bloggers are here to keep EVERYONE honest, both Liberals, Dippers and Tories... it just so happens that you've had so little integrity that we've had lots of material to use against you.

Oh, by the way... was included in the investigation request? I think not. And why not? He's had move negative against Mr. Paul Martin than many of us.

Hypocrits. Rant over.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Which leader do you most agree with?

The Politics Canada leadership quiz...

My results:

1. Stephen Harper Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (100%)
4. Paul Martin Leader of Liberal Party of Canada, Prime Minister of Canada (17%)

(Jack and Gilles were tied at 30%)

Wrong answer, Mr. Martin

Many in Guelph have been wondering where Ms. Chamberlain has been during this election. She's missed I think THREE debates, and our local paper asked Mr. Paul Martin about it...

Mercury: "Brenda Chamberlain has been avoiding a number of the all-candidate debates. Is this part of a larger Liberal strategy?"

Martin: "No, not at all. Brenda's a tremendous member of Parliament, and she has dedicated herself to her riding. She works incredibly hard in Ottawa. She feels very strongly about the issues. But I gather that there have been some problems, from what I have read, in terms of security.

Brenda Chamberlain will take on anybody and she will debate anybody. I think she just really wants to make sure the rules are established fairly."

Mercury: "Do you worry her absence at those debates sends the wrong message to voters here?"

Martin: "No, I think what it really says is Brenda will debate anybody, anytime, as long as the rules are established and are fair. If you think about the leaders' debates, it took months and months to negotiate the format, just so the rules were fair. If you're going to have democratic debates, they've got to be done in a fair way."

Did you get that, high schools and University of Guelph? The Liberals think that you won't run the debates fairly. BRENDA and her team don't think that you can run an effective debate. THEY DON'T TRUST YOU.

I hear that fear has a certian scent... and this answer just reeks of it...

Confusion due to the "PC" party

Just saw this on Small Dead Animals, relating to candidate confusion due to the "Progressive Canadian" Party being permitted to use the "PC" title on the ballots. One commenter noted that he was given a "Progressive Conservative" ID tag while working at an Advance Poll.

If any of you are working the election, and see any Conservative workers given a "PC" ID tag, take it to the DRO or the SDRO and ensure that it is destroyed... most of the ballot box kits still include ID tags for the "Progressive Conservative" party, and this will only serve to further confuse people.

Also, if there is a new "PC" candidate in your riding, ask the DRO and poll clerk at your poll if they could ensure that this is pointed out to each voter to eliminate confusion. It's up to the DRO to make that call, but you can suggest it to them. If they say no, ensure you record that information, in case you see a large number of "PC" votes during counting... then a complaint can be launched for a recount or a re-vote if we end up losing a riding by a razor thin margin due to a high "PC" vote. But we can ONLY ask for that if we have these things documented!!! (I know I'll be making sure that all my people know that in advance)

Monday, January 16, 2006

I got a hat tip from... Warren?!?!?!?!

Woo hoo... nice to be noticed by one of the best of the best.

Thanks Warren. Planning on writing any more books soon? Signed, your fan.

Tour of the Liberal War Room

The Toronto Star had this little gem of a make believe tour of the Liberal War Room. You've got to read it, I can't do it justice here...

A Tour of the Liberal War Room.

Scott Reid sent packing!

Not really, but one photo on the CBC website sure makes it look that way! Check it out!

How's this one for you? Yes, Harper DOES support more people with guns on our streets...

And finally, after his plane was grounded, Martin got a new one. But he looks grumpy about it...

Tim Powers "pulls a Warren Kinsella"

This was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L... Tim Powers, Conservative stratigist, was on CTV with Mike Duffy (last night I think) and he pulled what Mike Duffy called "a Warren Kinsella number".

Tim, during the conversation, pulled out what he called "The Liberal Redbook Six"... and proceeded to pull out a copy of "Chicken Little"!!! That's right, the current Liberal strategy is to tell Canada that "The sky is falling!!!"

Here's the pics...

For those of you who have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I think Warren Kinsella, former Liberal strategist, known as "The Prince of Darkness" during the early 90's, is a political favorite of mine. Yes, I do read his blog at least 3-4 times a day, except on Saturdays... then it's 5-6 times a day. He wrote "Kicking A** in Canadian Politics", and Tim Powers pulled a page out of his book to pull off this stunt. Total sweetness...
And here's the link to watch it for yourself! (view from 6:00 to about 6:40)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

National Campaign and Guelph

Mr. Paul Martin is trying desperately to plug the holes in the dyke... having to spend time in supposedly safe ridings means he knows he's been beaten.

Well, it's safer for him than places like Edmonton... looks like Buzz doesn't have the kind of pull that he thought he did. Sorry Annie... time to update your resume.

