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Friday, April 30, 2010

Car crash interrupts (and pretty much summarizes) the UK Labour campaign

Oh my... sometimes, you just can't get away from the symbolism.  Prime Minister Gordon Brown was at an outdoor launch for a new Labour campaign poster, when it was interrupted by a very loud crash... that of a car crashing right in front of the venue.

Poor Gordon Brown... his bad week just won't end.

We all remember when "the wheels fell off" the Martin campaign, right?

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Summary of the 3rd UK Debate... in 20 seconds

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Greenpeace activist condones illegal tactics

Interesting chat today with a Greenpeace activist in Guelph, part of a team on recruiting drive.

She thought the stunt they pulled on Parliament Hill was "great". So I asked her, "So you condone illegal activities, you support breaking the law?"

"Amm, err, not really... Well I guess if the circumstances warrant it..."

Greenpeace Activists... supporters of crime. Nutbars.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Liberal MP Frank Valeriote councils Commissioner to break the law?

Another partisan Liberal attack goes horribly wrong. This is not a good move by Valeriote, considering he's supposed to be a lawyer...
Dear Mr. Valeriote,

Your open letter to the Commissioner of Lobbying is most improper. Essentially, you are telling the Commissioner to break the law.

First, I remind you that the Commissioner is an independent Officer of Parliament. She is accountable to all of Parliament and is supposed to discharge her duties independently and without interference. You seem to be under the mistaken impression that the Liberal Party or any individual MP can tell her what to do. You are wrong. The Commissioner’s independence must be respected.

Second, you demand that the Commissioner report to you and the Liberal Party on a potential ongoing investigation. Not only is that an outrageous interference with the Commissioner’s independence, it amounts to counselling the Commissioner to break the law. I urge you to read section 10.4 of the Lobbying Act, which requires the Commissioner to conduct any investigations in private and not to disclose information that comes to her knowledge during the course of performing her duties.

By writing an open letter, counselling the Commissioner to break the law, you are showing contempt for the Commissioner of Lobbying and placing her in an impossibly compromising position. How do you justify such conduct?

Kelly Block, MP
Member, Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ignatieff misquoting the MSM to try make his book look better?

Oh my... it appears that in an effort to make his book "True Patriot Love" look better than it really is, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has been forced to stoop so low that he's having to deliberately misquote some of the MSM reviews of the book!
Ignatieff's paperback version of the book claims that the National Post said True Patriot Love had "Plenty of scope for a rich story...some wonderful anecdotes, particularly about George P. Grant...Well-written. - National Post"

But that's not what the Post's book review said at all! What it actually said is: "True Patriot Love offers little that is new on the Grants save some wonderful anecdotes, particularly about George P. Grant." and that "True Patriot Love is a well-written disappointment." (National Post, May 9, 2009)

It gets worse. Ignatieff's paperback book quotes the Globe and Mail's book review saying it is "Ignatieff's paean to nationalism...It is illuminating to see how his ideas of trans-Canadian transport and labour corridor and a national energy strategy are so clearly rooted in the historical achievement of his great-great grandfather's journey with Fleming. - Globe & Mail"

What Ignatieff's book forgets to mention that the Globe also said that True Patriot Love "has evolved instead into a slim and disappointing brochure intended to advertise the author's apparently incontestable Canadian pedigree." (Globe and Mail. April 25, 2009)
Yikes... if he's this "liberal" with the truth about his book, can you IMAGINE how "liberal" he might be with the truth on our Budget figures?

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Time for a new centrist party in Canada?

With Iffy taking a hard left turn, maybe it's time to shake things up a bit... maybe it's time for a new federal Party.

I know, it's just crazy talk, but hear me out on this one... there are a whole lot of socially conservative Liberals who are being systematically pushed out of their own party. Just look at the recent vote on abortion, and Iffy's new orders to vote in favour of keeping the Gun Registry. There are Liberals who know full well that they're going to lose their seats on these two issues alone. I've even been hearing rumblings from supposedly "safe" Liberal seats that their MP's are at risk over their votes in these recent fiascoes.

But I also know full well that there are a few "progressives" who are still with us over here in the Conservative Party of Canada, who have never quite fully integrated within the new Party. Also various activists too, who whine and complain about our positions on various issues, but who hold their nose and vote for us when it comes time at the ballot box.

So, what's the solution? Perhaps it's time for a few of the "Red Tories" and the "Blue Grits" to start talking... perhaps it's time for a new truly "centrist" voice on the political landscape.

