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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hazel Hill's Latest

I'm sure you're assuming that I'm about to go into a tirade against Hazel Hill's latest post. Actually, I'm not.

I actually felt is was a pretty good post. I disliked it because it contianed many of the same ideas and views that she has posted before, but it affected me differently this time because with them, she was able to express in her post the raw emotion that she feels about the whole situation. I'm glad that she was able to share it in the way that she did.

I still disagree with her almost completely... the people of Canada, whom she seems to view as being racist thieves of their land, will never agree to the sort of resolution of the type she's advocating. It will simply never happen. But that doesn't mean that I'm completely heartless and don't care about how she feels about it.

That being said, I have just a couple of comments on her post:

From the "where on earth did this come from?" file... "They call us criminals and terrorists and yet they forget that they are the decendants of people who were considered criminals and diseased and were sent to this continent because they were unwelcomed in their own. They are afraid to look in the mirror because they cannot handle the truth of what is staring back at them."

As a recent British immigrant, this certainly does not apply to me in any way, shape, or form. As for my wife, her family has been here for several hundred years... decended from Mennonite stock, who came over from Switzerland and Germany in the 1600-1700's. Maybe you're referring to her? Or how about the vast majority of Canadians... a Euro-centric mix of many nations and creeds? Many came here to seek new opportunities. Many were poor, some had money, some were fleeing persecution, others sought their fortunes in the New World. Criminals and diseased? Come on now... that's not the words of someone seeking a peaceful resolution to a conflict, now is it? True, we brought over new diseases that your people had never seen before, and they killed a great many of your people... but you can't say that they were rejected by the rest of Europe on that basis. They carried all the same germs and virii that the rest of Europe was afflicted with.

To comment on a more serious statement... "Since 1784 when the land was granted through the Haldimand in one hand, they stole it and gave it away from the other." - No one would argue with you there Hazel. It's sad that it happened that way, but this has been the way of the world for several thousand years now... the re-colonization of land by one people after the killing or forced relocation of another. I never said it was right, or was justifiable, but this very same thing has occured time and time again throughout the history of the world.

Just ask the Anglos or the Saxons how they felt about the Normons sailing into their lands from across the sea. Or ask the various Germanic tribes how they felt about the Romans marching north from Rome into their regional birthright. Or the peoples of Babylon, when the Medo-Persain empire decided to walk in, uninvited. Of course, you can't, because all these peoples are a part of humanity's past... and new cultures and civilizations have arisen out of the ashes of these wars long ago.

I am myself the product of my first example... I can't tell you how much of one or the other I am of Anglo, Saxon, or Norman... I am all of them, as a new people, the English, have arisen from those peoples. Actually, to make life more interesting, I'm part Celt too, as my mother is Irish... and we could go on about the British and Irish conflicts, but that's a whole other matter.

It's sad that the history of the world is built on bloodshed... but that's what happens when people ignore the Commandments of their Creator God. His ways are ways of Love, Peace, and Reconsiliation... the ways of mankind, left unto himself, are greed, betrayal, and death.

The land was taken from your people... of that, I do not disagree with you whatsoever. Since that time, a new nation, and new society has been built, and the name given to it is "Canada". If I recall correctly, the name itself is based on a native word for "the village".

Now that history is past, and what's done is done, there is only one question that can be asked... where do we go from here?

How can our peoples, still seemingly in conflict, find peace? The people of Canada, no matter how supportive of your claims, and no matter how they feel your people have been wronged, will never agree to any deal that returns this tract of land to you and your people. It simply will not happen... let's be realistic here. If the government were to ever agree to such a return, there would be bloodshed such as not seen in this part of the world in generations. I'm not talking one or two Dudley George's here... I think that sadly, there would be dozens of Hazel's, Dudley's, and quite a few non-native Joe's, Sally's, and Tim's. If you've thought the problems of racism were bad before, such a move would build a wall of seperation that could never been bridged.

For the record, I will never be one of those who turns to violence, nor one who harbours or perpetuates hatred for your people. I'm just basing this view on what I know of mankind's fallen, sinful nature. Yes, it's a bleak picture, I know, but I think that if you stop to think about it honestly, you know deep down that I'm right about the results of this. In any such agreement, your people will see the land returned... but I have to ask you, is the price really worth it?

Or, is there another means by which we can achieve peace? Is there some way that we can show the honour and respect your people, as the original inhabitants of the land? How can we figure out a way for our two cultures to co-exist side by side in mutual respect and harmony?

Here's to Caledonia, and a successful, and quick, resolution.


  • At Sun. Sep. 24, 09:00:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    "How can we figure out a way for our two cultures to co-exist side by side in mutual respect and harmony?"

    I may be wrong, but I think a little wapum might do the trick.

  • At Sun. Sep. 24, 11:15:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous jgriffin said…

    Reading Hazel Hill's posts kind of reminds me of the SCO vs. IBM case. The people occupying Douglas Creek Estates know they are in an untenable position, the original claim filed in 1995 stated that the Six Nations were looking for back payments not land, but they hope that if they keep blustering and intimidating long enough they may be able to extort something extra out of the feds.

  • At Sun. Sep. 24, 11:55:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous ryan said…

    The big difference between the examples you site and our current situation is that when theses other areas were conquered the remaining people integrated into the new culture bringing along with them some of their own traditons, and adopting some of the new.

    This served to create a new culture and a new people. Unfortunatly in Canada we do not practice cultural integration, instead we ghettoize populations along racial, ethnic, and religious lines. The problems we face today are the direct result of a 100 years of social experimentation. If native peoples had been given a hand into this new country Canada instead of segregated onto the Reserve maybe things could have been different. But alas....

  • At Mon. May 21, 03:19:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger g said…

    Re 'the past is past'

    The law is still the law.

    The Constitution "recognizes and affirms existing aboriginal rights and treaties".

  • At Wed. Sep. 24, 08:52:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i think you leave yourself open to a charge of hypocrisy at best, and damnation at worst, if you recognize the sinfullness of an act and then refuse to repent of it and change your way because its easier not to and you'd rather keep sinning... just a thought... if the point of leadership is to make the tough choices because its right, i look to ottawa for leadership on this, guided as you suggest by the loving grace of a forgiving god


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