So then, since the national picture is looking so good, it's time to focus on the local level. Speaking of formerly safe ridings, Martin was here last week. Then I saw some report online that the Liberal here is still leading in my riding. We're considered a bell weather riding... we've been on the winning team for the last 30 years, so I'm really starting to wonder what's going on. The poll said the Liberal MP is 10% ahead, but all I keep hearing is FORMER supporters who've said they've had enough. I could believe it if they said that she was ahead by 5%, but even then, I REALLY don't want that to be true.

Man, I've said all along that it was going to be close here. But here's what I don't get about things here... we're a university town, and the Liberal snubbed the debate they were going to hold there. It's the THIRD debate she's snubbed in town thus far. Now, the other two were at high schools, but, students who don't vote still have parents who do... so bad move on her part. I can't name one thing that she's had a hand in doing in this town in the last 12 years, so why people would continue to support her, I can't imagine.

I love living in this town, but sometimes, I just don't get it.

Here's to January 23rd...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Firefigher's Fund - Liberal Cabinet voted AGAINST IT!

How's this for proof of "making up policy on the fly"... 32 members of Paul Martin's cabinet voted AGAINST a proposed "Hero's Fund" A MERE THREE MONTHS AGO! h/t to the Conservative war room's "Reality Check".

Word of advise to the Liberals... if you're going to make up policy on the fly, make sure your track record supports it; otherwise, it makes you look even WORSE.

LOL... CBC's House joins ad mocking!

Anthony Germain said this in CBC's "The House" this morning...
Paul Martin said this election was going to be about values.

He said that. In Canada.
That was a great laugh to wake up to this morning!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Goodale "Fudging" by re-releasing his 2004 attack!

We've got them this time... read this.

From CBC:
Ralph Goodale, the Liberal Finance Minister, reacted by accusing the Conservatives of fudging the numbers and arguing that in reality the Conservative plan means a shortfall of 50 Billion dollars that can only be financed by either huge deficits or large cuts to government services. In a story by Sean Gordon of the Ottawa Citizen, Goodale described the arithmetic as "faulty and reckless" and suggested the Harper vision would turn the Federal Government into a "minor cash register."
Here's the problem though... THAT'S HIS PRESS RELEASE FROM THE 2004 ELECTION!!! IT'S ALMOST WORD FOR WORD WHAT HE SAID TODAY IN THE 2006 ELECTION!!! (Just change the number a litte... here's the new one to compare!)

Who's "Fudging it" Ralph? Last time around, you said there was a hole of $50 Billion... today, it's only $30 Billion... YOU WERE WRONG LAST TIME TOO!!!

Latest SES Poll

I don't trust the latest SES polls... not because they show the Conservatives LEADING IN TORONTO, but because they show the Liberals ACTUALLY GAINING 8% IN ALBERTA.

Liberals, gaining in Alberta?

In Alberta.

You're just making this up.

NDP post on Liberal bribes

It's offical... the NDP has posted their letter to Elections Canada regarding the attempted bribing of their Abbotsford candidate by the local Liberals.


Liberals conceeding defeat

Liberal candidate attempts to bribe NDP candidate to drop out of race

Just when you thought this only happened in the movies... a desperate Liberal candidate goes and scuttles his party's national campaign...

I can't wait to see them try to spin this one. Looks like you DIDN'T get all the rotten apples after Gomery's report, Mr. Martin...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

"The Apocalypse Canada Ad"

Oops... I got the wrong CTV guy... it was Craig Oliver, not Robert Fife, that I met tonight in Guelph. My bad.

I mention it because he just had the BEST line tonight, in reference to the pulled Liberal ad... he called it "The Apocalypse Canada Ad" on air. SWEETNESS!

But, of course, CTV didn't show ANY of the protest... they had MULTIPLE cameras rolling, and SAID NOTHING ABOUT IT. Hummm... a reporter almost gets creamed by a protest, and they say nothing about it. I think I smell something...

I Believe

I do believe... here's to January 23, 2006!

CTV's Lisa LaFlamme almost trampled in Guelph!

Wow. Talk about the turning of the tide. Last election, it was Harper with protesters in Guelph. This time, it was Martin. No links to media stories here, this was a firsthand experience, for both Lisa and myself. (if this isn't reported on CTV, we KNOW they're biased!)

Went down to Molly Bloom's pub in downtown Guelph; I'd heard on CBC that Martin was going to be in town. Door was secured, access to known people only. That's fine, I just hung out outside to see if anything would happen. Some kids were filming their own pro-pot video, interviewing people and hoping to get some footage of Martin.

