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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tory colours flying high at U of Guelph!

And when I say flying high, I really mean it!

The Conservative campus club got a little creative the other day! They got permission, like all the other parties, to place one sign in the courtyard common area of the campus. Of course, they didn't think a sign would last long in that leftist bastion, so they decided to hoist it up out of reach!

I'm sure that garnered some attention from students yesterday morning!

Here's the kids putting it together the other night.

A little sidewalk chalk goes a long way... though I'm sure plenty of Liberal students will enjoy stomping on the logo as they head off to class!

The Tory youth also got to work on "The Cannon"... it's an 18th century cannon that is regularly painted and decorated by various student groups.

I'm sure there were a bunch of angry Liberals on campus today!

"The Bear" has changed his allegiance once again, this time protesting Dion's carbon tax. (So far, he's been seen supporting the NDP and the Green parties, as noted by the local paper)

Keep up the good work guys!

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