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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now accepting solicitations for National Council

As I will likely be attending the Conservative Convention in Winterpeg, er, I mean Winnipeg, I'm currently conducting some research on whom I will support for election to our National Council.

Once I have made my decisions, I will post them on my blog, and may assist in promoting them via this blog, amongst other means.

And just a word of advice to would be National Councillors... don't just send me your pre-canned script.  Send me specific goals you want to set upon your election, let me know what problems you see and what you want to do about them, and be prepared to answer questions you might not want to answer.  I'm looking for strong, real but pragmatic, Conservatives. 

And just so you're aware, I'm not alone.  I would strongly encourage each of you in Ontario to court my vote, because I've been talking to several people, and we're going to be organizing a "block" of votes.  No specific group, like so-cons or such, but a group of connected Conservatives from different areas and backgrounds who are looking for specific criteria in candidates whom we will support.  We have not made any decisions as of yet, but will be beginning our discussions shortly, and making a determination on whom we together will be supporting for election at the Convention.

So come one, come all!  My e-mail for this venture is christian(dot)conservative(dot)2007(at)gmail(dot)com.


  • At Sat. Oct. 18, 03:13:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger stageleft said…

    Try and find someone who is serious about meaningful electoral reform - not just the lip service rhetoric that the parties like either, something that would give power back to the average citizen and make their vote meaningful to them, and to the country.

    Stephen Harper said in a news segment I saw shortly after the election that he was "concerned" with [low] voter turnout and that the Conservatives would "continue to study" the issue.

    Maybe if he actually did something worthwhile and relevant in this area some good would come of it.

  • At Sat. Oct. 18, 05:33:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Swift said…

    Two other thoughts about the council.
    All four Ontario members of the past Council came from the Toronto area. this has caused some resentment in the rest of th province,especially considering the lack of MP's that come from TO.

    The other is the feeling that Ontario is under represented on the National Council with only four of eighteen members. Ontario has three distinct regions outside the Golden Horseshoe, Eastern, Southwest and Northern. The ideal breakdown would be one representatives from TO itself, one from the area surrounding TO and one from each of the others. This is impossible with only four members


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