So here come the buses. Takes a while for all the media to get off and into position. About 2 dozen supporters with signs outside. Glad I stuck around, because off the first bus comes Lisa and Robert Fife... got to say hello and shake their hands. (last election, it was Kevin Newman from Global) Meanwhile, a bunch of kids start arriving with video cameras and small signs...

Finally Paul Martin's bus arrives. They sit there for 3-4 minutes while the area is secured, and then they open the doors. 5th person out is Mrs. Sheila Martin, and number 6 is the Right Hon. Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin.

Then the bedlam began. About a dozen of these kids start chanting something, and holding up their homemade signs. Something like "Liberal Attack, da da BC -ack!" I couldn't make out what they were saying, I asked a few people, but they weren't sure either. Liberal supporters are trying to cheer, trying to keep their signs between the protesters and the cameras. Police (local and RCMP) are there in uniform and suits, and start grabbing the kids as they start trying to press in. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO POLICE BRUTALITY, I'll be the first to vouch for that, just careful, determined force. (a nicely done job) One officer has this kid by both arms, and spins him around to get him away from the PM. That's where Lisa comes in... the officer almost spun the kid right into her! She's ducked into an entry way, and I don't think she got hit. A couple of the kids start shouting at the police saying "LET HIM GO!", I think they were talking about another kid being held by another officer (or two). I'm so glad I didn't get any closer than I was. (about 20 feet, tops) Anyway, the PM is into the pub by now (popcorn anyone?) and the officers have let go of the kids... and they're checking to see that everyone is okay, and then everyone starts smiling. The cops got their jobs done, and the kids have no hard feelings towards them, meanwhile they got their message out. Almost a mutual respect or something...

Things then started to break up. I saw a whole bunch of disappointed looking Liberals there. Some sort of media scrum with a Liberal took place across the road, not sure what happened over there. Off home I went, glad I stuck around to watch the news happen.

Talk about a turning of the tide. Harper was heckled by pro-SSM folks when he was in Guelph in 2004, that's when one supporter threw a punch at a pro-SSM person. This time, it was the kids on the far left taking Martin to task, on what, I'm not sure. I was talking to a media person earlier in the day, and they said that things had not been good that day... apparently, Martin is doing the same thing that Harper did in the dying days of the last election... he's cutting of and restricting media access to himself. (other than the CBC, for whom he did a special tonight in Guelph... surprise, surprise...) Martin's people are running tightly scripted, small events, meanwhile, Harper had 2000+ people at a rally just down the road in New Hamburg just last weekend.

Any Liberal want to try and tell me that they still have their sights on 24 Sussex? Wow. What a difference a couple of weeks can make...

CTV's Lisa LaFlemme almost trampled in Guelph!

Yes, yes, I know, I mis-spelled her name. Here's the link to the corrected page.

Paul Martin's Flip-Flop on the Charter

Paul Martin said that he has felt "for a long time" that the Notwithstanding Clause should be removed from the Charter. That is a lie... I've never used such strong lanugage towards our Prime Minister, but this time, there can be no doubt about it. Courtesy of the CBC...
Asked on CBC Radio in December 2003 whether he would use the constitution's Notwithstanding clause if the Supreme Court rules churches must perform gay marriages, he replied: "Oh yes, I would. I would look at it if it was a question of affirming a [religious] right."
Read it for yourself HERE.

He made a promise to us to defend the rights of churches with the Notwithstanding clause... now he wants to remove it. So, which is it Mr. Martin? Do you plan on defending the rights of religious people, or do you plan on leaving them defenceless before the courts?
"I believe fundamentally that governments cannot discriminate on a question of rights."
Paul Martin said that. On the CBC. I am not making this up.

Big Name Toronto Liberals Voting Tory!!!

You heard me right... big names and high level Toronto Liberals have openly given their support to Peter Kent, Conservative candidate for St. Paul's in Toronto.

The two BIG NAMES from the list:

David Asper, Chairman of the National Post and long time Liberal supporter.

Steve Posen, who was until JUST WEEKS AGO on the St. Paul's Federal Liberal Riding Association Executive and was a former advisor to Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett!

Read all about it here!

Canada wants Accountability? HERE YOU GO THEN!

First reaction was, "Oh no, here we go, candidate under investigation." Then I saw THIS. Man oh man, talk about making a negative a positive! Harper says this candidate can't sit as a Conservative until the charges are dealt with. He just said to Canada, "You want a Prime Minister who's Accountable? Try this on for size..."


I tell you what kind of leader does...

Take a look at what the Libs have on their website about this:
"Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has told Canadians he will take a tough stance on crime.

