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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Guelph Liberals REALLY down in the dumps... now they're accusing me of criminal activity!

Wow, the Liberals in Guelph really are getting demoralized... so much so, they're lashing out at anything and everything. Check this comment one of them left on my blog today:
At Sun Oct 05, 08:58:00 PM EDT, Anonymous said…


Who is cutting brake lines in Toronto?
Who cut brake lines in Guelph a few weeks ago.
Seems that whoever, is targing Liberals.
That would be you?
Whould that be NDP?
Would that be Green?
Would that be Tommie the Commie?
Help the police here. Fess up
Well, "Anonymous"... you know, the name "Anonymous" is such a misnomer... because NOTHING is ever really anonymous on the internet.

And slander is never appropriate... though I know it's a favorite tool in their arsenal.

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  • At Sun. Oct. 05, 10:41:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Ontario Girl said…

    There is nothing more frightening than a drowning Liberal.

    I am afraid we haven't seen or heard the end of them. We spent the last year with their antics, and they will NEVER quit.

    Didn't Garth Turner have vanalism on his campagin signs forcasted a week before it actually happened by a blogger. Nothing like the old pity factor for votes?

  • At Sun. Oct. 05, 11:37:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Paulm said…

    Log the IP address, and use the IP tracers online to backtrack the origin to the ISP, then lodge a complaint with the ISP to seek the party for the pursuit of possible legal action.

  • At Mon. Oct. 06, 03:53:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How quickly Canadians forgot about the last Election scam by a Liberal in the Parkdale High park riding.

    Just do a google search for the 2006 Election when Liberals feared that Harper would end the reign of the Thieves that robbed us to finance Elections with Cash in envelopes while Klink and Sgt.Schultz were in Power in Ottawa.

    Liberal M.P. Sarmet Bulte fabricated a "Fire-bombing" of her home by the Pro-Life fundamentalists ( Liberal-speak for "Christians" since Martin and Chretien aren't Christians but merely Catholic's that are Pro-Abortion and Pro-Same Gender marriage ) as she stated to the media and on a TV show.
    When pressed for details , M.P. Bulte finally hinted at the FACTS that the May 24 holiday caused the damage to the roof of her home from stray fire-works .
    Oddly enough , the 13 other homes hit with Fire-works according the the TFD never bothered to call the RCMP or media to blame the damage on Pro-Life Christians Terrorists.

    If only Carolyn Bennett had shown an equal level of outrage over the AdScam since there is still $140'000'000.00 of OUR tax dollars un-accounted for and may never be traced to the criminals who should be put away for a long time.

    BTW, The first clue in this hoax was the cut Brake-lines because as a ex-Mechanic there is no way you could have not noticed a pool of oil under the car or that fact that the Brake pedal would go right to the floor with little resistance.
    The Dual Master-cylinder became the Law in 1967 but it only split the System in two so there would be an Emergency back-up if one failed, so if the Lines were cut as a Liberal scam to blame it on Harper I would bet you the scam-artists chose the Rear-Lines that only handle about 20% of the stopping power so the driver wouldn't be hurt.

    Innocent until proven a Non-Liberal .

  • At Mon. Oct. 06, 06:48:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous gimbol said…

    Saw the bit on the news on the vandalism.
    Observation one - The graffiti is written very legibly. Much the same way as someone that was taught to write pre-70's. Nice straight, proper cursive, consistent. Pretty hard to do with a can of spray paint.
    Observation two - How did the perp know when to do this when nobody would be watching the campaign office?

    Something about this story doesn't add up.

  • At Mon. Oct. 06, 09:48:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Ontario Girl said…

    Something about this story doesn't add up

    You said it and I agree. Also another point: The person who was driving his car with the brakes cut was Carolyn Bennetts CAMPAIGN MANAGER.How convenient. Didn't think it would be a Liberal supporter...being involved in such a thing wouldn't nail the vote would it?
    Loved the big supported hug Bennett gave one of her supporters.
    All over the CBC news...where's the outrage over the Liberal with the stolen Conservative signs in the back seat of his car caught on camera?
    I smell another LIBERAL RAT. Don't forget the canisters found on the snow bank by none other than a LIBERAL supporter. Sickooooos.

    This should be good for the sympathy vote....those big bad Conservatives leading in the poles. Drowning Liberals are a dangerous bunch.

  • At Mon. Oct. 06, 10:47:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Ames Way said…

    CC obviously the comment made to you was ridiculous and may have been made in some lame attempt at humour. But some of the comments made subsequently are just as ridiculous and as you say slanderous.


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