Quite frankly, there will probably never be a better time than this to shake up the political landscape in Canada. The creation of a small "centrist" coalition, founded by a core of existing MP's, from both the Liberals and the Conservatives, could shake things up fairly dramatically. They could become the "independents" of the Canadian political landscape, the group to which the other main parties would have to make significant overtures in order to form a Government.

Stop and think about it for a minute, in all seriousness. The Conservatives have no natural allies from which to form a coalition. Likewise neither do the Liberals, due to all the animosity that exists between them and the NDP. The formation of a core centrist "rump", if you will, would allow Canadians to raise their voices on the issues and say "We want something somewhere between both of you guys", which is what I believe a significant amount of Canadians are saying these days.

Of course, I'm not advocating for the formation of a new Party who should make the PMO their goal. What I'm talking about is the formation of a group of MP's who are better able to reflect the views of their constituents, by allowing them to place themselves somewhere ideologically between the two major parties, and allowing them to negotiate on issues between themselves and the other two major parties, thereby allowing them hold some of the cards when it comes time to decide who gets to form the Government after an election.

Yes, it would introduce a degree of uncertainty in our system... but in reality, no more so than currently exists, as I think we're set for a series of minority Parliaments for a number of years to come. I just think that now would be an ideal time for such an initiative to fly, even if it's just a short lived endeavour that lasts only for the next few election cycles. And I think it's something that has a genuine chance to work right now, with the current polarization that's going on within the mainline parties, and the rump of MP's on both sides of the isle that fall somewhere in the middle of all this. I can name off about a dozen MP's who fall into that category, lower profile MP's who could make their mark on the Canadian political system for years to come by pursing such an idea.

My two cents on things. Of course, for the record, I'm not planning on giving up my CPC membership anytime soon... though I certainly would have to give any such new group an honest listen before casting my ballot...

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is the Left tying Iffy's hands on the gun registry?

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's major and public flip-flop, denying a free vote on the Private Member's bill on the gun registry, has got a lot of people talking, with many people trying to make any sense whatsoever of why he made this seemingly politically suicidal move.

So I've been thinking about it more, and came across this article today, entitled "A gun to the heads of the Liberal caucus". While there's nothing new and revealing in the article, it did prompt a new thought, one which appears to fit what few facts we have on the decision. The one question that arose in my mind was prompted by the title itself... and I wondered to myself, "Exactly who's head is the gun pointed at?". (which was then followed up with another question... "And is the "gun" a registered long gun, or an unregistered hand gun?")

Perhaps the Liberal "leader" was finally given an ultimatum from the left wing of his caucus, an ultimatum which he simply could no longer refuse. "Whip the vote on the gun registry, OR ELSE WE'LL 'DION' YOUR LEADERSHIP."

If such a theory is correct, it would then lead us to consider a much larger question... who's really in charge over there in the Liberal Party of Canada? The right-leaning Ignatieff, or the a ultra left-leaning members of his caucus?

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Online petition to support Dalton McGuinty"

Just got this from a co-worker... it actually blindsided me, didn't see the punchline coming, thought it was something serious... for all of about 10 seconds.
As a rule, I don't pass along these "add your name" lists that appear in emails. BUT this one is important. It has been circulating for months and has been sent to over 20 million people.

We don't want to lose any names on the list so just hit forward and send it on. PLEASE keep it going!

To show your support for Dalton McGuinty please go to the end of the list and add your name.

1. Mrs. McGuinty
Scary thought though... there's only one "Mrs. McGuinty" listed... what about his mother, and his brother's wives? ;-)

UPDATE: Turns out that this post was a bit of a milestone... post #2400 for this wee lil blog.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Classy NDP MP's leave Liberals high and dry

In what can only be described as a classy move, the NDP has withdrawn their support for a House Committee probe of the Gurguis-Jaffer saga.

In a move clearly aimed at staying out of the political mire, and away from the dirty and almost gleeful political mudslinging of the Liberals, the NDP have effectively left Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals holding the bag (of what most Canadians would describe as manure...) as the only Party left trying to make political hay out of this non-issue.

Once again, the NDP shows why they deserve to be the standard bearers of Canada's political left... because they're able to tell the difference between real issues that need to be addressed, and non-issues that amount to nothing more than political gamesmanship.


I'd like to thank Michael Ignatieff...

...for his generous contribution of all remaining rural Liberal seats to the Conservative Party of Canada in the next election.