Media reports today reveal that in July 2004 Conservative candidate Derek Zeisman (British Columbia Southern Interior) was charged by Canada Customs with attempting to smuggle a Mercedes-Benz and 112 containers of alcohol from the United States into Canada.

Mr. Harper must ask Mr. Zeisman to withdraw his nomination for withholding this information from his constituents.

Upon learning of these charges, Mr. Harper is standing behind Mr. Zeisman."

JOKE: New e-mail from the Liberal mole!

[DISCLAIMER - Yes, I faked this, but I thought it was a funny idea...]

I got an e-mail from the Liberal mole today! He snagged this off of Paul Martin's laptop, and forwarded it to me! (well, not HIS laptop per say, but the laptop that his staffers use to check his e-mail for him...)

----- Original Message -----
To: "Paul Martin"
Sent: Friday, December 09, 2006 6:43 PM
Subject: U-HAUL REF:9356478

U-HAUL REF: 9885189


Your reservation is confirmed, and we thank you for choosing U-HAUL.

The rate(s) on the In-Town rental equipment for pickup on 01/24/2006 in the area of OTTAWA, ON reserved for you is:

3 - 26' TRUCKS $ 39.95 $0.69 per kilometer

U-Haul offers the best comprehensive protection package of anyone in the self-moving industry at the lowest total cost. Ask your location for details or visit us online at to find out more about protecting your family and your belongings during your move.

If you have any questions about your upcoming move, please contact us at (800)263-4809.

Thanks again. We are looking forward to serving you.



Just heard that on the CBC this morning... more details to follow as I can dig them up.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Was it an overcaffinated webmaster?

It looks like 1993 all over again... but reversed. The Liberals launched their attack ad salvo, but eveyone is talking about the ONE ad that wasn't supposed to be released. It got posted to the website, then quickly pulled, but not before CTV grabbed it. I'm waiting for the memo blaming the error on an over-caffinated webmaster...

Even Mike Duffy was going after the Libs on it, when talking to John Duffy. Then apparently, John Duffy tried to intimidate Mike during the commercial break. NOTE TO LIBERALS: You do NOT, EVER, under any circumstances, try going up against Mike Duffy. He is one of the most listened to and respected political voices in the media, and if you get on his bad side, it's over for you. Like Warren Kinsella said, that exchange might be the epitaph of the Liberals in 2006.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


WOW... I knew they were going to pull out the negative ads, but these are nuclear bombs. The Martin camp may have just obliterated themselves. These are so negative that everyone will put up a backlash against them for sure. The theme music in all of them sounds like the music from Terminator 2, or one of my WWII video games. Here are some screenshots for you...

Regarding Harper's Washington Times article:

An attack message aimed at Atlantic Canada:

Trying to compare Harper to Mike Harris:

Digging up that 9 year old speech:

Using false info regarding taxes, which the CBC already corrected:

On Healthcare:

On National Unity, trying to put Harper in bed with Duceppe:

False claims that Harper will gut the social safety net:

And at the end of all the ads...

Thanks for the reminder. I chose my Canada already... and it's with Mr. Harper, the next Prime Minister of Canada!

Martin WON'T Protect Religious Freedoms!

One reader of this blog made this incredibly astute observation in reference to my post on Martin's Notwithstanding Clause announcement...
"BEFORE the same sex marriage legislation Paul Martin promised to use the Notwithstanding clause, if necessary, to protect religious organizations from being forced to perform same-sex marriages against their will.

AFTER the legislation has been forced through Parliament, he wants to get rid of the clause, so it can't be used.

WHY? - Draw your own conclusions !!!"
Oh my... talk about hypocrisy! Paul Martin promised to stand up for religious freedoms regarding SSM with the Notwithstanding Clause (if he had to), and now he's openly breaking that promise with this new Charter announcement! LET'S MAKE SURE WE TAKE MARTIN TO TASK ON THAT ONE!!!

Today's news bits and bobs

You can tell I'm British, eh? "Bits and bobs"... and it's all bad news for the Liberals.

1. Andrew Coyne says the Liberals are FINISHED. Ouch.

2. Liberal staffers are quietly conceeding defeat. Some candidates are saying the national campaign is pulling them down, and some staffers are putting out feelers for new jobs post-Jan 23.

3. Men with high paying jobs, who have often supported the Liberals, are switching to the Tories. (a 12% jump this month in that demographic)

4. The CBC has crunched the numbers again and agrees that the Conservatives tax plan will save more people more money.

5. New book on the shelves about Options Canada.

6. Paul Martin's Notwithstanding Clause bombshell will be a dud. And it will make us more like America!

Martin wants to make us like America!

That's right everyone... Paul Martin was attacking Stephen Harper, saying that Harper wants to make us more like the United States.

