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Saturday, September 30, 2006

THIS is alarming, if true. (only one report so far, waiting to verify)

Could it be true, that the Afghan drug lords are hiring European mercenaries? Afghanistan... the world's number one source of heroin?

So, a message to drug users (and those who support safe-injection sites)... next time you're shooting up, thank a vet, or the families of our fallen troops.

Their blood is being spilt because of your habit.

h/t to Celestial Junk and small dead animals

Dion running second

Cool little app. The Online Liberal 2006 Super Weekend Delegate Tracker. Thanks Liberal Party of Canada!

According to the Delegate Tracker, my call months ago for the one to watch was correct... Dion is currently a nose ahead of Rae, with Iggy pulling first, as we all expected. I still stand by my prediction... it'll be Dion or Rae come December, NOT Iggy.

h/t to The Langhjelm Letter

Friday, September 29, 2006

Miller supporter registers ""

Someone who supports Mayor David Miller is pretty quick on the draw... on the day that Stephen LeDrew announced his intention to run against David Miller for the Mayor's job, they went and registered "" and ""... and what did they go and do with those addresses?

Redirected them to "". How kind of them.

And you know what? I'll bet the owner will just squat on those addresses until, say, November 14, 2006.

(Of course, it could also be a signal that Mr. LeDrew was himself a little slow coming out of the gate, and might be a bit too "old school" to get this whole new-fangled inter-weeb thinga-ma-jig... and maybe that he hasn't clued into it's power...)

Still, I say that's dirty pool old man, dirty pool... Mr. Bill Sweetman. He's the guy who ran and grabbed those domains before anyone else thought of it... and that's cyber-squatting. It's not a very nice thing to do Bill.

Anyone know who Mr. Sweetman is? Is he a member of Mr. Miller's team? Was this perhaps done at the request of Mayor David Miller? (random speculation on my part... but wouldn't it be fun if it turned out to be true...)

UPDATE: Well lookie who I found...

Many questions... bloggers, let's get digging and find some answers! Here's somewhere to start!
Bill Sweetman
689 Queen Street West
Suite 198
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1E6

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 29-Sep-06
Expires on: 29-Sep-07
Last Updated on:

Administrative Contact:
Sweetman, Bill
689 Queen Street West
Suite 198
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1E6

Technical Contact:
Sweetman, Bill
689 Queen Street West
Suite 198
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1E6

Domain servers in listed order:

Registry Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK
Registry Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Registry Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Status: clientRenewProhibited

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Could it be "Domi-gate"?

From today's National Post.
But while the alleged affair might macho up Domi's testosterone count in male eyes, it will hurt Stronach in the court of public opinion.

While Canadians are far more tolerant of political hanky-panky than Americans and, for the most part, think it's private business best left alone, being named in such graphic terms in a scorned spouse's divorce papers is an image that will stick.
Working the dating circuit hard is a good thing for a single mom like Stronach. But being named as the wrecking ball in the marriage of a sports celebrity - whose claim to fame was hitting first, thinking in the penalty box later - is a political liability.

Domi stands accused of leaving his family for another woman. But the other woman may have sacrificed almost as much for him.
I made a statement to my wife yesterday about this whole thing... "This might just be enough to cost Belinda her seat next time around. There's no way all those little old granny Liberals are going to vote for her."

Those older ladies I refer to may be die-hard Liberals, but they're still old school in many ways... Liberal or not, there's no way they're going to support a "home-wrecker". Times may have changed, and morals may have declined significantly in this country, but a lot of people still despise a "home-wrecker". (and yes, of course he's just a guilty as she is...)

The difference last time was exactly 4800 votes... throw in a few other young mothers who disapprove, and a few Red Tories who fell to the left of the fence last time, and you have yourself an electoral defeat.

"Domi-gate" indeed.

"Don't expect the CCP to go quietly"

A great article by Lorne Gunter in today's National Post, on his prediction that the various special interest groups that have taken control of the Court Challenges Program will not go down without a loud and vicious fight.

I'll echo his closing lines... "So now that the Conservatives have ordered the CCP closed, expect Canada's legal, academic and special-interest establishments to scream to keep it open.

Let's hope Stephen Harper ignores the screaming and does the right thing."

I have been up-geeked

Okay, some of us at work were discussing the "old" Internet... Archie, Gopher, Netscape 2.0, and good old ICQ. (I remember saying I'd never switch to MSN... ha)

Anyway, I figured I was a geek... I've had the same Hotmail address for over 10 years, back when people would laugh when I told them my address. ("That's 'HOTMAIL', M-A-I-L, not M-A-L-E") And I have an ICQ number in the 5,000,000 range... until today, I'd met only one person with one lower than me, in the 4,000,000 range.

