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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween = "Bah Humbug"... BUT...

I'll say it, I'm not a Halloween fan... more dark stuff really does go on than most folks realize. I don't get dressed up anymore, but I have to give props to one co-worker' costume this year...

She's been dealing with a bout of laryngitis for the last week, which has left her pretty much unable to talk. So what does she come dressed as today?

A mime... facepaint and all.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cambridge MP Gary Goodyear makes Cabinet!

Woo Hoo! A great guy, and great news for the Cambridge/KW area. He has been named Minister of State (Science and Technology).

With KW being a major centre for science and technology, with RIM and all the other high-tech firms flocking to the area, this is a fantastic announcement.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Pro-Life group tossed by University of Guelph's Student Association... without ANY warning

In a stunning and unannounced attack on freedom of speech, the University of Guelph's Campus Students Association tried to secretly revoke club status last week for Life Choice, the campus pro-life group. Without any prior notification, the CSA brought forward a motion to revoke Life Choice's official club status last week.

Unfortunately for the pro-abortion members of the CSA, their undemocratic actions have not gone unnoticed... and their inappropriate actions have even been called out by the Student paper, the Ontarian.
Regardless of opinion on whether or not Life Choice is in the wrong with the Life Fair or the CSA made the right decision in not approving their club status, the way things were done were out of line.

Members of Life Choice didn't know that any of this was going down. They were not contacted prior to last Wednesday's Board meeting to be made aware that their club status was in question. They were not formally informed that there was an issue to begin with. They were not invited to the meeting to state their case. They were essentially not given an ounce of chance. It wasn't until Friday that CSA Finance and Human Resources Commissioner sent the group an email to tell them they no longer had CSA club status.

While it can be speculated that the CSA was limiting free speech by not accrediting Life Choice, it can definitely be said that the CSA was in fact limiting free speech by not allowing Life Choice to speak prior to this vote. Even if the CSA was not going to give Life Choice the chance to talk, the group should have been informed of the business that questioned the life of their club. This conduct was simply unfair and anti-democratic on the part of the student government.
To read the CSA's letter to the student body, check here.

Anyway, even the Editors of the Guelph Mercury are chiming in on this issue... and it's not in favour of the CSA's decision:
U of G association made a bad choice
October 27, 2008
The Guelph Mercury

For an ostensibly "pro-choice" entity, the Central Student Association at the University of Guelph has made an incredibly ill-advised choice in pulling the accreditation of a campus anti-abortion club.

Life Choice to set to appeal the decision Wednesday before the student association's board of directors. This will provide the association the chance to save face, do the proper thing and return the club's student group status.

The revocation of Life Choice's accreditation flows from a "Life Fair" the club held on campus last spring where anti-abortion -- or as the club would obviously prefer, "pro-life" -- speakers addressed the audience, and signs and images that are all too familiar to those who are acquainted with this particular point of view were displayed.

In the minds of the board of governors of the student association -- the governing body for clubs such as Life Choice -- the presentation evidently conflicted with sections of the association's policy manual, which on the matter of birth control, family planning and abortion is decidedly "pro-choice."

Strangely, in addressing the "fundamental right of all women to control their bodies," the policy maintains that it favours "freedom of choice (in) choosing one's stance in the matter of abortion."

Through its action, the student association's board has signalled that "freedom of choice" in this instance is limited to just one side of the extremely controversial debate about abortion -- and that's not the anti-abortion side.

Another section of the policy that board members may have thought they were protecting is one stating "women have the right to an educational environment free of advertisements, entertainment, programming and/or materials which promote violence against women, sexual stereotyping and discrimination."

Can a presentation that contains graphic imagery in a campaign that in essence is designed to outlaw abortion in this country be construed as "violence against women"?

It only can be so construed by devaluing such reprehensible societal scourges as physical and sexual violence and assaults against women and children.

The decertification of the Life Choice club comes down to another issue of freedom, and that, of course, is freedom of speech.

Universities, of all institutions in society, must be forums for debate and the free flow of ideas, however contentious and controversial. Since the late 1960s, there has been a narrowing of opinions on far too many North American and European campuses, and the narrowing in large part has come from so-called liberal or progressive elements at these institutions.

The most appropriate action for those who oppose a particular point of view is to engage and challenge those who advocate such positions in open dialogue and debate.

Silencing those with whom you disagree, particularly at the university level, is an affront to freedom of expression and academic freedom
A friend of mine will be attending the appeal on Wednesday, so stay tuned for more.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Contacted by four CPC ON NC candidates

A fourth Ontario National Council candidate contacted me via e-mail today... and I must admit to being impressed! So far I've heard from four of the nine... still waiting to hear from the others. And only one of my four votes has been locked up folks!

I've been able to find at least some info on just about all of the candidates, but nothing whatsoever on Andrew Carson. If anyone knows who he is, or if you're reading this yourself Mr. Carson, make sure you contact me. And hey, get some info about yourself online dude!

UPDATE: Another search revealed that he either is or was the President of the Dufferin-Caledon EDA.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still have 3 votes left for National Council

One candidate locked up my first vote today... stay tuned for more on that.

I've been contacted by three of the candidates now, and haven't made any decisions regarding the other two.  Still waiting to hear from the others.  Will be making my endorsements known sometime next week.

Christians under attack in India

After Maoists killed (and claimed responsiblity for) a local Hindu leader in August, there has been widespread violence against Christians in the Indian region of Orissa. I'm asking all my Brothers and Sisters who read this blog to pray for the saints in India tonight.
Three More Christians Killed in Orissa; Opposition Reported in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
Courtesy of Gospel for Asia

Three more believers were martyred and twelve others were severely wounded in a fresh wave of violence in Orissa, India, on September 30. The latest attacks occurred in villages near Kandhamal, which has been the epicenter of violence against Christians since August 22.

The violence in Orissa came as attacks in two other Indian states targeted a Christian pastor and a Bridge of Hope center.

An estimated 30 Christians have been killed and thousands of others have lost their homes since Hindu extremists went on a rampage after their leader, Swami Laxmananda Saraswati was murdered. His followers are seeking revenge for his death, for which Christians have been blamed. However, Maoists have claimed responsibility for the murder.

A Gospel for Asia correspondent in Orissa said Tuesday's attacks came at 4:30 a.m. when mobs of as many as 5,000 Hindu extremists attacked three separate villages. The extremists burned down about 150 homes and three churches. The Indian media reports that police opened fire in an attempt to disperse the violent forces.

The mob also reportedly attacked the local police station, demanding that two people arrested in connection with the ongoing riots be released. Media reports from within the country also indicate that the extremists have blocked all roads in and out of the area of the attack with rocks and boulders to prevent police from bringing in additional forces.

Since the violence began August 22, six people who attended GFA-related churches in Orissa have been killed by the Hindu extremists, who have personally attacked more than 2,000 believers from these churches. The extremists have also burned down 630 homes belonging to believers who attend GFA-related churches and destroyed 22 churches where GFA missionaries serve as pastors.

Many Christians are still hiding out in the dense jungles surrounding their villages. They are suffering from the effects of starvation, disease and monsoon flooding that wrecked the state in September.