However, an analysis of his surprise bombshell (dud) announcement that he intends to remove the Notwithstanding Clause from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in fact proves that HE is the one who will actually turn our nation into a country more like the US!

Stephen Harper dealt with Martin's surprise announcement really well, and actually was the one who pointed out Martin's Americanization plan to me. In his reponse, Harper said "I think our Charter strikes a balance between Parlimentary supremecy, as we see in Britian, and the supremecy of the courts, which we see in the United States."

By seeking to remove the NwC from the Charter, Martin wants to enshrine the supremecy of the courts here in Canada. Therefore, our judicial system will be the ones who hold the power... just like in the United States. Why do you think there has been such a HUGE debate in the US about Bush's Supreme Court nominees? BECAUSE THEY'RE THE ONES THAT WILL BE HOLDING THE POWER!

Don't forget the fact that the Liberal Party of Canada has been in power for the majority of the last 40 years... and the power to appoint judges rests with the PMO! Many conservatives have been decrying for years that the judicary is full of liberal minded judges, who have an activist mentality, who think they have the right to re-write the laws passed by our Parliament, duly elected by the people.


Paul Martin himself has said on a number of occaisions that we have a "Democratic Deficit" in this country. This plan to remove the NwC will only FURTHER entrench the problem, not solve it.

On January 23rd, vote to solve the Democratic Deficit... by NOT voting Liberal.

LOL... Liberal web error

Blue Blogging Soapbox got this screenshot while attempting to visit the Liberal Party of Canada website...

Yes indeed, 12 years to respond is way too long...

Monday, January 09, 2006


No doubt about it... HARPER WON THAT DEBATE!!!

Layton was to wooden, scripted, rehersed. Duceppe was good, fiesty, drew Martin in once or twice.

Martin stammered, was grasping at straws (what's with bringing the US into this?) and threw a fit at Duceppe. Anyone know what he said to Duceppe in French there? He stepped away from the mic, I wanna know what he said! Anyway, that fit may go over none too well for him... then Harper responded REALLY well!

However, I think that Martin's Not-withstanding clause bombshell will be the headline. I also think it will backfire on him, as most Canadians won't want to open the Constitution debate, and most won't see the need for it. His bombshell will end up being a dud.

My LIVE Debate Blog Post

And they're off... my wife has made some popcorn... I'm not a beer drinker, so tea will do...

Harper, re: Martin and CSL - "As Prime Minister, I'll do what I've always done... I'll live under the Canadian flag, and pay my taxes." ZING!!!

Paul Martin is TOTALLY STAYING OFF TOPIC... dodging questions regarding CSL.
Now he goes off course on the Ethics issue to make his surprise announcement that the Liberals will attempt to remove the Not-withstanding Clause from the Charter! (that may end up leading the headlines)

GILLE DUCEPPE - Re: Democratic Deficit - "I think Paul Martin is a living democratic deficit." ZING! ZING!! ZING!!!

Calgary Grit got me going on this idea, he's got some good stuff tonight.

Healthcare... Harper did well, stating that "We shouldn't be banning means of provinces banning means of providing those Healthcare services."

Supreme Court Decision re: Swingers clubs. Moderator asked Harper "Should there be any social issues that the Not-withstanding clause should be used?" He answered EXCELLENTLY... "Just so we're all aware, this decision in question was not a Charter challenge, therefore, the Not-withstanding clause isn't in play here." NICE!

Gilles has another good line... "Mr. Martin campaigns like the NDP, then governs like the Tories." Will appeal to left Libs, make them think of going to the NDP!

This live thing isn't working for me... will post after the debate.

MARTIN - Liberals to remove Notwithstanding Clause from Charter!

In the Debate, Paul Martin went totally off course on an Ethics issue question to make a surprise announcement that the Liberals will attempt to remove the Not-withstanding Clause from the Charter.

Is Canada ready to open the Constitutional can of worms?

Martin... WHAT A QUOTE!!!

Paul Martin just said "The Finance Minister is one of the most honest people I know."


Off topic... but funny

Was watching "Jeopardy!" the other night, and Final Jeopardy was funny. I don't remember what the question was, but one of the contestants had written this:
"What is...
I have no freaking clue"
That one had Alex smiling!

And now to the debates... AND THEY'RE OFF!!! And seriously, my wife is making popcorn!!!

Is it just me, or does Martin look like he's wearing heavy makeup?

Like I said...

...this is not a good thing going into a debate. I'm no expert, but a tell all book about another scandal isn't going to go over too well with the voters when your #1 rival is skyrocketing in the polls.

Again, look for a sleepless/tired Martin to make a mental gaffe that will be splashed across the front pages tomorrow.

