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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is Bob Rae making his leadership bid mid-campaign?

Bob Rae, the Liberal candidate for Toronto Centre, yesterday launched what looks like an attempted leadership bid, undermining Stephane Dion's position on the Green Shift by saying they may delay the implementation of the Green Shift if elected on Oct. 14.

Excuse me? Bob Rae, mid-campaign, is saying that they're not even going to implement the core of their campaign platform, the very core upon which Stephane Dion has built his entire national campaign? Talk about sticking a big freaking knife in your leader's back!

Especially considering that Mr. Dion said today that due to our current economic situation, the Green Shift must be implemented without delay... "no matter how bad the global economy gets"!?!?

So which is it guys? Mr. Rae, I thought it was the very core foundation of your entire platform? Mr. Dion says it's going to bring us, "A fairer, richer, greener Canada". Do you not agree Mr. Rae?

So do the Liberals stand by their "Green Shift", or not? Or has Bob Rae just completely underminded his leader with a week to go in the campaign?

h/t to SDA and Janke.

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