Seats such as Madawaska—Restigouche, Moncton—Riverview—Dieppe, Nipissing—Timiskaming, Yukon, likely a couple in Newfoundland, and potentially even Kingston and the Islands and Wascana.

Do the math on this one folks... it could even be enough to put us over the top for a MAJORITY.

Yea, I guess it's not all that generous a gift... I mean, if you really think about it, they've only got a whopping TOTAL OF EIGHT SEATS WEST OF MISSISSAUGA, out of the 120+ available.

I wonder if Jack's going to be so willing to hand us his seven or so western rural seats.

UPDATE: The more I think about this one, the more I'm left shaking my head. Ignatieff's move today makes no political sense WHATSOEVER.

As the Leader of a political party, the battles you pick are normally on issues that have an electoral upside. This one? I can't see one for the Liberals. It's not going to win them any friends in urban Canada, as they've got most of the seats there already. It's not like they're having to do anything to protect those seats, so he could have just let his rural MP's vote in favour of the Bill or abstain, without any loss. However, now that he's whipped the vote, his MP's in the rural areas are effectively screwed, with their leader effectively handing their ridings over to the CPC.

It's just yet another example of the fact that "Iffy" just doesn't have the political street-smarts to play in the big game... either that, or he's surrounded himself with folks who have the electoral mathematical skills of a chimpanzee.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Running a country? There's an app for that"

Even with all his money, there's no way Apple CEO Steve Jobs could buy a better ad for the new iPad than this...

That's Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, using an iPad to keep in touch with things back home while stranded in New York City

Take one stranded world leader, add a mid-Atlantic volcanic eruption, throw in a dash of a continental airspace closure... and then top it off with Apple's latest toy, the iPad.  A dish that Steve Jobs has got to be thoroughly enjoying right about now.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Conservative Candidate Application Form

Okay, you gotta admit, this is pretty funny...
How to be a true blue Conservative
Published On Tue Apr 13 2010
By Vinay Menon - Humour Writer

Thank you for your interest in the Conservative Party of Canada.

We are always scouring this great land – especially west of Winnipeg – for future political stars. Are you shrewd? Do you have street smarts? Do you believe government should be small and surpluses should be big?

Are you ready to fight the blight of liberalism and Stand Up For Canada?

Recent situations have forced us to rethink our once invisible recruitment strategies. Psychological profiling, stress analysis, urine tests – we are considering all of this going forward.

For now, however, we ask that you take a few minutes to answer a few multiple-choice questions. These hypothetical situations, and your responses to them, will help us gauge your suitability.

Here now, our 2010 Screening Questionnaire For Aspiring Conservative Politicians:

1. You are about to breakup with a girlfriend who has ties to a biker gang. During a visit to her home, what do you bring?

a) Flowers and chocolate.
b) A goodbye card.
c) Sensitive documents related to a NATO meeting.

2. It is your birthday and you are rushing to catch a flight in Charlottetown. When asked by airport staff to remove your boots, what is your reaction?

a) You comply.
b) You say, “Thank you for doing your job!”
c) You berate staff, swear and refer to the entire city as a hellhole.

3. You are on a conference call with public health officials during a listeriosis outbreak that has caused multiple fatalities. Do you:

a) Ask for the latest information.
b) Outline an emergency plan to deal with the crisis.
c) Start making inappropriate jokes such as, “This is like a death by a thousand cuts. Or should I say cold cuts.”

4. The shutdown of a Canadian nuclear reactor has caused an international shortage of medical isotopes needed for cancer testing. In one word, please describe the situation:

a) Grave.
b) Horrifying.
c) Sexy.

5. While giving tourism money to a gay rights organization, you find yourself in a photo-op with drag queens. Do you:

a) Ask not to be photographed.
b) Discreetly tell organizers this may alienate supporters who are socially conservative.
c) Smile for the picture without giving it a second thought.

6. A Canadian city has not met the technical criteria while submitting an application for federal stimulus money. Do you:

a) Calmly reject the application.
b) Work with municipal leaders to develop a compromise solution.
c) Tell the city to, “F--- OFF!”

7. When is it appropriate to raise taxes?

a) Never – Canada is already beset with high taxes.
b) Never – raising taxes will hurt families and businesses.
c) Not sure.

8. Using three words, please finish the following sentence. “A woman’s place is ________:”

a) in the kitchen.
b) in the bedroom.
c) wherever she wants.

9. You’re no longer with the party, but your spouse is. You’re leaving a dinner with shady business associates. You are also drunk and in possession of cocaine. Do you:

a) Call a cab.
b) Call a friend.
c) Drive and exceed the posted speed limit.

