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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Couldn't post yesterday while all the mayhem was occuring, we were in the middle of a planned network upgrade and all our systems were down.

I just wanted to give my condolances to the family of Anastasia DeSousa, and to the family of the shooter himself.

Some may wonder why, but they will have to deal with this tragedy too. They will have to bury their son/brother, and will have to deal with the questions surrounding them for the next few years... "Could we have done more? Did we miss something? Could we have prevented this?" they will ask. And they will have no answers.

In the heart of someone so surrounded by darkness, only Christ can truly shine a light. This young man now realizes this, as he has entered into eternity, and into the presence of the Almighty. Justice will be done, as he will soon stand before the Supreme Judge... who has no choice now but to pass sentence. It was His desire to show this young man the Mercy of God, that the Lord Jesus Christ paid such a high price to provide, but as we can all see, that plea was rejected. I can't ask that God have mercy on his soul, because I know the truth... the time for that has passed in this young man's journey. I simply pray that through this tragedy, others will seek out the face of God, and will come to know Him through his beloved Son.

The CBC has been broadcasting a segment this week on how children are affected by divorce, under the title "Suffer the Children". I'd like to finish that quote for them, since they've only been using half of it all week...

"Suffer the little children, that they may COME UNTO ME." - Jesus Christ

May these surviving children in Montreal heed the call of the Saviour, today.


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