With the continued violence and the roads blocked, it is impossible for GFA Compassion Services teams to get into Orissa to distribute aid.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Dion to hang on as interim Liberal leader!

Live from CPAC... Dion is sticking around!

Is he trying to pull a 1980 style Trudeau rebirth? Humm... perhaps a true Conservative "poision pill" in the budget?

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It's time to get tough on crime

My car got broken into... AGAIN. Likely just a punk hoodlum, looking for change to feed his drug habit... cause he left my Palm Pilot sitting right where I left it in plain sight, but took off with the $4.00 I had in change in the cup holder.

My MP's gonna love hearing from me on this one. All the left says crime is down... hogwash. It's way up, but most of the time, we just don't bother reporting it anymore. Not in this case, this one's getting reported. It won't go anywhere, no one will get caught, but it's gonna get reported anyway. If everyone affected by crime reported it anyway, we'd start getting the real numbers on crime, and maybe that would shut up the leftists who keep trying to tell us that "crime is actually down".

If my MP doesn't support the passage of our crime bills, I'll make sure he wears it come the next election.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now accepting solicitations for National Council

As I will likely be attending the Conservative Convention in Winterpeg, er, I mean Winnipeg, I'm currently conducting some research on whom I will support for election to our National Council.

Once I have made my decisions, I will post them on my blog, and may assist in promoting them via this blog, amongst other means.

And just a word of advice to would be National Councillors... don't just send me your pre-canned script.  Send me specific goals you want to set upon your election, let me know what problems you see and what you want to do about them, and be prepared to answer questions you might not want to answer.  I'm looking for strong, real but pragmatic, Conservatives. 

And just so you're aware, I'm not alone.  I would strongly encourage each of you in Ontario to court my vote, because I've been talking to several people, and we're going to be organizing a "block" of votes.  No specific group, like so-cons or such, but a group of connected Conservatives from different areas and backgrounds who are looking for specific criteria in candidates whom we will support.  We have not made any decisions as of yet, but will be beginning our discussions shortly, and making a determination on whom we together will be supporting for election at the Convention.

So come one, come all!  My e-mail for this venture is christian(dot)conservative(dot)2007(at)gmail(dot)com.

The Post Election Burn Out

Yup... I got a bad case of it.  I'm fairly uninterested most all things political right now, believe it or not.  That, and I've been sick for the last three days.

Anyway, except for one red dot, we painted all of SW Ontario from Mississauga to London Tory BLUE... not bad at all.  And Guelph was less than an 1800 vote margin... also impressive, though a loss none the less.  Gary Goodyear posted an impressive 48% victory in Cambridge, WAY TO GO TEAM!  The team in KW also did a tremendous job in overcoming 10,000 vote margins in Kitchener Center and Kitchener-Waterloo to knock off two Liberal incumbents, one of them being the high-profile Liberal Whip Karen Redman.

Anyway, organizing the post-writ wrap-up, etc.  Lots of fun.  And now having to ramp up on the next big thing... the Convention.  Posting a separate blog post for that.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mike Nagy for Green Party Leader! Part II

What's this? Elizabeth May is calling for a cross-party coalition for the next election between the Greens, the Liberals, the NDP, and even the Bloc.

But recently defeated Guelph Green candidate Mike Nagy disagrees... and even subtly says that some of the blame for his loss on Tuesday was a direct result of May's last minute call for "strategic-voting".
May calls for a cross-party coalition
Leader wants an opposition partnership next time to conquer system in which Harper regained power
Oct 16, 2008 04:30 AM
Sandro Contenta
Staff reporter

NEW GLASGOW, N.S.–Green Leader Elizabeth May has called for a cross-party coalition to stop a Conservative victory when the next election comes around.

May, whose party emerged from the election with a $2 million debt, said a coalition would overcome a "perverse" electoral system that gave the Conservatives a stronger minority government.

At least one leading Green was disappointed. Mike Nagy, who came in third in Guelph, blamed calls for strategic voting for a drop in party support on voting day.

"Elizabeth May called for it on some occasions but the party itself was not calling for strategic voting," Nagy said in an interview.

It's the kind of disgruntlement that could see May facing questions about her leadership.

May once stated she would rather see no Green MPs and the Conservatives out of power than a full caucus with Harper as prime minister.

Nagy, the party's environment critic, also made clear he doesn't back May's call for an anti-Conservative coalition.

"I believe you promote Green values and you get Greens elected to Parliament. It's not about trying to stop one party," he said. "There has to be some serious discussion in the party so that we are not compromising our votes for the sake of other parties."

Greens spent $4 million on the campaign. May said she'll spend the next few months raising donations to reduce the party's debt. And she wants to use the almost $2 per vote the party will receive under federal election laws to build a party "machine" for the next election.

She ended with a rousing defence of Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion.

"I think we may very well in the future describe him as the best prime minister we never had."
I guess the really big question is, when will the Greens finally dump their future Liberal Senator-in-waiting leader, Elizabeth May?

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Liberals in serious financial trouble after last night

Will post my post-election thoughts later tonight, but I wanted to throw some numbers out there for everyone to consider.

$6,751,781.40(*). That's how much the annual subsidy the Liberal Party will get after posting their lowest numbers in nearly a generation, with just 3,629,990 votes, down 849,425 votes from their 2006 total of 4,479,415.

Contrast that with the $9,681,921.24 the Tories stand to get annualy on top of their own fundraising efforts, which stood somewhere in the neighbourhood of $8,479,902.53 for just the first two quarters of this year alone. Assume that they'll be hauling in somewhere in the $20-$30 million range for the next three years, with no outstanding debts, unlike their Liberal opponents.

You see, the Liberals still have outstanding leadership debts. They had to borrow $2,000,000 earlier in the year just to maintain solvency, at a punishing interest rate of 9%. And thanks to the hints before the campaign from now defeated Liberal MP Garth Turner, we know that this Liberal campaign was heavily financed, likely via loans with a significant interest rate. It will be very interesting to compare the 2008 annual returns in the spring.

What does this all mean? It means exactly what I said it would before the campaign... Mr. Harper has his defacto majority, as the Liberal Party of Canada will be bending over backwards to find ways to avoid triggering an election for at least the next three years.

There will be rumblings that Dion must go, but in the end, I think they'll let him stick around for the time being. They'll use the time to rebuild, to revamp their financial situation, and when things get closer, they'll find a way to have Mr. Dion graciously step down, without causing serious infighting. They'll run a low key and low cost leadership race, crown a new leader, then spend a year raising his (or her) profile in preperation for an election... sometime in 2011 or 2012.

Warren called this one a long time ago when he said something along the lines of, in refering to Mr. Harper, "This guy's going to be Prime Minister for a long time".

* NOTES: I've heard that the per vote funding will be $1.86 per vote after the inflation adjustment from $1.75 in the last election

UPDATE: I see the National Post's Don Martin has similar thoughts on how long this parliament will last.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Organized Sign Theft hits Guelph on E-Day

In the lowest of dirty tactics in what has turned out to be an extremely dirty campaign, supporters of one of the campaigns were been caught roaming the city, stealing the arterial signs of Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach.