I just got majorly up-geeked today. A co-worker of mine showed me her old ICQ version still running on her laptop, and I saw her number... IN THE ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND RANGE! You heard me... 100,000!

I have been up-geeked... I bow in reverence and awe...

Harper zings Martin

"The fact Mr. Martin is incapable of sticking by his decisions explains why he is no longer the prime minister of Canada," Harper said. ZING!

From CTV:
Harper slams Martin for criticizing Afghan mission
Updated Wed. Sep. 27 2006 9:33 AM ET News Staff

Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a stinging response Wednesday to former prime minister Paul Martin's accusation that Canada had lost its way in Afghanistan.

Speaking to reporters in Romania, where the Francophonie summit officially opens on Thursday, Harper said Martin approved the current mission in the war-torn country and was not in a position to criticize it.

"The fact Mr. Martin is incapable of sticking by his decisions explains why he is no longer the prime minister of Canada," Harper said.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kennedy clues in

One of the first statements I've heard from a Liberal leadership candidate that I 100% agree with...(see bottom of article)
Rival leadership hopeful Gerard Kennedy said the irregularities demonstrate that the party itself needs to be reformed, with tighter membership eligibility rules, tough sanctions against those who break the rules, and checks on the leader's power.

"I think there's a sense that people can do things with impunity because they're going to elect a leader who has all the power in the world and there's no such thing as consequence for anything," Kennedy said in an interview.

"You basically have a presidential system without any checks and balances... I believe that's unhealthy."
So, are you saying that many Liberals think that they're "Entitled to their entitlements"?

Could that be why many Canadians think that your party is corrupt?

Rick Mercer - Re: Dead Liberals

Okay, THIS is REALLY FUNNY. Caught it re-printed in today's National Post.

But you gotta make sure you read it all the way to the end... LOL!

He might get himself in trouble though... he used the official Liberal logo in his post... wonder if he'll get a nasty note from Guy Régimbald, a legal rep for the Liberal Party of Canada...
Dear friend and supporter,

Did you know that in the event of your tragic death you can remain an active member of the Liberal Party of Canada? The party’s membership renewal commission has reinterpreted our constitution and has determined that dead people can now hold executive positions within the Liberal party and even attend future conventions as voting members.

This is why I am writing to you today.

Please consider a one time gift of your human remains to the party – at no cost to you.

Imagine the peace of mind you will have on your deathbed knowing that while death may bring an end to many of life’s pleasures, you will still be involved in the advancement of democracy and Liberal ideals in Canada.

Many Canadians are doing just that right now. Michael Ignatieff has a number of deceased Canadians working for him on his campaign. They may be dead but they can still get Iggy with it! In fact World War I flying ace Billy Bishop has recently taken out a party membership and has officially endorsed Ignatieff and the courageous positions he has taken on the use of force during the interrogation of prisoners.

But while Billy Bishop’s arrival back on the scene is certain to bring some excitement to this campaign it is Joe Volpe who should be commended for pioneering this exciting new way to support the Liberal party. As Joe has said so eloquently in the past, for the Liberal party to succeed in the 21st century we must embrace not only hardworking new Canadians but non-working dead Canadians as well.

It was Joe who realized early on that the dead were a huge untapped resource, signing up as many of these dedicated dead Liberals as he could. In fact, after a hard day of campaigning in the many small towns across Canada Joe would often, under cover of darkness, visit local graveyards. Once there Joe, armed with artist parchment and a number four charcoal pencil, would make tombstone rubbings until dawn. Every rubbing a testament to a life lived and the basis for a party membership.

So if you are dead or near dead hurry now and give your body to the party – all the leadership candidates are looking for support from dead people.

Bob Rae, for example, has recently accepted the public endorsement of Hedy Fry.

So we ask you now in the event of your death – remember the Liberal party of Canada. Also in the event of your near death, say a car accident or heart attack, take the opportunity to ask your deceased relatives if they would like to support the party.

Donate your body today by downloading a donor declaration of intent from the Liberal Party website.

Do it for Canada.

Yours truly,

Mackenzie King
Membership Renewal Commission
Liberal Party of Canada

Belinda - Home Wrecker?

Tie Domi's wife has publicly stated that Liberal MP Belinda Stronach has destroyed their marriage. Personally, I don't think Peter MacKay got such a raw deal when she crossed the floor... he's lucky to be rid of her.

