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Monday, October 31, 2005


The report is being walked through the door of the PMO as we speak...

Warren and Me, we both agree

Warren Kinsella referred to a good article by Norm Spector, reminding all Canadians that indeed, The Right Hon. Paul Martin must have known something was going on. Read it here.

I remember when I almost earned myself a three-day vacation from high school. I was a member of "Camelot", a group of hackers who had, under supervision, been granted higher level access to the system to help out with various computer related tasks. Several friends of mine had decided to use this access to hack into the grades and attendance system. All I knew was that they were planning something, and I told them "I want no part in whatever you guys are doing."

It was only my reputation as a Christian that proved my innocence and redeemed me. However, the sys admin never trusted me again, because, in his words, "You knew something was up and never told me."

Same with today's PMO. Norm points out that Paul Martin earmarked $50 million a year to this project of the former PM.

He knew something was up. Let's hope Canada holds him to account on it.

And Heeeeerrrrreeeeee's GOMREY!

A view of the Hill... now T-Minus 4:36:00...

(A thanks to Google Earth for the photo)

The Chrétien Factor

Well, trick or treat, the PMO is getting the first copy of the report in six and a half hours. (wonder if there will be a leak to the press just in time for the front page? Look to the Star and the Globe, the Liberal friendly papers, for that)

But everyone seems to be missing one all important factor when it comes to timing of the next election. It's in all the Opposition parties best interest, even the NDP, to force an election immediately. Why? Everyone seems to be forgetting the Chrétien Factor.

Either one of two things will happen with the release of the report. Either 1) some of it will stick to the current PMO, which will kill the Liberals in the polls, and all the other parties are likely to pick up seats.

Or 2) most of the blame will fall on Chrétien. And as we all know, the "Little Guy from Shawinigan" is not going to take that lying down. He and his camp hate Paul Martin, and if Mr. Martin tries to say "See, it was the past administration!", believe me, there are going to be some internal party fireworks that will make all of the supposed Conservative divisiveness look like a quiet, harmonious family picnic!

The attack dogs of the Liberal old guard will come out swinging. Look for the Warren Kinsella's of the past to roar with a vengance. They will not let Chrétien take the fall for this. And Chrétien will most certainly not allow Paul Martin to plunge one last nail into his coffin. There's no way that he'll "take one for the team" during an election while he has the chance to once and for all destroy his greatest enemy; the man who quietly forced him into early retirement, and now seeks to make him alone take the fall for the Sponsorship Scandal.

The Right Hon. Paul Martin is in a loose/loose situation. If he takes any of the heat, he'll be tossed out of 24 Sussex. If he can deflect any of the heat, he'll be eaten alive by some in his own Party. No wonder they had to stack the calendar to try desperately to prevent an early election.

To all the Opposition Leaders... even if an election will fall on Boxing Day, you MUST bring this House down NOW. Any further delay will ensure that the Liberals will win again the next time around.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Income Trusts, a la Garth

Wow. Did you know the Liberal's have cost investors, mostly seniors, OVER $23 BILLION DOLLARS? Based on a plan they cooked up to bring in an additional $300 million in taxes... however, due to the losses by these seniors, the government killed way more in tax revenues. Garth is calling for Reg Alcock's resignation for incompotence.

Read all about it.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Mike "Myths R Us" King

Some gun named "Mike King" has been posting a rambling poem on every Blogging Tory website. As a result, I've deleted his comments, as they had nothing to do with the content on this site. Now, I'm not one to quelch free speech, but as he's being an idiot by posting the same thing everywhere, I've removed it. Mike, original comment based on current political events and on these articles is welcome, however, cut and paste dribble will not be accepted.

Now, having said that, this is my reply back to his poem...

Interesting Mike... and what relevance, may I ask, did that have to any semblance of reality? What issue is it that you're trying to point out that's wrong with the Conservative agenda?

All you're doing in your "poem" is making vague allusions to some of the MYTHS regarding the Conservative Party. Instead, why not come on out to a meeting or two... I'll gladly expose some of those myths you've been fed. Or just stick around and read on as each of those myths are addressed.

Thanks for coming out Mr. Mike "Myth" Music.

In the words of the PM...

..."only 8 more sleeps!"

Only 8 more days until the hammer drops. 8 more long and restless days. What will happen? Will the public turn a blind eye to it? Will they just roll over and go back to sleep? Or will they show the outrage that is due? Our money was STOLEN. Stolen. They stole from the poor to give to the rich.

Don't ever forget that Canada.

On hiring 300 new Auditors

Do the quick math on that... 300 new auditors, times $80,000 per year (I figured that ought to cover the median salary, benefits, office space/equipment, etc) and what do you come up with? That's right... $24 MILLION dollars a year. And that's a BARE MINIMUM.

Don't they get it? I've got a cheaper way to do it... give Shelia Fraser the full access she needs and the mandate to look under every rock, and boost her department's funding by a meager 1 or 2 million for more staff and resources, and I'll bet ya she'll find a whole lot of waste and corruption.

The Liberal solution? Just breeding ground for more problems. But it sure looks good for the press.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Check out what I scored!

Talk about a great score... turns out the former CEO of the Hospital I work at was a subscriber to the Western Standard... but the new CEO doesn't read it. So guess who gets it now? HOW SWEET IS THAT... a free subscription to one of Canada's best magazines!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Gloria Strikes Again

I think I've used this title before to talk about Gloria's articles. More this past Thursday. Listen to the kind of words she uses... the headline... "Tories seek NDP support in disrupting Parliament". "The federal Conservatives are threatening...". Why do you hate the Conservative Party Gloria? Read all about it here.

No one commented on this one...

