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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Great expose on the "anti-racism" industry

The NP's Johnathan Kay has a great report on his investigations into the left-wing "anti-racist" industry, entitled "White & Guilty". Just for context, it's far out groups like this that are likely the root cause of the fiasco that occurred in Ottawa at the Ann Coulter event the other week.
In fact, I felt sympathy for just about everyone in that class. In private conversation, they all seemed like good-hearted, intelligent people. But like communist diehards confessing their counter-revolutionary thought-crimes at a Soviet workers' council, or devout Catholics on their knees in the confession booth, they also seemed utterly consumed by their sin, regarding their pallor as a sort of moral leprosy. I came to see them as Lady Macbeths in reverse -- cursing skin with nary a "damn'd spot." Even basic communication with friends and fellow activists, I observed, was a plodding agony of self-censorship, in which every syllable was scrutinized for subconscious racist connotations as it was leaving their mouths.

While politically correct campus activists often come across as smug and single-minded, I realized, their intellectual life might more accurately be described as bipolar-- combining an ecstatic self-conception as high priestesses who pronounce upon the racist sins of our society, alongside extravagant self-mortification in regard to their own fallen state.

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  • At Sat. Apr. 03, 03:25:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Lynn said…

    Excellent article by Jonathan Kay. It sounds as if the anti-racism classes he attended are classic examples of "doublespeak", and worse.

    No wonder so few of these "community activists" have any positive effect on the society or the people they think they are helping.


  • At Sat. Apr. 03, 05:58:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Re the article. Why should Sandy have to do anything? She could try not jumping to conclusions that stem no doubt from her own racism.

    Does Karen have to be 'managed' by Sandy, and obliquely told that she is a victim of racism? Perhaps that will make Karen more uncomfortable. Isn't Sandy implying that Karen is too dim to handle her own affairs?

    Perhaps she sees black people as incompetent, unintelligent and/or incapable of standing on their own two feet. They need to be 'protected' by people like Sandy.

    It seems to me some of the 'well-meaning' (and often patromizing) liberals are more racist than anyone, always wanting to put people in little separate boxes.

    Perhaps Karen does not see there is a problem. She may not be obsessed with skin colour as some others are. Perhaps she is more enlighted and sees only 'people'.

    Mike may just be shy with strangers. If the situation had to be 'dealt with' at all I would much prefer Jonathan's method. It has more tact and more class.

    The last paragraph of the article says it all: 'While politically correct campus activists.........'

  • At Sun. Apr. 04, 12:32:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Thucydides said…

    Mike gets along with Karen because she is a normal person, unlike Sandy who is an officious busybody busy projecting her own obsessions onto others.

    The correct means of dealing with this situation would be for Mike and Karen to suggest Sandy mind her own business and focus on the needs of the clients (but that would imply actually working, which is so far beyond the bounds being set here that Sandy would spontaneously combust; violating workplace safety regulations....)


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