Perhaps she could take on the "Critic for Children & Family Affairs" portfolio?

Now, dating Peter was one thing, he was "unattached"... but a married man? I'm sorry, but I have issues with that. Ms. Domi invoked a seldom used word to describe it... ADULTERY. And that's one of the "Big 10 No-no's", for the record.

But we never bat an eye at sin anymore, do we? For shame... on all of us.

UPDATE: Mark Peters has some good thoughts on CHARACTER... something that is missing not only in this situation, but in politics in general.

Japan's New CONSERVATIVE Cabinet

Yet another nation is taking a firm step to the right. It looks like a great group of people he's put together... chock full of Fiscal Conservatives and "So-Cons"... ideal, if you ask me.

Let's see now... that makes Canada, Australia, Poland, Sweden, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom (Blair is sort-of right), Peru, Mexico... all since that evil right-wing tyrant George W. Bush came to power. Funny, I thought that "No right-wing party could be elected in the Bush era"?

Belinda - Home Wreaker?

D'oh... second misspelt title this month. Corrected post here, "Belinda - Home Wrecker?".

Monday, September 25, 2006

Caledonia - prospects for peace

In an update to my previous post, my hopes for a peaceful resolution have gone down.

I did some further reading about Kahentinetha Horn, who I posted some info on earlier today. Scary stuff. If she has anything to do with the negotiations, there's no hope whatsoever.

A sample...
Welcome to freedom and democracy in Canada. This is what colonial Canada is doing to us because we have backed them into a corner demanding they obey the law and return our stolen land and resources back to us.

We are being attacked financially. The RCMP, the OPP, the Customs and the Indigenous Police are working together. These authorities are purporting that funds from cigarettes are supporting the Six Nations reclamation as if our trade is illegal. When they claim that we are being financed by “organized crime”, they are referring to the cigarette trade. Fair is fair. They should acknowledge that their mines, clear cut logging, and other industries that have destroyed our environment are also criminal.

We remind these vicious colonial serpent heads that putting the squeeze on us will backfire on you. Turtle Island is ours. Every attack on us will endanger you, Canada.
Anyone care to comment on the line "Turtle Island IS OURS"? Will endanger us how, Ms. Horn? Is that a threat? All Canadian industries are "criminal"? That's right, my fellow Canadians... she claims that you're a criminal, because you likely have a job that has some connection to Canadian industry.

Again, I sure hope she's not at the negotiating table... otherwise we might be sitting here for a while.

(Kahentinetha Horn's quotes taken from an article written by her and posted on Ottawa Core's blog)

Caledonia - Connections?

If any of these allegations are true, then it puts the whole Caledonia issue in a new light. If anyone can shed some further light on anything written there, I would be very greatful.

Please note that I am NOT taking them at face value... I would like some further information, if anyone has any... including info on the people who posted this material.

Some quotes of interest:
"Then Janet Davis AKA Katenies outlined the history of the Kanion’ke:haka. “Federal and state lawsare not applicable to us or our territory. New York State and their Indianpuppets are unconstitutionally trying to void Indigenous sovereignty. Theconsequence of stripping us of our identity and stealing our lands is genocidecontrary to the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime ofGenocide, 1948."

Sources say that Kahentinetha Horn was employed at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino for a period. Sources further say that Horn was asked to leave the longhouse in Kahnawake for stirring trouble.

The conspiracy to sell cigarette licenses out of the Warrior longhouse the group was able to purchase computers, law books and they convinced the members to pay them a salary.

The group opened an account at Charter one Bank in Fort Covington placing the illegal proceeds into an account called "Kanonsasne Charity Project"
In early 2004, The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe had launched an investigation against a smoke shop in Akwesasne for tribal tax stamp fraud that amounted to approximately a 3 million dollar loss in tribal revenue.

The scheme was to have the Warriors to begin issuing cigarette licenses to those that were unable to get licensed through the elected council in exchange the Warriors would provide protection to keep the smoke shops open. The money began to flow.

During this period the group began writing briefs asking the US Supreme Court to negotiate with them on a nation to nation basis. The briefs were rejected immediately. (SOUND FAMILIAR?)

As the NY land claim issue came to a hault in 2005 the group focused on its own members, including elders, stating that they had committed treason. Opposition had began to grow against Horn, Davis, and Kappelmeier within the longhouse. Kappelmeier was released from jail and he was seeking revenge against those that had put him behind bars. Davey George's (1990 Anti gambling leader) house had burned to the ground. They later had evicted a resident from the reservation in a show of unity. After the eviction the Warriors had fired weapons at children at that residence. As their power had grown and those who had stood to stand in their way gone; the movement had gained legitimacy.

