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Monday, October 13, 2008

Mike Nagy for Green Party Leader!

With Green Leader Elizabeth May throwing about 60 of her candidates under the bus yesterday, the knives are sure to come out sometime after election day.

As such, they'll be entering a new leadership race. Let me be the first to endorse Guelph Green candidate Mike Nagy for the Green Party leadership! Since he's going to put in the best result of any Green candidate in the country (placing either a strong second behind winner Gloria Kovach, or a close third behind second place Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote), he'll be ideally positioned as a strong voice to take over from the future Liberal Senator in Green clothing, Elizabeth May.

As for why I think Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote will come in third? Well, in what can only be described as sheer desperation, he's using eleventh hour smear tactics by issuing his fourth press release of the entire campaign in a failed attempt to smear his chief opponent by resurecting the ghost of the FCM's scandal. (by the way, we're still not clear on who in the OLO made that fateful call to the FCM after her meeting with Dion to arrange for Kovach's dismissal). Everyone can see through it, and recognizes that he's simply lashing out, watching his "sure thing" slipping through his fingers.

And when I say "everyone" can see thorough it, I mean everyone... you know how I heard about this? Well, let's just put it this way... members of the local 5th Estate aren't too impressed.

Well done Frank!

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