Two cars driven by members of the youth wings of one of the other parties were followed by Kovach supporters after being observed stealing and destroying signs.  Both cars sped off and headed in different directions to escape having their license plates recorded.

The police have been notified, and Kovach supporters have stepped up their vigilance.

I hope these yahoos get caught, and their affiliated campaigns are identified.  I have my suspicions, of course, but nothing to prove anything.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

E-Minus 3 hours, 18 minutes

Here we go folks... decision time is upon us.  There's no more spinning to be done.  It all comes down to grunt work and GOTV.

Hope to do some live E-Day blogging, but don't know how the day will shape up yet.  We're ready as we can be, but you never know what will come up on the day.

Good luck to all my CPC counterparts as we all begin a long night, and a longer day tomorrow.  Here's to many vicTORY parties across this great land!

Mike Nagy for Green Party Leader!

With Green Leader Elizabeth May throwing about 60 of her candidates under the bus yesterday, the knives are sure to come out sometime after election day.

As such, they'll be entering a new leadership race. Let me be the first to endorse Guelph Green candidate Mike Nagy for the Green Party leadership! Since he's going to put in the best result of any Green candidate in the country (placing either a strong second behind winner Gloria Kovach, or a close third behind second place Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote), he'll be ideally positioned as a strong voice to take over from the future Liberal Senator in Green clothing, Elizabeth May.

As for why I think Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote will come in third? Well, in what can only be described as sheer desperation, he's using eleventh hour smear tactics by issuing his fourth press release of the entire campaign in a failed attempt to smear his chief opponent by resurecting the ghost of the FCM's scandal. (by the way, we're still not clear on who in the OLO made that fateful call to the FCM after her meeting with Dion to arrange for Kovach's dismissal). Everyone can see through it, and recognizes that he's simply lashing out, watching his "sure thing" slipping through his fingers.

And when I say "everyone" can see thorough it, I mean everyone... you know how I heard about this? Well, let's just put it this way... members of the local 5th Estate aren't too impressed.

Well done Frank!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rockin with the PM in Guelph

No sign of a winding down campaign in Guelph this morning... about 400 supporters crammed into Gloria Kovach's campaign office today, with people spilling out into the parking lot. A good time was had by all...

Except, of course, for Liberal candidate Bob Rae, who was in town Friday...

(it wasn't entirely clear what Rae was reacting negatively to in this photo, either hearing the name Stephen Harper, or hearing the name Stephane Dion...)

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Not what the Libs want to hear going into the final weekend

Nanos shows the Libs slipping by two, and now Harris-Decima also shows the Liberals sliding while showing the Tories upticking.

It also shows us taking back the advantage over the Libs in Quebec, and narrowing the gap here in Ontario. Not the sort of trending you want to see going into the home stretch of the campaign... if you're a Liberal.

And remember... Nanos has so far been lagging the other polls by a day or two.


Nanos says Libs bleeding to Dippers

New Nanos numbers... was hoping to see an uptick for us, but instead he gave us the next best thing... evidence that the Libs are once again bleeding to Jack Layton's NDP.

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Why a minority is even preferable

A Liberal asked me the other day, "If your goal wasn't to try getting a majority, why are we having this election?"

The answer is simple... at least another two years at the helm, where we can be effective in helping the Canadian people through these economic troubles. But the bonus is the fact that we'll likely have another election in two or three years.

Why is that a good thing? Because you guys won't have had enough time to pay of your current election loans, and you'll still in debt for your upcoming leadership race.

You see, not getting a majority suits us just fine. With a majority, we're in office for four more years. But if we don't get a majority, we get to pound in another set of nails into the Liberal party's coffin.

You see, it's a win/win deal for us, either way.

Oh, and of course there's the far-fetched senario of Dion actually winning. Also a win for us, because then you're stuck with him for the next election cycle... think Trudeau vs. Joe Clark, 1980.

Win, win, or win.

UPDATE: Unless you're a regular reader, or perhaps even if you are, some have missed the point of my post... I've always been an advocate for political reform in this country. And in my opinion, the Liberal Party, in it's present form, is the single greatest hinderance to that reform in this country. Until the Red Beast is finally broken up, no political reform can ever occur.

I'm not advocating continued Conservative rule, I'm advocating significant political reform and realignment. Just to be clear.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Liberal leader Stephane Dion CHOKES

What the...??? Oh... my... goodness...

It was a very simple question... "What exactly has Harper done wrong, and what would you have done instead?" It's the very same question he's been hammering Prime Minister Harper on for the last three days. I'm sorry Liberals, but he should have had this answer down cold. With the way he's been attacking Harper on it, saying he hasn't done enough to protect the Canadian economy, you guys should have been well prepared with an answer to this question, and Mr. Dion should have been able to point out Harper's errors without blinking.

For the record, some Liberals are trying to twist this around and accuse people of making fun of Mr. Dion's hearing problem. Based on Mr. Dion's own questions back to the questioner, you can clearly see that his hearing has nothing whatsoever to do with what happened here... he heard the question, but simply did not get it.

CTV's Tom Clark just confirmed that Liberals on the campaign said it was NOT related to his hearing. And he also confirmed that the Liberals are crying foul, and they're even threatening CTV for broadcasting this clip.

Ahh yes, Liberals once again defending the Independence of the media. How quickly things change when the shoe is on the other foot.

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Has Iggy joined Rae in running for the Liberal leadership?

Another day, another frontrunner contradicting the leader... amm, you do know there's another five days to go before the job officially opens up, right guys?

Immediately after Dion's speech at the Empire Club, it was Bob Rae who said the implementation of the "Green Shift", if the Liberals are elected on Tuesday, would likely be delayed. Dion of course corrected that the next day by saying it was the cure-all for our economic woes, and would be implemented immediately. (of course, he's forgetting the fact that it's a global issue) As opposed to mixed messaging from the Liberal leadership, I think it was Rae trying to quietly put some distance between himself and his own leader, prior to his downfall on Tuesday.

So then, what could it possibly mean when Michael Ignatieff again contradicted his own leader yesterday, even as Mr. Dion was saying there would absolutely be no delay on the Green Shift if elected? Was it because he didn't get the memo, or was it because he too was distancing himself from the "Green Shift", and throwing his hat into the ring along with Rae for the impending Liberal leadership race?

How else can you explain these two guys already distancing themselves from Dion's central policy plank, even while their "current" leader is defending it to reporters?

Liberals will go ahead with Green Shift
Globe and Mail Update
October 9, 2008 at 3:36 PM EDT

HALIFAX — Stéphane Dion is refusing to delay his Green Shift plan if he forms a government although his deputy leader, Michael Ignatieff, says he'd consider changes to the scheme because of the difficult economic times.

“I know that the contrary has been said in the papers,” Mr. Dion said in French to reporters Thursday in Halifax.

But he said that Mr. Ignatieff had confirmed a shared view with Mr. Dion that the Green Shift plan would stimulate the economy.

On Wednesday, as Mr. Dion was defending his Green Shift plan to reporters and saying he would not delay it or change it if he became Prime Minister, Mr. Ignatieff was telling a different story to the editorial board of Montreal's La Presse newspaper.