In November, 2005 Fallon Davis had threatened the Canadian Customs with the Warrior Society causing the Border to close and officers to walk off the job in fear for their lives.

In December, 2005 an internal fight had taken place within the Warrior longhouse when a member had requested an internal audit and further questions about documents mailed to US authorities that were forged with Clan Mother Elizabeth Clute's signature. The group was kicked out of the Warrior Longhouse. They moved their group to Janet Davis' mother's house in St. Regis and formed the Women Title Holder's. The group then apparantly focused on Native Trading associates, a cigarette manufacturing company.

WTH (referring to some "Women Title Holders" in New York State) was not meeting any resistance in their efforts to terroize. Kahentinetha Horn wanted to relive her glory days at Oka. A Canadian producer proposed that a movie be made about the Oka crisis. The script had been delivered to the major players during the crisis. Talks about Oka began stirring the communities of Akwesasne and Kahnawake and it had been 15 years since Natives had taken a stand on a Mohawk issue. WTH wanted to lead and the battle ground they had chosen was Six Nations.

Before the protests had occured at Douglas Creek Estates WTH had issued a discalimer to the Melancthon wind farm in the Haldimand tract that WTH owned the land. It was approximately a month later that the protest began at DCE. It is further believed that Harriett Boots had asked Mike Laughing (the fire guy at the Warrior Longhouse) to go to Six Nations to help in the land reclamation."
via New York Crime Watch

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hazel Hill's Latest

I'm sure you're assuming that I'm about to go into a tirade against Hazel Hill's latest post. Actually, I'm not.

I actually felt is was a pretty good post. I disliked it because it contianed many of the same ideas and views that she has posted before, but it affected me differently this time because with them, she was able to express in her post the raw emotion that she feels about the whole situation. I'm glad that she was able to share it in the way that she did.

I still disagree with her almost completely... the people of Canada, whom she seems to view as being racist thieves of their land, will never agree to the sort of resolution of the type she's advocating. It will simply never happen. But that doesn't mean that I'm completely heartless and don't care about how she feels about it.

That being said, I have just a couple of comments on her post:

From the "where on earth did this come from?" file... "They call us criminals and terrorists and yet they forget that they are the decendants of people who were considered criminals and diseased and were sent to this continent because they were unwelcomed in their own. They are afraid to look in the mirror because they cannot handle the truth of what is staring back at them."

As a recent British immigrant, this certainly does not apply to me in any way, shape, or form. As for my wife, her family has been here for several hundred years... decended from Mennonite stock, who came over from Switzerland and Germany in the 1600-1700's. Maybe you're referring to her? Or how about the vast majority of Canadians... a Euro-centric mix of many nations and creeds? Many came here to seek new opportunities. Many were poor, some had money, some were fleeing persecution, others sought their fortunes in the New World. Criminals and diseased? Come on now... that's not the words of someone seeking a peaceful resolution to a conflict, now is it? True, we brought over new diseases that your people had never seen before, and they killed a great many of your people... but you can't say that they were rejected by the rest of Europe on that basis. They carried all the same germs and virii that the rest of Europe was afflicted with.

To comment on a more serious statement... "Since 1784 when the land was granted through the Haldimand in one hand, they stole it and gave it away from the other." - No one would argue with you there Hazel. It's sad that it happened that way, but this has been the way of the world for several thousand years now... the re-colonization of land by one people after the killing or forced relocation of another. I never said it was right, or was justifiable, but this very same thing has occured time and time again throughout the history of the world.

Just ask the Anglos or the Saxons how they felt about the Normons sailing into their lands from across the sea. Or ask the various Germanic tribes how they felt about the Romans marching north from Rome into their regional birthright. Or the peoples of Babylon, when the Medo-Persain empire decided to walk in, uninvited. Of course, you can't, because all these peoples are a part of humanity's past... and new cultures and civilizations have arisen out of the ashes of these wars long ago.

I am myself the product of my first example... I can't tell you how much of one or the other I am of Anglo, Saxon, or Norman... I am all of them, as a new people, the English, have arisen from those peoples. Actually, to make life more interesting, I'm part Celt too, as my mother is Irish... and we could go on about the British and Irish conflicts, but that's a whole other matter.

