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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Has Iggy joined Rae in running for the Liberal leadership?

Another day, another frontrunner contradicting the leader... amm, you do know there's another five days to go before the job officially opens up, right guys?

Immediately after Dion's speech at the Empire Club, it was Bob Rae who said the implementation of the "Green Shift", if the Liberals are elected on Tuesday, would likely be delayed. Dion of course corrected that the next day by saying it was the cure-all for our economic woes, and would be implemented immediately. (of course, he's forgetting the fact that it's a global issue) As opposed to mixed messaging from the Liberal leadership, I think it was Rae trying to quietly put some distance between himself and his own leader, prior to his downfall on Tuesday.

So then, what could it possibly mean when Michael Ignatieff again contradicted his own leader yesterday, even as Mr. Dion was saying there would absolutely be no delay on the Green Shift if elected? Was it because he didn't get the memo, or was it because he too was distancing himself from the "Green Shift", and throwing his hat into the ring along with Rae for the impending Liberal leadership race?

How else can you explain these two guys already distancing themselves from Dion's central policy plank, even while their "current" leader is defending it to reporters?

Liberals will go ahead with Green Shift
Globe and Mail Update
October 9, 2008 at 3:36 PM EDT

HALIFAX — Stéphane Dion is refusing to delay his Green Shift plan if he forms a government although his deputy leader, Michael Ignatieff, says he'd consider changes to the scheme because of the difficult economic times.

“I know that the contrary has been said in the papers,” Mr. Dion said in French to reporters Thursday in Halifax.

But he said that Mr. Ignatieff had confirmed a shared view with Mr. Dion that the Green Shift plan would stimulate the economy.

On Wednesday, as Mr. Dion was defending his Green Shift plan to reporters and saying he would not delay it or change it if he became Prime Minister, Mr. Ignatieff was telling a different story to the editorial board of Montreal's La Presse newspaper.

Mr. Ignatieff said “it's possible” that Liberals would consider changing the details of the plan. He said they would hold on to the “essential elements” of the scheme but that “we need to adjust in front of unpredictable (times).”

Mr. Ignatieff cautioned, however, that the party would not abandon the plan because “Mr. Dion has based all of his career on it.”

The deputy leader was Mr. Dion's main rival for the 2006 leadership.
Come on guys, the body isn't even cold yet! The rebellion has begun.

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