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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I have been up-geeked

Okay, some of us at work were discussing the "old" Internet... Archie, Gopher, Netscape 2.0, and good old ICQ. (I remember saying I'd never switch to MSN... ha)

Anyway, I figured I was a geek... I've had the same Hotmail address for over 10 years, back when people would laugh when I told them my address. ("That's 'HOTMAIL', M-A-I-L, not M-A-L-E") And I have an ICQ number in the 5,000,000 range... until today, I'd met only one person with one lower than me, in the 4,000,000 range.

I just got majorly up-geeked today. A co-worker of mine showed me her old ICQ version still running on her laptop, and I saw her number... IN THE ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND RANGE! You heard me... 100,000!

I have been up-geeked... I bow in reverence and awe...


  • At Wed Sep 27, 04:42:00 PM EDT, Anonymous drew said…

    My ICQ number is 4090xxxx (although I don't even use ICQ anymore I guess I'll x the last four digits out).

  • At Wed Sep 27, 05:28:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I haven't used ICQ in soooo long, I'm not even sure if I still have it installed on my Mac at home (I'm at work). I must have a pretty low number. Haven't used IRC in a long time, either.

  • At Wed Sep 27, 05:50:00 PM EDT, Blogger Stephen Taylor said…

    My ICQ number is in the 300,000-400,000 range, but then again....... everyone knnows I'm a geek.

    Also, ICQ numbers start at 100,000. There's nothing lower.

  • At Wed Sep 27, 06:46:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What is ICQ.. does it matter?

  • At Wed Sep 27, 07:26:00 PM EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    LOL... it was the first mainstream "Instant Messenger" program, way back in the day.

    Stephen, I bow in awe to you as well, Mr. Uber-Tory-Geek

  • At Wed Sep 27, 08:41:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm a geek. No I'm a bigger geek, no I"M a bigger geek, no IM THE BIGGEST GEEK, No! I'm the biggest biggest biggisest geek ever!

  • At Wed Sep 27, 09:47:00 PM EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Well, since we don't have A CLUE who you are, your claim can't be verified.

    You lose. ;-)

  • At Thu Sep 28, 10:17:00 AM EDT, Blogger vicki said…

    I'm a real geek...and at the risk of sounding totally 'out of it'...why is the lower number worthy of 'respect'?
    (This is light blogging today right?)

  • At Thu Sep 28, 11:16:00 AM EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    A low number means you were "with it" enough way back then to jump on the ICQ bandwagon before anyone else had even heard of it.

    It's like my Hotmail account... it's first inital, last name. No numbers, no underscores, just my name. You had to be in on the ground floor to get that! (if you have a common last name)


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