It's sad that the history of the world is built on bloodshed... but that's what happens when people ignore the Commandments of their Creator God. His ways are ways of Love, Peace, and Reconsiliation... the ways of mankind, left unto himself, are greed, betrayal, and death.

The land was taken from your people... of that, I do not disagree with you whatsoever. Since that time, a new nation, and new society has been built, and the name given to it is "Canada". If I recall correctly, the name itself is based on a native word for "the village".

Now that history is past, and what's done is done, there is only one question that can be asked... where do we go from here?

How can our peoples, still seemingly in conflict, find peace? The people of Canada, no matter how supportive of your claims, and no matter how they feel your people have been wronged, will never agree to any deal that returns this tract of land to you and your people. It simply will not happen... let's be realistic here. If the government were to ever agree to such a return, there would be bloodshed such as not seen in this part of the world in generations. I'm not talking one or two Dudley George's here... I think that sadly, there would be dozens of Hazel's, Dudley's, and quite a few non-native Joe's, Sally's, and Tim's. If you've thought the problems of racism were bad before, such a move would build a wall of seperation that could never been bridged.

For the record, I will never be one of those who turns to violence, nor one who harbours or perpetuates hatred for your people. I'm just basing this view on what I know of mankind's fallen, sinful nature. Yes, it's a bleak picture, I know, but I think that if you stop to think about it honestly, you know deep down that I'm right about the results of this. In any such agreement, your people will see the land returned... but I have to ask you, is the price really worth it?

Or, is there another means by which we can achieve peace? Is there some way that we can show the honour and respect your people, as the original inhabitants of the land? How can we figure out a way for our two cultures to co-exist side by side in mutual respect and harmony?

Here's to Caledonia, and a successful, and quick, resolution.

Friday, September 22, 2006

How to fix Caledonia

Bring in THIS GUY, Osoyoos Band Chief Clarence Louie. That is one very cool chief. Now, I have only one question... how do we convince him to run for us in the next federal election?

h/t Steve Janke

Support for the Afghan Mission

I'm very interested to see how Mr. Harper's speech to the UN, and the visit of Afghan PM and his speech to Parliament will be aired in the media over the next few days. In my opinion, if the MSM simply covers the facts of what has been said, support for the mission should grow dramatically.

Good show Mr. Harper, good show.

MSM Coverage:
Globe & Mail
Toronto Star

Also, the Toronto Star and CBC have coverage of the "Wear Red Friday" rally held on Parliament Hill in support of our troops. By the way, I'm wearing red... are you?

h/t Political Staples

Friday Wear Red on The Hill

A rally has been organized by friends and family of our troops on Parliament Hill today. To show support for our soliders and the mission in Afghanistan, all were encouraged to wear something red.

Here's a pic from the Hill Cam. (site is slow loading right now, likely lots of people checking it out)





More to come...

Karzai to Layton - "Talk to the Hand"

From the Toronto Star.
Karzai snubs Layton request for meeting
NDP Leader Jack Layton has made several requests for a meeting with the Afghan leader — and has had no reply.
That's the international diplomatic version of "Talk to the hand, cause the face ain't listening."

The Afghan mission is a good mission, Mr. Layton. The people of Afghanistan want us there, and the majority of Canadians support the mission. Just so you know, it's Friday... and I'm wearing RED. Of course, questions are going to arise when an honourable Canadian soldier is killed... our resolve is being tested. The only people who don't want us there are the repressive Islamic terrorists, the Taliban and Al-Qaida. Here's the thing though... we've said we'll only leave the country when they stop killing and repressing people. They don't seem to like that suggestion... I wonder why that is?

Weird... Jack Layton riles against the "backwards and regressive policies" of the so-called religious right, who he believes are currently running our country... yet his proposed positions do nothing but support ACTUAL religious nuts who kill and repress people in Afghanistan. Go figure.

h/t Backseat Blogger.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Warren joins the "Scrap the CRTC" bandwagon

Warren Kinsella, my fave Liberal blogger, has added his voice to those calling for the scrapping of the CRTC... though for reasons different than may of my fellow Blogging Tories.

(For the record, I don't have any opinion on the status of the CRTC)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Liberals Lose an MP

This one almost got missed... the Federal Liberals are down one seat as of yesterday. Long time MP Joe Fontana has resigned his seat in order to run for mayor of London, Ontario.

That means there might be two by-elections called in the near future. Perhaps a litmus test for an upcoming Federal Election?

NOTE: The article is not clear if he has officially resigned, but the Parliamentary website no longer lists his name as an MP... therefore, I assume he has officially resigned.

