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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Do CanCon rules apply to the Cayman Islands?

What's with this? My wife and I go out for some chicken curry and roti, and what do you think I see on the TV in this Caymanian establishment? Why, Ron Maclean and Hockey Night in Canada, what else? It was actually a rebroadcast of last night's game, on a Cayman television station.

Seriously, the folks in Cayman have a whole lot of Canadian content down here! Eating lunch on Wednesday, my wife and I were listening to a Celine Dion CD being played by the shop across the street. In one store, we were serenaded by Bryan Adams, and not three stores later, it was Alyanis Morresette! Then just half an hour ago in the grocery store, another dose of Canadiana via Shania Twain.

Well, at least the weather and the water is nothing like Canada... 28 degrees, water's warm and clear, went snorkelling today. Saw a lobster (they don't have claws down here), loads of various fish, a flounder on the bottom, got stung by two jellyfish (tiny ones, not painful, just a minor irritant), and ended up leading a school of fish! Was really bizarre, a whole bunch of big ones just fell into formation and were swimming along behind me, didn't even notice till my wife (who was behind me) got my attention, I popped to the surface and she told me while laughing. I stuck my head back under and they'd all caught up to me, and dispersed since I wasn't leading any more!

That's all for tonight... till next time!



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