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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The "Remember the good old days?" Liberal 150 Conference

LOL... apparently, the Liberals' "Thinkers Conference" is pretty much a gathering of the "has-beens" of the Liberal Party of Canada. As the NP's Don Martin puts it, "Former leaders and ex-prime ministers, flanked by old cabinet warhorses, senators and senior staff, formed a parade of fading government memories to launch the Liberal's seminal "thinkers" conference here Friday."
A gathering dominated by white-skinned, grey-haired Liberals, an audience along the lines of old Canadian Alliance conventions, is charged with forging policy for a Canada where visible minorities are about to become the majority.

And how can the conference juggle the challenge of retiring baby boomers about to crush the shoulders of the next generation when the advancing age of these attendees is the demographic problem and not the solution?
When they named the conference, I think the intent was to refer to Canada's upcoming anniversary... not to refer to the average age of the invited Liberal attendees.

Best line to sum up the conference... 'I'd bet 90 per cent of those in this audience think a double-double is four shots of single malt Scotch and not a Tim Hortons coffee order'

h/t to Dr. Roy

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