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Friday, April 09, 2010

Iggy: I'm a PROUD member of the 'Political Class'

Oh Iggy... sometimes the attack ads just write themselves. Responding to a question about Guergis resignation today, "Iffy" offered up this money quote for the next round of Conservative attack ads...(check the 5:38 mark of the video)

I'm a PROUD member of the "Political Class"

The "Political Class"?!?!? Excuse me???

Ah yes my friends, the high and mighty "Political Class"... of which Iggy is a full-fledged member, just like his father, and his grand-father before him, and even his great-grandfather before that... yes indeed, "His Royal Iggyness" continues the Ignatieff family tradition of bestowing upon us the PRIVILEGE of letting them rule over us, the "Little People" of the Canadian public. Oh how blessed are we, eh?

From the Iggy's dad's Wiki page:
[George] Ignatieff was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, the youngest of five sons, to a distinguished Russian family. His mother was Princess Natalia Nikolayevna Meshcherskaya and his father was Count Paul Ignatieff, a close advisor to Tsar Nicholas II serving as his last Minister of Education.

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