Liberal Scare Tactics

This one came in from Garth Turner, Conservative candidate (future Finance Minister?) in Halton. He reports that the Liberals are attempting to scare voters by intentionally misspeaking when calling voters. Is this the depths to which they've had to sink? From Garth:
"And then there’s the local Liberal phone bank – as reported to me by two strangers I canvassed who told me exactly the same story. They were both called, and asked this question: “Would you feel comfortable with Mr. Harris as prime minister? Oh, excuse me, I meant Mr. Harper...”

Same mistake made by a phone bank of multiple people on two random calls? You be the judge. Poor Mike Harris just can’t get no respect."
On another unrelated note, this blog turned 1 yesterday! And post #300 was made!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

NDP Changes Campaign Theme Song

According to the CBC this morning, the NDP has changed the song they use at their rallies. What are they using now, you ask?

The Who's "Won't get fooled again". (in reference to "Stratigic Voting")

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lib vs. Tory events

The Liberals are having to run small, tightly controlled events, and even then, the media isn't playing nice with them. Meanwhile, the Tories had a HUGE 2400+ PERSON RALLY in London.

And how's this for a good cartoon summary of the campaign thus far? (check image 1 of 3)

The Right Hon. Paul Martin's week in review

Man oh man... the PM just can't get away from this new scandal, Options Canada. The media keeps peppering him with questions, and he hasn't been able to get out his own agenda. He REALLY needed to get on track this week if he was to have a hope of remaining the PM, but, alas/thankfully, (take your pick) he didn't.

I'll give you your "options" Canada... "corruption or Conservatives", to quote Jack... take your pick.

And this isn't going to be a one day story... January 12 is the offical release of the new book, "Les Secrets d'Option Canada", "The Secrets of Options Canada". You just know that the media will pouring over it with a fine toothed comb and will be broadcasting all the juicy bits from the rooftops. Add to that the ongoing questions regarding the links between the Liberals, BCE and the ITScam, and you just know that The Right Hon. Paul Martin isn't getting a good nights sleep right now. Look for him to be tired and haggered at the leader's debate... and for a possible gaffe as a result.

The PM is not only facing the Conservatives, the NDP, the Bloc, and the Greens this election... he's also facing the RCMP, the Chrétienites, the Press, the OSC, the SEC, and his own personal past... how do you fight a battle on that many fronts at once?

If you think about it on those terms, he's probably done the best job that anyone possibly could... under the circumstances. But, the knives are already out, and come January 24, 2006, the Liberal leadership race will be on.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Martin getting hammered with scandal questions

Martin is getting dogged by this second scandal... CBC is headlining it by saying "Martin defensive over Option Canada grants" and is carring it as their #2 story (Sharon in critical being #1). CTV's headline is "Martin peppered with questions about 1995 grant".

The media is all over the Liberals... 70% of stories about them are negative this time around, and 70% of the stories regarding the Tories are positive.

We all know that when the media wants something, they get it... and it seems that "change" is their not so hidden agenda right now.

CTV Screen Cap

How's this for a screen cap?

I think we're going to be able to do some fun things with the Elections Canada ads running on the various MSM pages...

Wow... traffic increase!

Just shows how vaulable the RSS feeds are... I've had over 300 comments since September! So, a shout out to the 300th commenter on my blog... it just happens to be my good buddy Shawn Cuthill! For real dude, you posted my 300th comment since my RSS went live!

Thanks to Stephen Taylor for all his help in getting the RSS going.

My 300th post since the blog went live is coming up... and Sunday is its one year anniversary! So I went back and read the first lines of my first post, and wow, talk about deja vu! Read the FIRST LINE of what I wrote a year ago...
"Since when do 'Canadian Values' automatically have to mean 'only the Liberal Party platform'? Since when does that party control what the Canadian people value?"
Was I right, or was I right? The Prime Minister has been talking about "Canadian Vaules", I repeat myself from a year ago... SINCE WHEN ARE LIBERAL VALUES CANADIAN VALUES?!?!?!?!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Funny... Liberals using a Call Centre

That's right... the local Liberal (or it could be a national setup) is using a call centre to drum up support locally here in Guelph. Maybe they just can't find volunteers around here or something... we've got our own local telephone bank going, and people knocking on doors daily.

Of course, we may have a national call centre of our own, but get a load of this... they must be using some really random calling software, because of who they rang up the other day. They called the home of a member of our Conservative EDA Nomination committee. That's right... a long time, hardcore Conservative. (was a Tory, Reform, Canadian Alliance, now Tory again) His wife had loads of fun playing with the rookie Liberal on the other end...

Lib: "Hi there, I'm calling on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and we'd like to know if we can count on your support for Brenda Chamerlain on January 23."

