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Thursday, October 02, 2008

#3 on CBC's "Blog Buzz" for Oct. 2, 08

My post from last week, regarding James Curran's post on Mr. Harper's faith, and the faith of the Guelph Liberal candidate who attends a sister church to my own, came in at #3 on Susan "Blog Buzz" for October 2, 2008.

Right off the bat, I want to correct the statement on Susan's blog... there she says it was James himself made certain claims about Harper's denomonation. As I clarified in my post, it was NOT James who made those statements, but was a direct quote from the article which he reposted on his blog. (it was just the formatting of the post that made it look like those were his own words... that was an error on my part that I fully acknowledge)

I do, however, stand by the original point of my post. If people want to take Mr. Harper to task over his faith, they shouldn't be hypocritical, and should apply the same standard to their local Liberal candidates... of which there are many Evangelicals who share our Most Holy faith.

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