10. (Removed after reconsideration... not quite in keeping with the content of my blog. Click the link above if you really want to read this one...)

Now please review your responses. If you answered “c” to any question, we must ask that you cease from contacting us again. Seriously, we will contact the RCMP.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the Conservative Party of Canada. or

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Guelph Communist: "U of Guelph anti-CFS vote stacked by Zionists"

Excuse me? From the Facebook page of Drew Garvie, a left-wing agitator and perenial Communist Party candidate:
This referendum was totally stacked and more broadly we need to be more organized than the Right to win. The "No" people were a scary bunch of conservatives, libertarians, careerist Admin hacks, zionists and anti-choicers. An equally broad coalition of groups on the left is necessary to keep the CFS in Guelph. - Sat April 10, 2010 at 23:49
Scratch below the surface of a leftist, and you'll typically find an anti-Semite.

In case folks don't know who Drew Garvie is, he's also one of the folks who helped organize the shameful anti-General Hillier protest at the University of Guelph last year.

I find it interesting that he talks about forming a "broad coalition of groups on the left" in order to, I quote, "KEEP THE CFS IN GUELPH". But hang on... didn't the student body just vote overwhelmingly, with a whopping 74% I'll remind you, to terminate their relationship with the CFS? That's right folks, Drew's comments can only mean one thing... that far-left at the UofG is planning to organize an effort to thwart the results of the students democratic vote on their membership with the CFS.

Stay tuned, it looks like this fight is FAR from over...

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tories 10 point lead returns

37% vs. 27%, according to Ipsos Reid. Finally... took a bit longer than I'd expected, I thought we'd have seen these numbers back by late February. Regardless, it's nice to see that the Canadian public are paying attention to real issues of governance, rather than Opposition manufactured "outrage" over normal Parliamentary procedure.

In other news, Liberals cancel their search for a campaign plane... seeing as there's no way they're going to be needing it anytime soon.

h/t to the ever vigilant Stephen Taylor.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

U of Guelph votes to leave CFS!

By a RESOUNDING margin, students at the University of Guelph have voted 74% in favour of leaving the left-wing controlled CFS.

More to come...

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UPDATE: The UoG paper "The Canon" has a few more details.

UPDATE II: Welcome Guelph Communists! Just a helpful hint though... in future, you might not want to draw attention to yourselves by linking to this website from Facebook pages that contain anti-Semitic rants. Just a helpful suggestion. Oh, and one more suggestion Drew... don't bother running in the next election.

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Liberals secretly prepping to force an election

While Liberal Leader Micheal "Iffy" Ignatieff swears up and down that "Canadians don't want an election", the Liberals are quietly trying to line up a campaign plane... hoping that Canadians won't notice that THEY actually want to force an election in the very near future.

Because we all remember what happened the last time Iffy said he was going to force an election.

UPDATE: Quote from Dr. Roy, when I asked him if we were going to the polls in the Fall... Roy - "don't think so, but anything is possible. libs still broke they will have to get a cessna."

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Ubuntu developers make their first MAJOR mistake with 10.04

You've all been reading over the months of what a fan I've become of Ubuntu... well, I'm trying out the new release, 10.04 Beta 2, and I must say, though it loads SUPER FAST, I have to throw my two cents in now... I HATE THE DECISION BY THE CORE UBUNTU DESIGN TEAM TO MOVE THE LOCATION OF THE WINDOW BUTTONS!!!

The main reason many of us are looking to Ubuntu is as a Microsoft Windows replacement. However, the design team has decided to change the location of the main window control buttons, Minimize, Maximize and Close, OVER TO THE LEFT, like they do in the Mac world, as opposed to Windows and EVERY PREVIOUS UBUNTU RELEASE, where they normally reside on the right.

This one's a BIG deal for a whole lot of people in the Ubuntu community. I've been reading complaints all over the place, and the design team has decided to shut down debate and stick with the left hand placement of the buttons.

Bad move guys... I hope you intend to make it easy for most of us to customize it back, because I can promise you this, it's one of the first things I'm gonna have to do with each and every install I do.