Mr. Ignatieff said “it's possible” that Liberals would consider changing the details of the plan. He said they would hold on to the “essential elements” of the scheme but that “we need to adjust in front of unpredictable (times).”

Mr. Ignatieff cautioned, however, that the party would not abandon the plan because “Mr. Dion has based all of his career on it.”

The deputy leader was Mr. Dion's main rival for the 2006 leadership.
Come on guys, the body isn't even cold yet! The rebellion has begun.

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Just Say "NO" to Carbon Taxes

h/t to SDA

UPDATE: Saw this one in the related videos section... funny.

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Final Guelph debate analysis

The Guelph Mercury posted a video clip of the four main candidate's closing statements at the debate on Tuesday. You can find the video here. Take a look at it first before reading my synopsis, and let me know if I've got it right.

In order they presented:

1) Frank Valeriote, Liberal
Some folks in Guelph have come up with a nickname for Mr. Valeriote, based on all his debate performances... "Angry Frank". Seriously, in every single debate I attended, virtually every statement or answer he gave was given with a whole lot of anger. In this video, he was significantly more tame than his previous performances... my hunch is his handlers gave him some tips. No more angry pointing at the crowd or his opponents. He also toned down his rhetoric in this final performance, on previous nights he'd been all attack, all the time. In this final clip, he's still on the attack, and still somewhat angry sounding, and doesn't really make much of a case as to why people SHOULD vote for him... only reasons why people SHOULDN'T vote for his rivals. And of course, the obligatory call for "Strategic Voting", which is just code for "Vote for me, we're getting desperate!" The Green Party really has the Liberals worried this time around, their presence is stronger than I've ever seen, and they have a real shot at taking this seat... much I'm sure to the dismay of Frank and his plans for a coronation in Guelph.

2) Tom King, NDP
Likely the most calm and mellow of all the candidates. Tom used his final statement of the campaign to encourage people to not necessarily vote for him, but to "Vote for what you REALLY want". Interesting move. I don't think he really hit home with it, but it was certainly food for thought. He begins his statment essentially mocking the whole political debate process, and of course derides Frank's call for "Strategic Voting". Not his finest debate conclusion, but different.

3) Gloria Kovach, Conserative
Clearly the most energetic of the four closing statments. Now some people are going to say that I'm biased, but I honestly think that Gloria most effectively used her time in making her case as to why people should vote FOR her, instead of using their vote to vote AGAINST someone else. One statement that was sure to rile partisans in the crowd was the line, "Do you want Guelph to be part of the Government?", taking an indirect shot at her Liberal rival, whom even the Mercury has said would likely be destined for the Opposition backbenches if elected. "Conservatives don't just talk about things, we get things done" was another hard hitting line, and well said. A very effective conclusion to the debate for her, presenting a solid and POSTIVE case for electing her, while reminding people of her opponents weaknesses in a non-inflamatory manner.

4) Mike Nagy, Green
Also another solid debate performance from the political veteran, who's on his third campaign. (2004 & 2006) He handled questions from the crowd well, including hitting a homerun on a Liberal planted question that was intended to attack him. (the Liberal questioner even admitted afterward that Mike had "hit it out of the ballpark", his words) He did stumble a number of times through his closing statement, but he was making it without notes... making eye contact with the crowd the whole time, which was quiet effective. He also effectivly used his time to remind the audience that while all the other parties have been talking "green" recently, they're party has been hammering at these issues for 20 years, and he personally for the last five. He also took a dig at Frank's call for "Strategic Voting", obviously because any strategic voting in this town could in fact deny the Greens here their first elected MP in Canada. Despite what the Liberals would have people believe, things really are that close in this riding. It also helps Mike that the Guelph Mercury officially endorsed him in today's paper.

Mike also had the best line of the night, which once again, I was not able to get on video, in response to Frank Valeriote talking about climate change... "While Frank critizies the Tories for "buring down the house", he didn't tell you that it was the Liberals who lit the match."

Feel free to share your thoughts, in case you feel I've missed anything, or got things wrong.

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TorStar's KW Record endorses HARPER

Yes, you read that correctly... The KW Record, which has admittedly endorsed the Liberals on the federal level almost exclusively for the last 40 years, has officially endorsed Stephen Harper's Conservatives as the steady hand Canada needs in this current global uncertainty.

"Each voter will have to respond to this question as he or she sees fit. The way The Record's editorial board views the situation, there are only two viable options, one coming from Harper's Conservatives, the other from Stéphane Dion's Liberals.

And when we weigh things as fairly and carefully as we can, we conclude that Harper and his party deserve another term in government."

And just so you know... this paper operates in Karen Redman's neck of the woods.

h/t to Joanne
Harper's plan offers us hope
October 09, 2008

So much has changed in the world, so much has become frightening and dangerous since Prime Minister Stephen Harper called a federal election one brief month ago.

What were, on that fine summer day, mere rumblings in American financial institutions have since erupted into a series of earthquakes that have devastated the world's largest economy and sent rolling around the planet shockwaves that could culminate in global recession, even worse. We are aptly in the season of fall.

Whatever agenda that Canada's political parties and their leaders hoped to impose upon the voting public, this historic crisis has swept those priorities aside and left a single daunting question confronting us all: Who should be entrusted with the fate of the nation as it is battered by the turbulence from abroad?

Each voter will have to respond to this question as he or she sees fit. The way The Record's editorial board views the situation, there are only two viable options, one coming from Harper's Conservatives, the other from Stéphane Dion's Liberals.

And when we weigh things as fairly and carefully as we can, we conclude that Harper and his party deserve another term in government.

Let's be clear what's at stake. It is an understatement to call the situation grave. The International Monetary Fund warned yesterday that the world economy "is entering a major downturn in the face of the most dangerous financial shock . . . since the 1930s."

So far, and Harper is correct to point this out, Canada has escaped the worst of it. We are not in recession. There have been no collapses in our banks or lending institutions. There have been no bailouts. Instead, the Bank of Canada has already intervened to secure the liquidity of our banks and facilitate the flow of money. But we are not an island that can escape the storm. We are a trading nation peering out at thunderclouds and surging seas.

As the U.S. and other countries descend into recession, the demand for what we make and grow and take out of the ground will inevitably fall. Then we face losing jobs, businesses and factories. And then we will need not only tax dollars to help those in trouble but a leader with a workable plan of action for spending that money.

Unfortunately, it is at this precise moment that Dion and his Liberals are asking Canadians to take a leap of faith that could land them on their backsides in the dust. It is at this precise moment that Dion wants voters to endorse his Green Shift and the major change in Canada's system of taxation and redistributing wealth it would bring. Throughout most of its history, The Record has endorsed Liberals in federal elections. In fact in the past 40 years, there have been only two other occasions on which we did not. However, the Green Shift is a stumbling block we cannot clear.

