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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Guelph's zany Campus Conservatives strike again!

While I hear that the U of Guelph Liberal club is doing virtually nothing on campus, the Guelph Conservative Campus Association has struck once again!

They rounded up a bunch of cars, and cruised the University campus, and other high traffic areas of the city, in a "Get Out The Vote" effort. Lots of positive response, lots of laughter, and many camera phones being whipped out across the city!

Cruising the heart of the Liberal bastion, the University of Guelph. I heard they brought a rugby game to a standstill!
Yes, that IS a lawn sign the kid is wearing!
"Everyone, do 'The Shrug'!"

"I gotta crush on Harper"!

But the most interesting event of the "cruise" was when they showed up for some good natured ribbing at the local Liberal campaign office... but there was virtually no one there! I was shocked when I heard that... not even 4pm on an Advance Poll day, and they were closing up shop! I'm told there were two older ladies and one older gentleman there, and that was it! Meanwhile, the local Tory HQ was hopping all day long, with people on site until well after 10pm! Either the Liberals arrogantly think they have this one in the bag already, or the rumours I've been hearing are true... the local Liberal campaign is completely demoralized, and have vitrtually given up hope!

Based on recent incidents involving their candidate, I'm inclined to believe that the rumours are true!

In a testament to the fact that they're getting demoralized, one of the older ladies at the Liberal office yelled at the kids, "Don't you kids have anything better to do!?!?" A mite touchy, I must say. Apparently the other lady just smiled, and took it in the good natured manner it was intended... a harmless campaign prank by a bunch of University kids.

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