Or it may cause me to not bother with the install. I'm seriously debating whether or not to bother putting this one on my laptop. I was already debating it, having just updated my laptop with the FREE copy of Windows 7 Ultimate that Microsoft provided me with a little while back. (yes, they're trying to woo some of us back into the MS fold)

While I know most people will just look at this as a cosmetic thing, it's not. It's a BIG DEAL, since a lot of us are constantly switching back and forth between the Ubuntu and the Windows worlds. I've even been thinking about putting together proposals on how we can use Ubuntu within our organization, but now, I'm having a rethink on that. YOU try and teach dozens of older nurses a totally new way of doing things with a new OS, and then telling them that the folks who make the decisions have decided to make things more complicated for you by moving the three buttons that are used CONSTANTLY. The main menus being at the top are easy to adjust to... moving those little three buttons IS NOT.

One PARTIAL fix is to run the following command, which will move them to the right side, but will leave the MAXIMIZE and MINIMIZE buttons switched... which I can live with. (to change the order of them breaks the aesthetics) To run the command, press ALT+F2, then enter the following:

gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:maximize,minimize,close”

Did that, and now I'm a "little" more at peace with the new Ubuntu...

UPDATE: If the above command breaks the button order, try adding a comma after the "close" option... like so:

gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:maximize,minimize,close”

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Iggy: I'm a PROUD member of the 'Political Class'

Oh Iggy... sometimes the attack ads just write themselves. Responding to a question about Guergis resignation today, "Iffy" offered up this money quote for the next round of Conservative attack ads...(check the 5:38 mark of the video)

I'm a PROUD member of the "Political Class"

The "Political Class"?!?!? Excuse me???

Ah yes my friends, the high and mighty "Political Class"... of which Iggy is a full-fledged member, just like his father, and his grand-father before him, and even his great-grandfather before that... yes indeed, "His Royal Iggyness" continues the Ignatieff family tradition of bestowing upon us the PRIVILEGE of letting them rule over us, the "Little People" of the Canadian public. Oh how blessed are we, eh?

From the Iggy's dad's Wiki page:
[George] Ignatieff was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, the youngest of five sons, to a distinguished Russian family. His mother was Princess Natalia Nikolayevna Meshcherskaya and his father was Count Paul Ignatieff, a close advisor to Tsar Nicholas II serving as his last Minister of Education.

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Guergis OUT

More to come, PM to hold press conf. shortly

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UPDATE: Here's the info. She's resigned from Cabinet, and will be sitting as an Independent MP until she's cleared of the various allegations.

And cue the disgusting posts of glee from the Liberals in three, two, one...

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Coyne - "The End of the Liberal Empire"

FANTASTIC article called "The End of the Liberal Empire" written by Maclean's Andrew Coyne. A MUST READ for any political junkie in Canada... of all stripes.

Here's to real reform our our democratic system... DEATH TO THE LIBERAL PARTY OF CANADA!!!

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Fellow BTer here in Cayman?

Hey Doc Roy... I didn't know you were such a big deal here on Grand Cayman!

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Do CanCon rules apply to the Cayman Islands?

What's with this? My wife and I go out for some chicken curry and roti, and what do you think I see on the TV in this Caymanian establishment? Why, Ron Maclean and Hockey Night in Canada, what else? It was actually a rebroadcast of last night's game, on a Cayman television station.

Seriously, the folks in Cayman have a whole lot of Canadian content down here! Eating lunch on Wednesday, my wife and I were listening to a Celine Dion CD being played by the shop across the street. In one store, we were serenaded by Bryan Adams, and not three stores later, it was Alyanis Morresette! Then just half an hour ago in the grocery store, another dose of Canadiana via Shania Twain.

Well, at least the weather and the water is nothing like Canada... 28 degrees, water's warm and clear, went snorkelling today. Saw a lobster (they don't have claws down here), loads of various fish, a flounder on the bottom, got stung by two jellyfish (tiny ones, not painful, just a minor irritant), and ended up leading a school of fish! Was really bizarre, a whole bunch of big ones just fell into formation and were swimming along behind me, didn't even notice till my wife (who was behind me) got my attention, I popped to the surface and she told me while laughing. I stuck my head back under and they'd all caught up to me, and dispersed since I wasn't leading any more!

That's all for tonight... till next time!


Iffy closing in on John Turner

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is now only two points behind former leader John Turner for second place in the WORST approval ratings for a Liberal leader in history, according to an Angus-Reid poll released yesterday. Ignatieff came in at 16%, just barely behind John Turner's lowest score, which was 14%.

Of course, John Turner's record of 14% was thought to be the all-time low, and stood for some 25 years... until Dion shattered it in May of 2008 with his new record all-time low of just 10%.