Tory: "I'm not supporting Brenda because I'm supporting Brent Barr."

Lib: "Brent Barr? Who's that?"

Tory: "You don't know who Brent Barr is? He's the local Conservative candidate for Guelph... where are you calling from anyway?"

Lib: "Uh, Nova Scotia..."

Note to Liberal organizers... if you're going to be having your people call around, make sure you give your staff some decent intel beforehand!

Old photo, new caption

At times like this, with the polls stating what they are, I thought it worthwhile to pull out an old photo and give it a new caption. (actually, I was searhing my hard drive for an old software, and stumbled across this again) So, without further delay, I give you this...

"Paul Martin got today's memo from the war room regarding the latest polls..."

Quebec Mayor agrees with me

A letter to the National Post was printed today, making a statement in summary... "Very simply, a vote for Paul Martin is a vote to destroy Canada." here's the letter. I made the same prediction back in August.

Paul Martin was right that this is a referendum election, but he was SO wrong on the details. In reality, a vote for the LIBERALS is a vote for sovereignty. Do you think Québécois will stand having the Liberal Party of Canada, who insulted them via the attempted vote buying of Sponsorship, will stand for being slapped in the face by the rest of Canada choosing to return them to office?

If you TRUELY love Canada, your only option is to vote for someone else... such as the Conservative Party of Canada, or the NDP. A vote for the Liberals will destroy this great country we all CLAIM to love and cherish.

Future Shop Scam

A non-political post here... a co-worker bought a brand new laptop from Future Shop for her daughter for Christmas... $1500. They bought the Future Shop extended warranty on it, and the screen died on it on day 34. They took it in... and the staff basically laughed at her, and told her it was going to be $800 to fix. Their claim was that it must have been dropped, therefore, it's not covered. They also told her that they, according to their policy on repairs and their current workload, have 60 days to get it fixed. Unless, of course, she wanted to spend and extra $24... then she'd be placed next in line.

From what I've seen in the tech sector, 1-5 out of every 1000 units are often defective when it comes to electronics. Also, can Future Shop prove that it wasn't dropped in their warehouse? If such defects are not covered, what is the point of buying the extended warranty?

Humm, their offical colours are red... figures. (okay, so I made it political after all...)

So, listen up everyone... when buying something from Future Shop, ASK IF THE MANUFACTURER OFFERS AN EXTENDED WARRANTY. If not, DON'T BUY IT, AND TELL THEM THIS STORY AS TO WHY YOU'RE NOT BUYING IT. My co-worker was told by Toshiba support that they offer their own extended warranty... which WOULD have covered this repair. Boy, is she ever steamed... the staff at Future Shop never mentioned the Toshiba extended warranty. Why not? Because they wouldn't make a dime on it, that's why.

It's all one big scam, nothing more. Stick it to Future Shop... you can't beat their prices because they make all their money on useless extended warranties. I'm a capitalist, but if your customer service sucks, you deserve to be put out of business.

Rant over.

"Campaign for Canada"? Liberal e-mail

Yeesh. Their new catchphrase is "2006 Campaign for Canada". Here comes the scary Harper card. But I love this quote in it...
"With less than three weeks before Election Day, the Liberal Party’s Campaign for Canada is gearing up for victory on January 23rd."
Ammm, I hope you guys are referring to victory on the local levels... cause the Tory lead at 36% vs. 30% says it ain't happening nationally.

And here's something REALLY funny... EKOS, who conducted that most recent poll, had one stating almost the POLAR OPPOSITE results six weeks ago!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Who loves Canada?"

Stephen Harper steps up to the schoolyard bully and says "You say you love Canada? Then why did you avoid paying taxes here?" Reported by the CBC no less.

Can't wait for Warren to comment...

Stinging Article on Liberals and Crime

Ouch... David Frum of the National Post had a stinging article yesterday on the Liberals and their recent conversion to Crime & Punishment issues... and he lays much of the blame right back on them!

Read all about it here.

Support amongst Liberals?

Wow. A great day for the Tories in the bloggosphere... and even in the MSM!

Let's do a quick summary... first off, my favorite Grit-in-exile, Warren Kinsella, was on CITY-TV, and felt inclined to do this to the man he loving refers to as "Junior"...
January 3, 2006 - Just did a hit about the crime issue, again, with the dapper Gord Martineau on CITY-TV's noon show. It was mean of me - hard to believe, I know - but I wondered aloud this:

"How can Canadians believe Paul Martin's party is getting tough on crime - in the same week the RCMP announced Paul Martin's people are under criminal investigation?"
Yes Warren, that was mean... I love it.

