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Friday, September 22, 2006

Karzai to Layton - "Talk to the Hand"

From the Toronto Star.
Karzai snubs Layton request for meeting
NDP Leader Jack Layton has made several requests for a meeting with the Afghan leader — and has had no reply.
That's the international diplomatic version of "Talk to the hand, cause the face ain't listening."

The Afghan mission is a good mission, Mr. Layton. The people of Afghanistan want us there, and the majority of Canadians support the mission. Just so you know, it's Friday... and I'm wearing RED. Of course, questions are going to arise when an honourable Canadian soldier is killed... our resolve is being tested. The only people who don't want us there are the repressive Islamic terrorists, the Taliban and Al-Qaida. Here's the thing though... we've said we'll only leave the country when they stop killing and repressing people. They don't seem to like that suggestion... I wonder why that is?

Weird... Jack Layton riles against the "backwards and regressive policies" of the so-called religious right, who he believes are currently running our country... yet his proposed positions do nothing but support ACTUAL religious nuts who kill and repress people in Afghanistan. Go figure.

h/t Backseat Blogger.


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