Which means Ignatieff is now just a mere six points ahead of Dion's LOWEST EVER score. So much for being the "saviour" of the Liberal Party of Canada. I think Dion's numbers were even better than these during the whole coalition fiasco at the end of 2008, weren't they? Are we on the verge of yet ANOTHER record setting "leader"? With his near constant stumbles, despite the valiant efforts of old pros like Donolo, Ignatieff still can't manage to avoid tripping over the bar... the bar set so low, it's just mere inches above sea level.

And Canadians aren't known for backing a losing horse.

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Great expose on the "anti-racism" industry

The NP's Johnathan Kay has a great report on his investigations into the left-wing "anti-racist" industry, entitled "White & Guilty". Just for context, it's far out groups like this that are likely the root cause of the fiasco that occurred in Ottawa at the Ann Coulter event the other week.
In fact, I felt sympathy for just about everyone in that class. In private conversation, they all seemed like good-hearted, intelligent people. But like communist diehards confessing their counter-revolutionary thought-crimes at a Soviet workers' council, or devout Catholics on their knees in the confession booth, they also seemed utterly consumed by their sin, regarding their pallor as a sort of moral leprosy. I came to see them as Lady Macbeths in reverse -- cursing skin with nary a "damn'd spot." Even basic communication with friends and fellow activists, I observed, was a plodding agony of self-censorship, in which every syllable was scrutinized for subconscious racist connotations as it was leaving their mouths.

While politically correct campus activists often come across as smug and single-minded, I realized, their intellectual life might more accurately be described as bipolar-- combining an ecstatic self-conception as high priestesses who pronounce upon the racist sins of our society, alongside extravagant self-mortification in regard to their own fallen state.

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Friday, April 02, 2010

Gloria Galloway Watch IX

Been a LONG time since I posted anything about Globe reporter Gloria Galloway. I recall a while back, it seemed that every story she wrote had a strong anti-Conservative bias to them. Well, it seems that chip has finally fallen off her shoulder, because I've come across an article by her today that is a great example of "telling it like it is"... as opposed to "spinning it like it ain't".

I suppose it could just be that with the Liberals doing as horribly as they are, there's just no way she can spin things in their favour without losing all journalistic credibility whatsoever!

Negative - 7
Positive/Netural - 5 (+1)

Liberals lose ground with House in session
Canadians liked Grits better when Parliament was prorogued: poll
Gloria Galloway - Ottawa

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff did much complaining about prorogation, but Canadians seem to like his party better when it is not in the House of Commons.

Conventional wisdom says sitting governments – Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in this case – lose ground when Parliament is sitting and the opposition has a daily chance to rip verbal holes through their policies. But Mr. Ignatieff has been turning conventional wisdom on its head.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Robbed in Cayman!

Unbelievable... here just two days, and I got robbed while on vacation!  The bandits only made off with $32USD, and neither my wife nor I were hurt, but still... puts a bit of a sour taste in my mouth at the start of our vacation.

So we were downtown George Town, and stopped off for a drink at Hammerhead's, a local sports bar in town.  My wife and I had eaten lunch just a while earlier, so we weren't all that hungry, so we each ordered a drink, and an order of conch fritters with jerk mayonnaise, a local treat.

Anyway, the drinks were not all that great, and the fritters were only so so, so we decided to get the bill... and that's when we got stuck up.

You may have thought by now that this is just an April Fool's post... and it sort of is I guess.  Thought we didn't get robbed at gunpoint or knife point, we DID get "robbed" at cheque point... by the folks at Hammerhead's in George Town, Grand Cayman.

If you're EVER on vacation there, DON'T GO THERE!!!  No April Fools folks... food was lousy, drinks were lousy, and things were WAY overpriced.  The tab came to $32USD... for JUNK.

That's the benefit of having my own blog... I get good Google hits, based on the things I post.  If I get bad service somewhere, I get to post about it on my blog.  Then, over time, if people search for places to eat in George Town, Grand Cayman, they may find this posting about Hammerhead's, in George Town, Grand Cayman.  (did I mention they're in downtown George Town? Some folks refer to it as Hammerheads, and Georgetown... posting that just in case people are searching on those terms)  And if they find this posting, they may choose to eat and drink somewhere else... which if you're reading this, I'd STRONGLY advise.

So, April Fools everyone!  Don't get fooled by the "robbers" at Hammerhead's in George Town, Grand Cayman!

Seriously though, having a BLAST down here.  26C, nice breeze over the last two days.  Sun, surf, going sailing today.  Beautiful place, highly recommended, and that's no April Fools joke!  Enjoy the rest of your April 1st!