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Monday, September 25, 2006

Caledonia - Connections?

If any of these allegations are true, then it puts the whole Caledonia issue in a new light. If anyone can shed some further light on anything written there, I would be very greatful.

Please note that I am NOT taking them at face value... I would like some further information, if anyone has any... including info on the people who posted this material.

Some quotes of interest:
"Then Janet Davis AKA Katenies outlined the history of the Kanion’ke:haka. “Federal and state lawsare not applicable to us or our territory. New York State and their Indianpuppets are unconstitutionally trying to void Indigenous sovereignty. Theconsequence of stripping us of our identity and stealing our lands is genocidecontrary to the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime ofGenocide, 1948."

Sources say that Kahentinetha Horn was employed at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino for a period. Sources further say that Horn was asked to leave the longhouse in Kahnawake for stirring trouble.

The conspiracy to sell cigarette licenses out of the Warrior longhouse the group was able to purchase computers, law books and they convinced the members to pay them a salary.

The group opened an account at Charter one Bank in Fort Covington placing the illegal proceeds into an account called "Kanonsasne Charity Project"
In early 2004, The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe had launched an investigation against a smoke shop in Akwesasne for tribal tax stamp fraud that amounted to approximately a 3 million dollar loss in tribal revenue.

The scheme was to have the Warriors to begin issuing cigarette licenses to those that were unable to get licensed through the elected council in exchange the Warriors would provide protection to keep the smoke shops open. The money began to flow.

During this period the group began writing briefs asking the US Supreme Court to negotiate with them on a nation to nation basis. The briefs were rejected immediately. (SOUND FAMILIAR?)

As the NY land claim issue came to a hault in 2005 the group focused on its own members, including elders, stating that they had committed treason. Opposition had began to grow against Horn, Davis, and Kappelmeier within the longhouse. Kappelmeier was released from jail and he was seeking revenge against those that had put him behind bars. Davey George's (1990 Anti gambling leader) house had burned to the ground. They later had evicted a resident from the reservation in a show of unity. After the eviction the Warriors had fired weapons at children at that residence. As their power had grown and those who had stood to stand in their way gone; the movement had gained legitimacy.

In November, 2005 Fallon Davis had threatened the Canadian Customs with the Warrior Society causing the Border to close and officers to walk off the job in fear for their lives.

In December, 2005 an internal fight had taken place within the Warrior longhouse when a member had requested an internal audit and further questions about documents mailed to US authorities that were forged with Clan Mother Elizabeth Clute's signature. The group was kicked out of the Warrior Longhouse. They moved their group to Janet Davis' mother's house in St. Regis and formed the Women Title Holder's. The group then apparantly focused on Native Trading associates, a cigarette manufacturing company.

WTH (referring to some "Women Title Holders" in New York State) was not meeting any resistance in their efforts to terroize. Kahentinetha Horn wanted to relive her glory days at Oka. A Canadian producer proposed that a movie be made about the Oka crisis. The script had been delivered to the major players during the crisis. Talks about Oka began stirring the communities of Akwesasne and Kahnawake and it had been 15 years since Natives had taken a stand on a Mohawk issue. WTH wanted to lead and the battle ground they had chosen was Six Nations.

Before the protests had occured at Douglas Creek Estates WTH had issued a discalimer to the Melancthon wind farm in the Haldimand tract that WTH owned the land. It was approximately a month later that the protest began at DCE. It is further believed that Harriett Boots had asked Mike Laughing (the fire guy at the Warrior Longhouse) to go to Six Nations to help in the land reclamation."
via New York Crime Watch


  • At Mon. Sep. 25, 01:06:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous NY Crimewatch said…

    All of the info is true.

    It is documented and resourced.

    The OPP and SN Police had the info back in April.

    Thank you for interest in our blog. More info to follow in the near future.

    NY Ctimewatch


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