An intelligent and honourable leader, Dion has assured us his carbon tax would be revenue neutral. Well, perhaps it would not provide Ottawa with more money. But that doesn't mean it is revenue neutral to all taxpayers. An explicit part of the plan is to redistribute taxes in a new way to give more to low income Canadians. Yet for one part of the population to get more, one has to give up more, a reality Dion avoids mentioning. It may be that taking more money from higher income earners and giving it to others is justifiable. But many working Canadians fear they will be left poorer by Dion's carbon tax. And his incessant tinkering with the cornerstone of his campaign, by promising special help to certain groups such as truckers, fishers and farmers, shows Dion is trying to allay those fears. For us, he has not succeeded.

Another Liberal, Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan voiced similar worries last week when he observed: "One of the things that I think would be a mistake right now is massive shifts in tax burden at a time when there's uncertainty." No wonder, then, that one of Dion's most celebrated teammates, Bob Rae, said two days ago that, if elected, a Liberal government just might delay that carbon tax. What a vote of nonconfidence Rae gave.

Yes, the environment is important. Yes, we need a plan to cut carbon emissions drastically. But it will be understandable if Canadians are even more concerned about their jobs, businesses and homes today than they are about carbon levels a quarter of a century or more from now, even if they know that problem, too, must be tackled.

In contrast to the Liberals, the Conservatives, for all their failings, offer a safer, more credible approach to the economy. Months ago, aware of the looming crisis in the American economy, the Conservatives took action. They cut taxes across the board, to corporations, yes, but to ordinary Canadians too. We believe those cuts have helped buoy the Canadian economy. And while Harper was late in releasing his platform, it appears to be a prudent plan, offering targeted support for specific sectors of the economy.

There is reassurance, too, in Harper's record over 2 1/2 years in power. He reached a welcome compromise with the Liberals so that Canadian troops can help bring aid and security to Afghanistan until 2011. Separatist sentiment in Quebec slumbers, thanks partly to Harper's efforts to reach out to that province.

Nor have we seen the so-called "hidden agenda'' of socially conservative initiatives. We see no indication Harper intends to resurrect national debates on abortion, the death penalty or same-sex marriage. And this only makes sense. Whatever Harper's personal views are on these subjects, he knows that pushing them onto the House of Commons agenda would be political suicide.

On balance, Harper has put Canada in a good, even enviable position to weather the coming economic storm. Proof of this came this week when the International Monetary Fund predicted that Canada will lead the Group of 7 industrial nations in growth next year, with our gross domestic product estimated to rise by 1.2 per cent.

And what of the other choices? Well, neither the New Democratic Party nor the Greens appears to us as a viable option for government in this election. NDP Leader Jack Layton has fought an energetic, passionate campaign for which he will likely be rewarded with more seats. However, his plan to pound corporations with higher taxes and interfere with our free trade agreements would be economically disastrous. As for Elizabeth May's Greens, as much as they belong in the political landscape, their call for new corporate taxes and distrust of free trade are not what Canada needs. The Greens deserve a seat or seats, not a government.

This, at least, is how this newspaper's editorial board sees things. We offer our views respectfully, in good faith and as Canadians who want the best for their country. We are aware that many readers equally patriotic and acting in as good faith will see things differently. We welcome such differences as an essential part of our democracy. In truth, our most fervent wish is that our readers will become politically engaged and that those who are eligible will vote.

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Andrew Coyne rips into the Opposition

Well said.
The only thing they have to fear
By Andrew Coyne | Email | October 8th, 2008 at 1:30 pm
Posted to: Andrew Coyne's Blog, Capital Read | 95 | Comment on post
Filed Under: Andrew Coyne's Blog • Capital ReadTags: Election Watch • financial crisis • Stéphane Dion • Stephen Harper

I didn’t care much for Stephen Harper’s accusation, earlier in the campaign, that the opposition were cheering for a recession. At the time, it seemed like a cheap shot. But the longer this goes on, the more I’m starting to think there’s something in it. The Liberals are now trying to make a “gaffe” of Harper’s perfectly sensible observation that the present panic on the stock markets presents a remarkable buying opportunity, for those with cooler heads. Stephane Dion, in particular, was quick to denounce the advice as “so insensitive.”

I’m sorry? How? What would they have him say? Sell? Take your lumps? Do nothing? You can only call it “insensitive” if you are bound and determined that nothing should break the spell of panic that now grips the country — that no possibility of an upside should be allowed to intrude. Just so long as cooler heads do not prevail.

This is demagoguery of the worst sort. And I don’t just mean that nothing about the present state of the Canadian economy justifies lumping it in with the United States or Europe, still less invoking the ghost of R. B. Bennett. We have not suffered a real estate crash, nor are we likely to; we have not seen a single financial institution go under, nor is any likely to; we did not have anything like the sub-prime mortgage mess; nor do we have the institutional equivalents of Lehman Brothers or Bear Stearns — large, highly-leveraged, stand-alone investment banks without the backing of a chartered bank.

But that’s not what distinguishes the opposition demagoguery in this case. It isn’t that they’re fear-mongers: it’s that, having mongered such fears, they do not propose to do anything about them. Sensibly enough — the problems of the Canadian economy, such as they are, find their origins outside our borders, and will find their solutions there. But it’s the height of hypocrisy, whaling away at the government for doing nothing while offering precisely the same themselves. The 85 lefty economists who signed that letter demanding the government go into deficit and otherwise “stimulate” the economy might have been out to lunch, but they were at least putting their names on the line, and exposing their proposals to public criticism. The opposition are taking no such risk, or responsibility.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Our fundamentals are..." what?

Say it together with me now... "Our fundamentals are strong", at least according to the International Monetary Fund. The strongest in the G7, in fact.

In a time of global uncertainty, and with the IMF acknowledging that our economy is poised to do well, why on earth would Canadians consider throwing it all away?

We're better off with Harper.

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Is Bob Rae making his leadership bid mid-campaign?

Bob Rae, the Liberal candidate for Toronto Centre, yesterday launched what looks like an attempted leadership bid, undermining Stephane Dion's position on the Green Shift by saying they may delay the implementation of the Green Shift if elected on Oct. 14.

Excuse me? Bob Rae, mid-campaign, is saying that they're not even going to implement the core of their campaign platform, the very core upon which Stephane Dion has built his entire national campaign? Talk about sticking a big freaking knife in your leader's back!

Especially considering that Mr. Dion said today that due to our current economic situation, the Green Shift must be implemented without delay... "no matter how bad the global economy gets"!?!?

So which is it guys? Mr. Rae, I thought it was the very core foundation of your entire platform? Mr. Dion says it's going to bring us, "A fairer, richer, greener Canada". Do you not agree Mr. Rae?

So do the Liberals stand by their "Green Shift", or not? Or has Bob Rae just completely underminded his leader with a week to go in the campaign?

h/t to SDA and Janke.

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New Liberal fundraising drive: "Strategic Voting"

We all know the Liberal Party of Canada is flat BROKE... they've even had to borrow to finance this entire campaign.

But people forget that when they vote for a particular party, that party also gets $1.86 PER YEAR in taxpayer funding.

With their current polling numbers, the Liberals know that their annual taxpayer funding is on the way down... and right now, that's their predominant source of funding for the Party. As such, they've pulled out that old canard which they've used so sucessfully on Canadians in the past... "Strategic Voting".

