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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who's the Bully now Bob?

Way to go Bob... picking on a poor Tory staffer. Forced the guy to resign. I dunno Bob, maybe he has a wife and kids? Ever think about that? Trying to take a shot at Harper, and nails some poor staffer... what a bully.

Bob the Bully... that's my new name for him. Like how he bullied the unions in Ontario, I remember those days well. I remember my mom having to go to work on a "Rae Day", knowing full well that she wasn't going to get paid for it. He also helped to tank our economy, forcing tens of thousands of people out of work.

But you see, you can't really blame Bob... you see, he's probably just missing "the good old days". You know, like back in the 90's, when he managed to put lots of people out of work. So since he's been so effective in the past, he took a shot at Harper, hoping to put him out of work. But he missed, and instead took out a lowly staffer. What a bully.

Now of course he wants back into Government, this time for the whole country. What portfolio would they give him? Industry? Finance? And they say Harper is scary?

Of course, Owen Lippert shouldn't have plagerised the speech in the first place. Guess it once again reminds us that your past mistakes can catch up with you at any time.

Sorta like Bob, and all his mistakes as Premier of Ontario... those caught up with him way back in 1995.

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  • At Tue. Sep. 30, 05:50:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Shawn Abigail said…

    Speech writers should know that lots of things can happen when you plagiarize, and none of them are good. I feel sorry for the guy, but he did the wrong thing and now he's embarrassed the PM and lost his job.


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