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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are Kyoto fanatics going too far? Will they ban BBQ's next?

I recall reading various posts, and seeing some political cartoons joking about Mr. Dion going on the BBQ circuit this summer, about how they would contribute to Global Warming and all.  Basically mocking some of the more "over-zealous" folks in the Climate Change movement.

Well, those jokes may not be all that far fetched in the not so distant future... check the title of this report in the Guardian today... "Meat must be rationed to four portions a week, says report on climate change"

Yes, you read that correctly... they're even starting to talk about regulating our food in the name of climate change.

I remember watching "SeaQuest DSV" years ago, that futuristic eco-sci-fi submarine show.  And I recall one episode vividly, because I thought the idea was so completely outlandish... where one of the crew spends a ton of money to obtain a small amount of a banned substance... BEEF.  You see, in the future, the raising of cattle for food had been banned, due to the GHG output of the cows.  However, he managed to smuggle this illegal product onto the sub, and had just finished cooking a single burger when he got caught by the captain.  The captain confiscated this illegal item, and the member of the crew almost burst into tears, it had been so long since he'd had a REAL hamburger.  But of course, before the captain threw it away, he just had to take a bite of this wonderfully illegal burger... at which point his face lit up with sheer delight.

Now reading this article... that future isn't as far fetched as I once thought.

Big Brother is indeed watching you.  Want to slow the progress of this nutty agenda?  You know what to do... just make sure you put your "X" in the right box.

h/t to Bourque


  • At Wed. Oct. 01, 09:10:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous climatecriminal said…

    yeah these nutjobs have all kinds of scams to control our lives in the name of carbon neutrality but I still have not heard a single plan on what to do about the 97 or 98% of CO2 emissions that aren't man made.


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