House Standings:
Tories - 125
Liberals - 101*
Bloc - 50
NDP - 29

TOTAL - 305*
(Liberal MP Peter Milliken is not included in these totals, as Speaker of the House)

Ted Morton on SSM

Alberta PC leadership hopeful Ted Morton had a piece published in the Calgary Herald the other week, clarifying his views on SSM. He hit the nail on the head, if you ask me.

He correctly identifies that there is a bigger issue here... a "hidden agenda", if you will. It is not good enough that SSM is now legal... certain individuals want to keep pushing until all voices of descent are silenced.

An excerpt:
"As we saw this past week, anyone who disagrees with this agenda will be denounced as bigoted and “homophobic.” The usual suspects will stage a demonstration to engage in hysterical and unsubstantiated overstatements — e.g. “If Bill 208 passes, it will be open season on gays.” This panic mongering is then echoed by their media buddies like Lakritz. And if this doesn’t silence the opposition, then it’s off to the courts and human rights commissions, where unelected judges and bureaucrats will decide these issues for us. Is this where Albertans want to go?

Albertans are a tolerant people. We agree to disagree on many issues, especially ones affecting people’s private personal lives. Alberta is a live-and-let-live society, and Bill 208 is intended to keep it that way. Tolerance is a two-way street. Bill 208 will ensure that the traffic keeps moving in both directions."
The blog is just one of those many, many voices. Let's hear it for Ted Morton! May Bill 208 pass in Alberta.

h/t to "Mainstream Canadians".

Bob Rae supports... Federal NDP Candidates?

Interesting... apparently, breaking up is hard to do!

Bob Rae, yes, THE Liberal leadership hopeful Bob Rae, financially supported several NDP candidates during the last two Federal Elections. At least, that's what the Elections Canada data suggests.

Like Calgary Grit says, you can't hold it against him yet... who knows, these people may have helped him out during his provincial years, so he was just returning a couple of favours. But it sure doesn't look to great for the man who wants to try and lead the NDP's main competition.

h/t to Calgary Grit

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Price of Freedom

RIP to four Canadian soldiers killed Monday by a homicide bomber.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Caledonia "Reclamation"

Hazel Hill has a new post on Ottawa Core's blog regarding the situation in Caledonia.
The resolve of the people is no different. The focus of title and jurisdiction and the Sovereignty of the Haudenesaunee is forefront in the minds of all who have made this stance. We have our delegates meeting with representatives of the Crown and they are meeting in good faith, but it does bring to question whether or not the Crown has a real understanding of the enormity of this reclamation, and the support of the Onkwehonweh around the world.
I think she's right. The Crown, nor the public, recognize the enormity of this land claim. I was talking about it the other week, but no one else is. (well, those who commented to my post are, but things have died down lately) No one is talking about it; not the media, not the Crown, not even most of the natives. The land claim is of epic proportions... it will change the face of Canada, if it is granted.

The problem is, there is no possible way that it can happen. I have a feeling that many residents of south western Ontario would have a little bit of a problem with that... namely the residents of Caledonia, Brantford, Paris, Cambridge, and Kitchener/Waterloo. Who have purchased houses, built businesses, and put down roots. We're talking about a decision that could directly affect the lives of anywhere from a quarter to half a million people.

Now, I have asked Hazel and Ottawa Core to help me understand what it is that the natives are asking for in this situation. The answer I have gotten back is "we want the previous agreement to be honoured". Now, as I have said before, that's a lot of land and people we're talking about. So, is it that they truely want the land returned lock, stock, and barrel (to use a phrase from the era in which the orignial agreement was made), or is it that they're looking for control of all future development of the land? (take the example of the windmills that have been sized by other natives... so much for Ontario's plan for more green energy production) Or is it something else, like a restoration of control over a large swath of land in and around Caledonia? I have yet to recieve a more defined answer than a wholesale recognition of the 200 year old agreement.

And as I've said, that's simply not going to happen. So I, for one, and keenly interested in what sort of things are being discussed in these "negotiations". I think there is a whole lot more than meets the eye going on here.

Some Inconvient Truths for Mr. Suzuki

(UPDATE: Yes, I realize I misspelled "Inconvenient". Oops)

Thank you for being a reasonable, middle of the road newspaper, National Post, and for being willing to state something other than the "official" truth.

Is the world headed for a period of global cooling? According to a report in New Scientist magazine, we just might be. Some scientists are finally finding their voice, and pointing out that the Kyoto proponents have virtually ignored any role the sun might play in the recent increases in surface temperature. Namely, that the altering cycles of solar activity, such as the period of highly intense activity that is just ending, may have more to do with the recently recorded increases than Kyoto proponents would care to admit.