Notice it's ONLY ever the Liberals who use that one? That's because it only ever helps the Liberals.

But what about all those voters who are looking for genuine change? What about all those voters who want to vote Green, but are thinking about switching to the Liberals at the last minute?

But do Canadians realize that by "voting strategicly", they may in fact be only perpetuating the status-quo, and depriving the Green Party of tens of thousands of dollars of future funding? Ottawa Centre Green candidate Jen Hunter pointed that out today in a Globe & Mail article.

Real change is about making choices. I don't personally support the Greens, but I do support their efforts to bring about a real alternative voice to politics as usual. (I'm still very strongly considering supporting the Green Party in the next provincial election, since the PC's haven't made any real effort to fix their problems... sorry Cam)

So, when it's time to vote, all things must be considered... including whether or not you want to stick with the status-quo. And a "Strategic Vote" for a Liberal candidate will do nothing for the cause of "Change".

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What's this? RBC says Canada's "economy firm"

This sounds kinda like what this guy has been saying all along.

Yes, we are on solid ground. But when the entire world is catching an economic cold, there's no possible way to remain completely immune.

There's also this little gem within that article...
On the economic front, Canadian housing starts remained strong in September, running at an annualized rate of 217,600 units – but with noticeable weakness in Ontario.

The seasonally adjusted rate of urban starts fell 6.6 per cent in Ontario, while rising or remaining unchanged in the rest of the country, the CMHC figures showed.
So, let me get this straight... the "weakness" we're seeing is predominantly in Ontario? I wonder who's in charge there? But it figures... the Ontario Liberals torpedo economic growth, and the Federal Tories take the blame.

I really hope Canadians won't fall for the deception of the Liberals, who say they can "make everything better". Wouldn't surprise me one little bit though... lying once again to wrest the levers of power. After all, they've done it before.

Here's hoping Canadians punish them for it, once and for all.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"The fundamentals are strong"

No, I'm not quoting Prime Minister Harper... I'm quoting ScotiaBank's Deputy Chief Ecomomist Aron Gampel, who said on CTV's Canada AM, "We have really wonderful fundamentals."
"Let's face it, the U.S. is the epicentre of big problems," Aron Gampel, deputy chief economist at Scotiabank, said Tuesday on Canada AM. "A recession in housing which is dragging down their economy, compounded by a credit crunch and the earlier episodes of high food and energy costs, you couldn't have asked for a more toxic mix of problems."

Gampel predicted that sound economic policies established by previous governments would allow Canada to weather the current storm better than most countries.

"We have a government balance sheet from successive Liberal and Conservative governments, which is able to stimulate the economy through increased tax cuts that we've had in recent years, increased spending which is still flowing through the economy and we still have surpluses that can be spent," Gampel said. "We have really wonderful fundamentals."

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Bet there are a lot of nervous Liberal backroomers

Nik Nanos just released his new numbers... numbers that suggest that if voters aren't careful, they may inadvertantly allow Dion to implement his economy crippling Carbon Tax.

Prime Minister Dion? Expect more brown envelopes to begin appearing at media outlets in the coming days, as supporters of Liberal leadership hopefuls try to make sure Dion is announcing his resignation on Oct. 14.

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Start your stopwatches folks

Let's see how long it takes Liberals to scream and feign outrage at this analogy from Mr. Harper today...
"As the saying goes, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark. Which is why when the rain came, Noah didn't need to panic and he didn't switch boats."
CLICK... it's presently 2:10pm EST.

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The knife has been plunged into Dion's back

I was just a few weeks early in my prediction... but the Chretien/Martin wars live on.

Lobbing a grenade into a tense room of Liberals, a week before the election? I'm thinking some folks want to make sure that Mr. Dion never walks through the door of 24 Sussex.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Will Dion withdraw the Green Shift in these uncertain economic times?

Anyone thinking about voting Liberal, in these uncertain economic times, better be thinking twice in light of Dion's Green Shift.

With the recent job losses we've been seeing, what do you think is going to happen when companies have to start paying the massive Carbon Tax? What's the first thing businesses ALWAYS do to try and cut costs? That's right... they cut staff, typically their largest single expense. Just ask Ford and GM. Or the just relocate jobs, as in John Deere's case.

So, here's the big question... with all this uncertaintly in the global markets, will Dion do the right thing and "Shelve the Shift"?

Or, perhaps has he quietly shelved it already? Do you notice how none of them are talking about it much anymore? Bet they were hoping you wouldn't.

And while we're on that note... why isn't Dion trumpeting it as the solution to all our economic woes anymore? Perhaps even he's come to realize that it's not quite the economic salvation it was cracked up to be?

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Bob Rae completes his conversion to Liberalism

He's reached that final hurdle to becoming a full blown Liberal... he's sucessfully completed his "Culture of Entitlement" test, and passed with flying colours.

Check Bob Rae's quote from CTV:
"The Liberals also began to attack their fellow opposition parties as the battle for second place heated up.

Candidate Bob Rae issued a warning on Monday that Layton and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May are robbing votes from the Liberals"
Excuse me? "Robbing votes from the Liberals"?!?! What complete arrogance... "Those votes belong to us, and you're taking them away from us! I want my ball back, or I'm going home!"

Mr. Rae, VOTES NEED TO BE EARNED. They do NOT belong to you, they belong to the Canadian people, who choose whether or not you deserve them when they get to the ballot box. And as you painfully learned in 1995, they have the option of saying "NO" to you.

Perhaps he needs a refresher lesson on that one.

On a positive note... that quote came within today's announcement from Mr. Harper that the Universal Childcare Benefit will be indexed to inflation, and will not remain at a static $100 per month. Good move.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Guelph Liberals REALLY down in the dumps... now they're accusing me of criminal activity!

Wow, the Liberals in Guelph really are getting demoralized... so much so, they're lashing out at anything and everything. Check this comment one of them left on my blog today:
At Sun Oct 05, 08:58:00 PM EDT, Anonymous said…


Who is cutting brake lines in Toronto?
Who cut brake lines in Guelph a few weeks ago.
Seems that whoever, is targing Liberals.
That would be you?
Whould that be NDP?
Would that be Green?
Would that be Tommie the Commie?
Help the police here. Fess up
Well, "Anonymous"... you know, the name "Anonymous" is such a misnomer... because NOTHING is ever really anonymous on the internet.

And slander is never appropriate... though I know it's a favorite tool in their arsenal.

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Guelph's zany Campus Conservatives strike again!

While I hear that the U of Guelph Liberal club is doing virtually nothing on campus, the Guelph Conservative Campus Association has struck once again!

They rounded up a bunch of cars, and cruised the University campus, and other high traffic areas of the city, in a "Get Out The Vote" effort. Lots of positive response, lots of laughter, and many camera phones being whipped out across the city!

Cruising the heart of the Liberal bastion, the University of Guelph. I heard they brought a rugby game to a standstill!
Yes, that IS a lawn sign the kid is wearing!
"Everyone, do 'The Shrug'!"

"I gotta crush on Harper"!