Then Grit-in-exile turned Toronto Sun reporter Shila Copps announced her feelings on the current state of the Liberal and Conservative campaigns... stating that one smelled of success, while the other had the stench of death. You can likely guess which one's which.

And then, to wrap things up, current Grit supporter Calgary Grit, has had a bunch of great posts in the last 24 hours. First, he quotes a Bourque report that Jean Lapierre may be getting ready to jump ship should things not go well on Jan. 23. Then, he posted a devastating article from the Globe & Mail reporting that several senior Liberals are ALREADY pulling out the knives and laying the groundwork for their own leadership bids post-January 23. And to further plunge in the knife himself, he goes on to rave about how much he likes the Conservative's Accountability Act!

19 days to go... and the momentum keeps building...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Turning the tables... remixed Liberal ad!

This is SWEET... a Tory blogger re-mixed the Liberal attack ad from the last election, and put new audio to it... every single image in the old commercial has been related to a current election issue!

Soldiers to Iraq/aircraft carrier images... Martin has let our military fall apart.

Gun pointing at screen... Martin has let crime get out of hand.

Images of factories... Martin has not kept his own commitments to Kyoto.

Healthcare images... Martin has let wait times increase.

Girl rocking in waiting room image... Martin is anti-choice (in Childcare).

Gilles Duceppe image... Martin won't stand up to the seperatists.

Fading Canadian flag... our country is under threat due to Liberal rule.

Nice. Pass THIS ONE on to all your friends... since WE PAID FOR THIS COMMERCIAL WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS, it's time to turn the tables on the Liberals!

Mayor Miller supports my idea

Well, it's not entirely my idea, but I did post it here along with some other ideas... like $10,000 for turning in anyone who you know carries a gun. I heard him calling for it on CBC tonight.

It's about time. Too bad it took an innocent life to bring it to the forefront.

Problem with comments?

Hey Drew, relax, I don't censor my post comments unless there's extreme language or comment-spam. And no, the Conservative Party of Canada has no such censorship policy. ;-) I just never saw your comment. Please repost it.

Nice... the anti-Belinda

Looks like more Liberals are fed up with the Federal party... a long time Liberal and former candidate in Calgary is tearing up his membership card...

... and joining the Conservative Party.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Did we launch first attack-ad salvo?

I'm seeing reports from Calgary Grit and Jason Cherniak that the Tories have launched the first true attack-ad. Some blogger said he saw it on TSN, another on CPAC, and another during previews at the Narnia movie. (???) Anyone have any word on that? Nothing on the MSM as of yet, so I'm wary of the rumors.

I've seen the clip, saved it to my PC... it looks pro and semi-legit, but the end makes me suspicious... can anyone confirm?

UPDATE: There is a new ad up on the Conservative site, but it's not the same one I heard about from Jason & Co. The one they were talking about doesn't seem 100% legit, and is more negative than the new legit ad that aired.

Canada... had enough yet?

Here we go again...

Liberal staffers in the Finance Department have been using Ministry resources for local riding business. For those who may not be aware, dat be against da rules. Turns out to be a guy named Mike Burton, who formerly worked for the Ministry of Finanace, is a local organizer within the Saskatchewan Liberal Association, and he happens to be one of the "regular Canadians" in their "30-million reasons" commercials...

And then, we have Federal money going to pay for $25,000 worth of "Relocation Services", which for some strange reason, name Hilton Disney World Resort, Lake Bueno Vista, as the location. Funny, I didn't think the Federal government had any offices down there that anyone needed to be relocated too or from.

Now, many Canadians will say "the Tories would do the same thing if they were in office". I disagree... that's why we want to pass our Federal Accountability Act... to make Ottawa accountable to her employer... YOU.

First poll showing we're in the lead!

Yes, it's a statistical tie, but it puts us ahead! The most recent poll from Ipsos-Reid shows us at 33% over the Liberals at 32%!

Plus, we may start going higher with this. What shall we call the "Relocation Services Scandal"? RELO-GATE?

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Wow. Craig Oliver is ripping into the Liberal girl today. Many people have been asking me if there's a sense of the tide turning. How could it not be?

This is turning into a dream campaign for the Tories. Keeping on message, steering the media, and the Liberals imploding. Who could ask for anything more?

Let's see if we can keep things rolling till the 23rd...

Playing PM Forever Again

I played this time as the Liberals, NDP, BQ and the Greens. I let the computer control Harper. I changed all the party platforms, and here's the results...

Tories 304
Liberal 1 (in Montreal, not PM's seat)
BQ 1 (in Montreal)
NDP 2 (in Vancouver)

Don't I wish for these results...

Start of 2006

Ha! But being home, I get to make the Blogging Tories first post of 2006! And to ring in the New Year, I'm wearing my Conservative Party t-shirt!