Could is be that all this garbage about "Global Warming" is really just political? Could it be that David Suzuki and Al Gore have pushing this theory so much because they've finally found an issue with traction that will help them realize their real political agenda... the de-industrialization of the world?

Here's my theory... Mr. Harper will be attacked continually by the media, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Mr. Suzuki, over the new "Green Plan II" to be released this month. The new policy will continue to look into the issues of "climate change", but won't take much action on the Kyoto front, for the moment. The new plan will address the issues of urban smog, greater environmental protection, and cleanup of existing problems.

And the new plan will resonate with voters, because it will address their real concerns regarding the environment and pollution. They've been told that the Conservative Party is anti-environment, because they are anti-Kyoto. When the see Canada's New Government(TM) actually taking action on the environment file, they will tune out some of the Kyoto activists rhetoric. The only reason they've even cared about Kyoto is because they've been told that Kyoto was the only environmental policy anyone was ever talking about... therefore, they were duped into thinking that if you were anti-Kyoto, you were automatically anti-environment. When that lie is finally refuted, Kyoto will become less of an issue in the minds of Canadian voters. And we'll finally have some movement on the environment file, now that we'll finally be able to get beyond the whole Kyoto fiasco.

Maybe we'll actually be able to turn some votes in the Liberal MTV bloc. (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) With record numbers of smog days, a government that actually deals with an issue of concern to them might actually change a few minds.

h/t to "Gay and Right"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

LOL... Tory pic, "NDP Divided"

This is the SWEETEST pic I've ever seen on the Tory website! MAJOR props to whoever put that one together! LOL!
Oh yea, and here's a link to the associated story, "Afghanistan: An NDP Divided".


Couldn't post yesterday while all the mayhem was occuring, we were in the middle of a planned network upgrade and all our systems were down.

I just wanted to give my condolances to the family of Anastasia DeSousa, and to the family of the shooter himself.

Some may wonder why, but they will have to deal with this tragedy too. They will have to bury their son/brother, and will have to deal with the questions surrounding them for the next few years... "Could we have done more? Did we miss something? Could we have prevented this?" they will ask. And they will have no answers.

In the heart of someone so surrounded by darkness, only Christ can truly shine a light. This young man now realizes this, as he has entered into eternity, and into the presence of the Almighty. Justice will be done, as he will soon stand before the Supreme Judge... who has no choice now but to pass sentence. It was His desire to show this young man the Mercy of God, that the Lord Jesus Christ paid such a high price to provide, but as we can all see, that plea was rejected. I can't ask that God have mercy on his soul, because I know the truth... the time for that has passed in this young man's journey. I simply pray that through this tragedy, others will seek out the face of God, and will come to know Him through his beloved Son.

The CBC has been broadcasting a segment this week on how children are affected by divorce, under the title "Suffer the Children". I'd like to finish that quote for them, since they've only been using half of it all week...

"Suffer the little children, that they may COME UNTO ME." - Jesus Christ

May these surviving children in Montreal heed the call of the Saviour, today.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rumour - Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain to Retire


Long time Liberal MP for Guelph, the Hon. Brenda Chamberlain, has announced that she will not run in the next Federal Election.
She won the seat in the sweep of 1993, and has been the MP for almost 14 years. Though she represents the "other side", she has stood up on several occasions and voted against things that her party supported, such as SSM. For that, I respect her.

The ballgame has just completely changed in Guelph.

Story posted online by the Guelph Tribune.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

NDP vs. Jack Bauer

My "The Tommy Douglas Legacy" post could have been better titled, "The NDP's Tommy vs. 24's Jack Bauer". Hope you get a laugh out of it... ;-)

Moronic Liblog Petition

Well, the "Libloggers" want us to change our name from "Blogging Tories" to "Blogging Whorries". Stephen and Craig, I offically vote "NO, but thanks for coming out MORONS".

The guy who started the petition is Jeff Davidson, and the peition is here. Make sure you sign up with something "creative". I liked Dante's signature... LOL. That darned "Potted Plant" from the PQ leadership showed up again...

As for Jeff, his e-mail was posted on the petition... it's falgarwood_(AT)_hotmail_(DOT)_com. Make sure you drop him a line and tell him what you think of his idea.