But the most interesting event of the "cruise" was when they showed up for some good natured ribbing at the local Liberal campaign office... but there was virtually no one there! I was shocked when I heard that... not even 4pm on an Advance Poll day, and they were closing up shop! I'm told there were two older ladies and one older gentleman there, and that was it! Meanwhile, the local Tory HQ was hopping all day long, with people on site until well after 10pm! Either the Liberals arrogantly think they have this one in the bag already, or the rumours I've been hearing are true... the local Liberal campaign is completely demoralized, and have vitrtually given up hope!

Based on recent incidents involving their candidate, I'm inclined to believe that the rumours are true!

In a testament to the fact that they're getting demoralized, one of the older ladies at the Liberal office yelled at the kids, "Don't you kids have anything better to do!?!?" A mite touchy, I must say. Apparently the other lady just smiled, and took it in the good natured manner it was intended... a harmless campaign prank by a bunch of University kids.

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Dion brings Warren's hockey analogy to life!

Are you kidding me? What on earth was the Liberal campaign thinking!?!? Unbelievable! Why on earth would his team go and even try to stage this photo op? I know they're trying to soften his image, but come on!!! Setting yourself up like this is NOT the way to go!

Amm, I'm thinking this is looking like Doin's "Robert Stanfield Football" moment?

To quote Warren: "Stephen Harper was the goalie. He knew he'd be under attack from the others, that he wouldn't get an opportunity to score, so his job was to keep the puck out of the net and he did that. Stéphane Dion was skating around, he looked fine, but he didn't score - and he needed to score."

Whoever threw this video up, with the "BUZZ" each time he failed to score, is just BRILLIANT. But for Dion and his "Team Liberal", this video is just BRUTAL!

h/t to Steve Taylor

UPDATE: Great minds think alike! Warren posted the exact same thought today on his blog, posting Dion's hockey "photo-flop" along with the infamous Robert Stanfield photo.

Again, my question to the Liberals... what were you thinking?

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Frank starting to panic in Guelph... and losing votes in the process

The evidence continues to mount that the Guelph Liberal campaign knows they're in serious trouble. So much so, that Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote crashed a meeting at the local Mosque, uninvited, where Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach was to talk to the local Muslim community.

From reports I've heard from several sources now, many in the mosque were, quite frankly, offended at this act of desperation. However, out of respect for him, he too was given an opportunity speak... which he then disrespectfully used to angrily attack his opponent. Needless to say, many in attendance were less than impressed... so much so that they have indicated that they have switched their vote, and will now be supporting Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach!

In fact, in a display of absolute hypocrisy, he warned the congration that she was going to lie to them, and not to believe her. But he then proceeded to spout off nothing but... well, let's just call it "less than factual" information.

He even used the opportunity to distance himself from his own leader, Stephane Dion, by flip flopping on the Liberal position on the Afghan mission... by claiming that the Liberal Party did not in fact support the extension of the mission to 2011.

I'm sorry to have to break this to you, but that is incorrect, Mr. Valeriote.

Some noteable names who voted "YEA" on the motion to extend the Afghan mission until 2011:

Brison, Dhaliwal, Dion (now where do I know that name from?), Dosanjh, Goodale, Ignatieff, Jennings, McGuinty, Redman, Turner, Zed... and I could go on, but all those names sound like Liberals to me, Mr. Valeriote. Of course, he could mean that the former Guelph Liberal MP didn't vote to support the extension... because she was once again not in her seat in the House of Commons.

Of course, he also said that the Liberal Party did not support sending our troops to Afghanistan in the first place... a statement that is not even worthy of a response.

He also made several other, shall we say "interesting", statements to the Muslim community. He said that the Canadian Government, under the Conservatives, wasn't sending any aid to Afghanistan. He also made the statement that in Afghanistan, Canadian soldiers were, and I quote, "Killing lives and killing livelihoods". Interesting... I thought the only "livelihoods" we were "killing" was terrorism and the opium trade.

But the biggest question that needs to be asked is, why does Mr. Valeriote feel that he has to, amm, "mislead" the Muslim community, in their sacred place of worship, in order to get their vote?

The gloves have most certainly come of, and Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote is getting desperate folks. I'm guessing he's getting pretty worried.

And before any Liberals try to say that all of this is untrue... I have several eyewitness accounts, who have all told me the same thing.

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Warren on why Harper will win

There's nothing to add by my further commentary... Go and read his post for yourself.

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Guelph Liberal campaign on the rocks?

On the doors the past while, the Tories in Guelph have discovered a new, previously untapped pools of supporters... card carrying Liberal members.

It's not really surprising though, when you take a look at the state of the Federal Liberal campaign. They've been forced to spend all their time just trying to hold on to what they have, as opposed to growing their support. And card carrying Liberals in Guelph are telling Conservatives at the door that they plan on making their voices heard loud and clear on October 14th... by voting for Gloria Kovach.

Then there's the other pool of new Conservative supporters that I've been hearing about at work... the Italian vote. That one's a real shocker! Once considered a "lock" for Team Dion/Valeriote, even this community group is starting to slip through their fingers. I've been personally hearing from Italians, who are supporting Gloria Kovach and Stephen Harper, that even other members of their family are openly talking about supporting Gloria too! And these are lifelong Liberal supporting Italians folks!

As well, friend of mine was volunteering for the Valeriote campaign the other day, and shared with me his thoughts on how things are going... on the quiet, of course. He said things were pretty quiet in the office, and they actually turned him away because they didn't have anything for him to do! So in talking to the other volunteers, they got talking about the polls... and it wasn't a cheery conversation. Of course, that ended abruptly when one worker snapped "We don't look at the polls, we're not worried."

That's right guys, don't worry about the polls... because there's not a thing you can do about them.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

"Where's your platform?"

"Where's your platform? Where's your platform?" they all taunt.

Tuesday... "Harper also said he intends to release his full campaign platform on Tuesday, one week before Canadians go to the polls.".

And of course, will all the other parties fresh out of ideas, their platforms having been release already, guess what's going to dominate the news coverage in the final week of the campaign? That is, unless the Liberals manage to pull out some desperation smear-job, like they have in the last two, err, make that the last four elections.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Harper once again grabs the agenda for the day, announcing that participants of apprenticship programs in Canada will receive a $2,000 bonus upon the sucessful completion of their program... that is, if the Conservatives are re-elected.

"Check... sorry, you can't move that one, cause you're still in check..."

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PEI Liberal official caught on camera stealing Conservative signs

We're not talking some low level volunteer folks... we're talking about Mark O’Halloran, the Executive Director of the Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island.
Liberal official apologizes for removing political signs put up by Conservatives

The executive director of the Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island is apologizing after he was caught on camera removing political signs put in place by local Conservatives.

Patrick Ross, a Conservative campaign worker, photographed Mark O’Halloran removing the lawn signs less than five hours after they were put up.

Those lawn signs read: “Say no to the Dion tax!” The signs were strategically placed below Liberal billboards throughout the capital city.

Photos provided to The Guardian show a close-up of the back seat of O’Halloran’s car, which was stacked to the roof with lawn signs, many of which had their stakes snapped in two.
Mark O’Halloran, executive director of the Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island, is seen getting back into his car after removing campaign signs belonging to the Conservatives.

