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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Tommy Douglas Legacy

Well, the Douglas family sure has left it's mark on Canadian politics. I hear that Shirley Douglas, Tommy's daughter, gave an address at the NDP convention in Quebec City, and I understand that a taped message from her son, Keifer Sutherland, was played there too... though apparently, according to one dipper blogger, she felt that he should have been more clear how he felt about the whole NDP movement.

Personally, I think that due to Keifer's recent work in Hollywood, the iconic persona's of two members Douglas family help to illustrate the two extremes of the North American political spectrum.

On the one hand we have Tommy Douglas, the "father" of the modern NDP. The myths about the man grow year after year. To him has been credited our modern Healthcare system. (though I'm sure he'd roll over in his grave if he saw the current bloated bureaucracy it's become... but that's another story) Today's NDP advocates socialism, statist social programs, and is packed full of far left activists of all stripes, including enviro-freaks and anti-war demonstrators, who are constantly spouting off their anti-war rhetoric... including "Taliban Jack", their fearless leader. Yes sir, they'd rather pull out of places like Afghanistan now than risk Canadian lives for the greater good of defeating Terrorism, and have no problems leaving the Taliban in charge to repress women, stop little girls from going to school, and mandate that all school-aged boys take the courses "AK47-101", and "Western Hatred-101". Though he'd likely oppose most of the modern-day positions of the NDP, Tommy Douglas is still the icon of the NDP.

Then, we have his grandson, Keifer Sutherland. Or, rather, his own iconic persona that better represents the political right... the invincible JACK BAUER. Just like his grandfather Tommy, the legend is indeed larger than life. As a member of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorism Unit, Jack has no fear of putting a terrorist in his place... a pine box. He's an advocate of state run health facilities... who else is going to keep suspects alive so he can pump them for information after he's detained them by popping a couple of caps in'em? He's certainly pro-Patriot Act... actually, he's a patriot in general, which is refreshing to see these days. He'll wiretap a phone anywhere, anytime, because everyone knows that only evil-doers have anything to fear from broad reaching electronic surveillance and monitoring. Your life is in danger? No problem, Jack Bauer will do what it takes to keep you alive and breathing, so you can go on spending your days complaining and protesting against Bush, Global Warming, the G8, the War in Iraq, etc. Yes siree, Jack Bauer has the stomach to do what needs to be done to stop terror in its tracks... and to take the fight to them for a change. No price is to great for Jack Bauer to pay to protect your hard-won, Western-style, hated-by-terrorists-everywhere, freedom.

Now, what was the NDP saying about the Afghanistan, the USA, George W. Bush, and the "War on Terror" this past weekend? Sorry, I missed the broadcast on CPAC...

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE tell me that you realize that I'm not being serious...


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