Oops... I guess I shouldn't have posted it on my blog in plain text like that... a "spider" may come along, see his e-mail address, and automatically put it on half a dozen spam lists. Sorry about that Jeff... I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Oh, right, don't forget to e-mail Jeff your two cents at falgarwood_(AT)_hotmail_(DOT)_com.

h/t to Uncommon Truths.

UPDATE: Upon reflection, this post sounded more vindictive than was intended... e-mail address changed to prevent spam.

The Tommy Douglas Legacy

Well, the Douglas family sure has left it's mark on Canadian politics. I hear that Shirley Douglas, Tommy's daughter, gave an address at the NDP convention in Quebec City, and I understand that a taped message from her son, Keifer Sutherland, was played there too... though apparently, according to one dipper blogger, she felt that he should have been more clear how he felt about the whole NDP movement.

Personally, I think that due to Keifer's recent work in Hollywood, the iconic persona's of two members Douglas family help to illustrate the two extremes of the North American political spectrum.

On the one hand we have Tommy Douglas, the "father" of the modern NDP. The myths about the man grow year after year. To him has been credited our modern Healthcare system. (though I'm sure he'd roll over in his grave if he saw the current bloated bureaucracy it's become... but that's another story) Today's NDP advocates socialism, statist social programs, and is packed full of far left activists of all stripes, including enviro-freaks and anti-war demonstrators, who are constantly spouting off their anti-war rhetoric... including "Taliban Jack", their fearless leader. Yes sir, they'd rather pull out of places like Afghanistan now than risk Canadian lives for the greater good of defeating Terrorism, and have no problems leaving the Taliban in charge to repress women, stop little girls from going to school, and mandate that all school-aged boys take the courses "AK47-101", and "Western Hatred-101". Though he'd likely oppose most of the modern-day positions of the NDP, Tommy Douglas is still the icon of the NDP.

Then, we have his grandson, Keifer Sutherland. Or, rather, his own iconic persona that better represents the political right... the invincible JACK BAUER. Just like his grandfather Tommy, the legend is indeed larger than life. As a member of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorism Unit, Jack has no fear of putting a terrorist in his place... a pine box. He's an advocate of state run health facilities... who else is going to keep suspects alive so he can pump them for information after he's detained them by popping a couple of caps in'em? He's certainly pro-Patriot Act... actually, he's a patriot in general, which is refreshing to see these days. He'll wiretap a phone anywhere, anytime, because everyone knows that only evil-doers have anything to fear from broad reaching electronic surveillance and monitoring. Your life is in danger? No problem, Jack Bauer will do what it takes to keep you alive and breathing, so you can go on spending your days complaining and protesting against Bush, Global Warming, the G8, the War in Iraq, etc. Yes siree, Jack Bauer has the stomach to do what needs to be done to stop terror in its tracks... and to take the fight to them for a change. No price is to great for Jack Bauer to pay to protect your hard-won, Western-style, hated-by-terrorists-everywhere, freedom.

Now, what was the NDP saying about the Afghanistan, the USA, George W. Bush, and the "War on Terror" this past weekend? Sorry, I missed the broadcast on CPAC...

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE tell me that you realize that I'm not being serious...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Though my blog is but a lowly one...


Thanks are due in large part, of course, to The Blogging Tories, with the front page link from Caledonia Wake Up Call this week putting me over the top... with about 1300+ hits this week alone!!!

Actually, some credit is also due to Canadian Cynic, Robert McLeftie, and TorStar's Zerb... when each of them linked to me a while back, they sent a whole ton of traffic over. Thanks guys! (or, as the other CC might say, "snarc") Who knows what my count was before May, when my favorite Liberal-in-Exile(TM) Warren linked to me a couple of times...

Also some props are due to "Club Accountability", which I inadvertantly started... thanks for watching my back guys... I think. ;-)

Thanks to all who have been making this blog a place where ideas can be honestly discussed... and thanks for keeping the language and name-calling to tolerable levels!

The upcoming session of Parliament looks to be shaping up to be an interesting one. When exactly will we go to the polls next? Who knows... stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And now it's time for... The Front Page

Though I don't always agree with everything said on the site, it's always nice to get some recognition now and again.

Thanks to Caledonia Wake Up Call for the front page link, "More Liberals Afraid of Free Speech".

Sunday, September 03, 2006

How cool is that?

We're getting ready to head out to church this morning, and my wife turns on CBC Radio Two... and what do we hear?

We hear the lovely voice of my wife... along with the rest of the choir she's in, on CBC's "Choral Concert". Like I said, how cool is that?

I guess now I have to be nice in my comments about the CBC, eh?