O’Halloran’s back seat, filled with Conservative lawn signs.

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Where'd the "Green Shift" go Mr. Dion?

According to the Liberal platform, the "Green Shift" is the core of their plan. But according the Mr. Dion last night, it's not their top priority. Excuse me? Isn't the "core" of your platform usually the most important part of it, and therefore your first priority? (and before any Liberal commenters try to say "it's not the core of our plan!", try reading Page 9 of your own platform: "The Liberal green shift plan is at the heart of our commitment to fight the climate change crisis and improve Canada’s environment and economy.")

When asked during the debate last night what Mr. Dion's number one priority would be if he were elected Prime Minister (* - see below) he said (brace yourselves folks) that it wasn't the "Green Shift".

Well, he didn't actually say that... but he certainly didn't say that it was his first priority. He went on about having a series of meetings on the economy.

So, let me get this straight... the "basement" or the "foundation" of your entire platform would NOT be your first priority, Mr. Dion?

Of course, did you notice Mr. Dion never actually referred to the "Green Shift" by name last night? Not even once?

I have also have another theory on that... it's because they're flat broke.

You see, they've reached a "licensing agreement" with Ms. Jennifer Wright of the real "Green Shift". Perhaps there's some sort of "royalties" clause in the contract? You know, an "every time you say 'Green Shift' in print or on TV you owe me five bucks" kinda deal, like most other royalty deals. But he never even referred to it by name... NOT ONCE.

Why is that, Mr. Dion? Is that because you're still trying to run from, instead of on, your platform?

* - (BWAAA HA HA!!! Sorry, had to get that out... okay, I'm okay now...)

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Layton scores the "KO" punch in English debate

I'll post more thoughts on the debate later today, but I have to admit it, hands down, it was the NDP's Jack Layton who had the "clip of the night", with this devestating shot at Liberal leader Stephane Dion...

h/t to Splatto for the clip
Also posted over on Janke's blog

And yes, I'll confess... I was in a room of about twenty Tories, who all erupted in unison at that clip. And again when it got played in the post-game analysis on MDL.

Ten years from now, this will be the only clip anyone remembers... just you wait and see.

I think Layton, followed closely by Harper, won the debate last night. Any Liberals who try to claim their guy did are, quite frankly, delusional.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Guelph Greens take a shot at Valeriote

Guelph Green Party candidate Mike Nagy took a shot at Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote in today's Guelph Mercury, with the following ad:

Notice that second line...

"One more Liberal backbencher won't change anything"

OUCH, that's gotta hurt!!! Of course, the Greens are playing on the Guelph Mercury's suggestion early in the campaign that if elected, Frank Valeriote was destined for the Opposition backbenches in Ottawa.

The Guelph Greens are seeking to exploit that idea, and encourge voters from all parties, especially the Liberals, to join with them and "change the game" by sending a strong Green voice to Ottawa, instead of the same-old same-old Liberal lawyer, of which we have plenty enough in Ottawa. In my opinion, this was a bang on ad for them to run.

Of course, I still think we could use a nurse up there on the Hill. ;-)

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#3 on CBC's "Blog Buzz" for Oct. 2, 08

My post from last week, regarding James Curran's post on Mr. Harper's faith, and the faith of the Guelph Liberal candidate who attends a sister church to my own, came in at #3 on Susan "Blog Buzz" for October 2, 2008.

Right off the bat, I want to correct the statement on Susan's blog... there she says it was James himself made certain claims about Harper's denomonation. As I clarified in my post, it was NOT James who made those statements, but was a direct quote from the article which he reposted on his blog. (it was just the formatting of the post that made it look like those were his own words... that was an error on my part that I fully acknowledge)

I do, however, stand by the original point of my post. If people want to take Mr. Harper to task over his faith, they shouldn't be hypocritical, and should apply the same standard to their local Liberal candidates... of which there are many Evangelicals who share our Most Holy faith.

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Tory colours flying high at U of Guelph!

And when I say flying high, I really mean it!

The Conservative campus club got a little creative the other day! They got permission, like all the other parties, to place one sign in the courtyard common area of the campus. Of course, they didn't think a sign would last long in that leftist bastion, so they decided to hoist it up out of reach!

I'm sure that garnered some attention from students yesterday morning!

Here's the kids putting it together the other night.

A little sidewalk chalk goes a long way... though I'm sure plenty of Liberal students will enjoy stomping on the logo as they head off to class!

The Tory youth also got to work on "The Cannon"... it's an 18th century cannon that is regularly painted and decorated by various student groups.

I'm sure there were a bunch of angry Liberals on campus today!

"The Bear" has changed his allegiance once again, this time protesting Dion's carbon tax. (So far, he's been seen supporting the NDP and the Green parties, as noted by the local paper)

Keep up the good work guys!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Harper: "They're all debuting to be Leader of the Opposition"

That zinger of a line came from Harper during the post-debate session with the press, at the two minute mark of the CTV video...
"I tried to have a bit of fun, but it's difficult when you've got a four on one. But one thing that does allows, and did allow tonight, was for me to put out our policies, and what we're doing as a Government. And I think we're the only ones that conveyed any sense to the public of what it is exactly we're doing and what we want to do.

I mean, the rest were all attacking, that's great, they're all debuting to be Leader of the Opposition... but it doesn't tell the public what they'd actually do."

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Craig Oliver: "Dion's best friend tonight..."

" Gilles Duceppe". That's what CTV's Craig Oliver said three minutes before the start of tonight's debate.

Oh how the mighty author of the Clarity Act has fallen... doing so badly in the polls, that his only saving grace is the very separatists he fought for so long.

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Feedback from the Guelph Lourdes debate

It usually takes a while to get reliable feedback on "who won" in a debate. Most of the time you hear the pundits and the partisans give their two cents in the post-debate analysis, but what really counts is the "on the ground" feedback received from the general public in the days and weeks following any debate.

It's been a few weeks since the All Candidates debate at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School in Guelph, and there's been time to really determine who "won".

Many of the students who attended the debate have let their parents know who won... and the students of Guelph have been saying that it was Conservative candidate Gloria Kovach.

The students weren't fooled by the barrage of attacks launched against Gloria. They weren't fooled by the negative "Fear and Smear" tactics of the Liberal and Animal Alliance candidates. They saw these attacks, and saw how well Kovach stood her ground, answering the questions one after the other. The students saw her keep her cool, while the Liberal and Animal Alliance candidates angrily threw their false accusations at her. They also saw her respond with detailed and throughough answers to the thoughtful questions from each of the other candidates, which impressed the student population. She also got the biggest cheer of the debate on one of her many answers.

And afterwards, they went home and told their parents. And those parents have been telling us that at the doors.

And many of those parents are now going to be voting for Gloria.


Mr. Dithers & Co. are BACK!

After two and a half years of dithering, former Prime Minister Paul Martin, and much of his cohort, are back in the saddle again!

Mr. Martin and much of his old crew have been helping Dion in his debate preperation, and are taking more and more of a role within the national campaign.

Maybe that's why their ads have taken a decidedly negative turn... losing one election just wasn't enough for these guys, and they're back for more!