Found this on the Young Liberal's website:

September 28, 2005

This year’s recruitment drive is proving to be a great success! Young Liberal clubs from coast to coast to coast have been distributing materials including YLC condoms and our new series of postcards proving that “when Young Liberals speak, the government listens.”

Excuse me? Gives a whole new meaning to prostituting oneself for power...

Makes me sick how supposedly "educated" young minds could possibly support such a corrupt party. Yet they supposedly hate corrupt governments and institutions around the world. How does that work? I'll tell you how it works... BLIND HYPOCRACY.

Oh the HILARITY!!!

This is hilarious!!! I'm signed up to the NDP's e-newsletter, the "e.NDP", and in today's issue, there's a link to photos from their "Breakthrough Conference". Here's the link.

And here's where I got directed to. (just in case they've fixed the link alreay)

For those of you who don't want to click on the links, here's the text of the page I got directed to:

The site you are trying to view has been suspended due to non-payment. Please direct all questions to 780-420-xxxx or

Oh the embarassment, and the hilarity of it all.

And these guys want to tell the Right Hon. Paul Martin how to fix Healthcare?

A Peaceful Coup?

Just read the latest poll results. It's all about who you talk to, and what the question that's asked is. Read all about it here.

Who says we can't have a Fall election? If the public reacts strongly to the Gomery report, here's what the Opposition parties need to do... Stephen, Jack and Gilles, need to get together and go straight to Rideau Hall... and inform the GG that the Liberals do not hold the confidence of the House, and that they want to form a coalition government... with Jack Layton as PM. (hey, why not? PM for a day, Jack might go for that) As his first act as PM, he could ask the GG to disolve Parliament, and call an election. All perfectly legal and legit. And a great big slap in the face of the Liberal Party of Canada. A peaceful coup? It can be done, if they have the will to do it.

If the public were to actually be outraged, which I doubt, the writ could be dropped the first week of November. That is, IF Jack Layton has the political guts to do it.

What do you say Jack? Believe it or not, I like Mr. Layton. I don't like most of his policies, but he's a very effective member of the House. However, the MAIN reason he's been so effective is because he's got a noose around the government's neck... and they know all he has to do it kick the chair out from under their feet.

And now, the Liberals are taking a few pages out of our platform... re-introducing tax cuts. (according to today's Toronto Star) That's right... the pre-election goodies are starting to flow...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Going after the peons...

I think this is just for press optics... the Liberals are making a show of cleaning up corruption by firing low level staff for doing the same things that they are doing themselves.

Now that's low, if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I want all staff who misuse my money to be fired... but I want you to start from the TOP DOWN, not from the bottom up. Cut off the head, and the body of corruption dies. End of story.

Easy way to do that... schedule an Opposition Day for November 3, 2005.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Gloria... I like what I see

Gloria Galloway has written again... however, this article seems more even balanced than her previous works. It is middle of the road, reporting the facts, and leaving it up to the reader to decide where they stand on the information presented.

She states the facts of the platforms, gives some pros and cons, even criticism about one or two points... valid ones at that.

Like I said before, I'm not expecting her to bend over backwards... just state the facts. I think a good job has been done here.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Hon. Garth Turner, Minister of Finance

THIS is why Canada needs a Conservative government. I've shamelessly lifted this from Garth's post today:

The middle class is now under attack. Who will speak for them?

We will.

This is what a Conservative government will do for the middle class of Canada. Here is an agenda of ten actions that will help restore hope to these families and in doing so make us all stronger:

1) We will ensure stable, predictable and affordable interest and mortgage rates. This will result from a return to sensible government spending and an end to the budget demands of the NDP and Jack Layton.

2) We will immediately reduce the taxes on both individuals and families. We will reform family taxes, eliminating inequalities between families with one or two incomes and giving deductions for dependent kids.

3) We’ll bring in balanced budget legislation and a debt repayment plan funded by the surplus. We must, and will, pay off our national mortgage.

4) We will immediately reduce gas taxes for everyone.

5) We will cut the capital gains tax, so your retirement investments can grow more rapidly. We will reduce business and payroll taxes, to encourage more jobs.

6) We will improve health care delivery through a balance of both public and private service providers, while ensuring it remains accessible to everyone.

7) We will give you a tax break on public transit use, including the GO train.

8) We will make the neighbourhood safer through mandatory minimum sentences, a sex offender registry, parole reform and overhaul of the way we treat dangerous young offenders.

9) We will help your retirement plans by allowing income-splitting from RRSPs and creating a Registered Lifetime Savings Plan.

10) We will provide tax incentives to parents who care for children instead of spending your tax money on state-run centers.

We will be wise stewards of the economy and defenders of your interests. We will help your family, assist you to save and invest, be there for your retirement, protect your children, increase your disposable income and safeguard your job.

We do this as a priority because, without a strong, hopeful and prosperous middle class, the very heart of Canada is at risk. This is the special interest group that matters most.

This, along with Healthcare and the cleanup of corruption, is why I am a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. This is why I've been in contact with my local riding exec. to volunteer with the local campaign during the next election. (and maybe even before it) This is why I talk to people about politics. This is why I blog. There are SERIOUS problems in Canada, and the majority don't even realize it. They won't until we're in the midst of the next recession... which will be too late. We need a new government in Ottawa NOW... and Stephen Harper, the economist, as our Prime Minister.

Canadians only seem to vote against the current government when trouble is already upon them. A vote for the Conservative Party is a vote to head off some of these problems BEFORE they hurt.

Canada... make the choice to Stand Up for Canada.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gas Price Relief... but not for us

MP's are getting IMMEDIATE relief on the price of gas, BUT THEY WON'T GIVE US A BREAK!?!?!?

And they just released the details of their plan. As I said in my previous post, there is going to be waste of taxpayer's dollars as a new office of burocracy is created:

Other details of the plan unveiled Thursday include:

The creation of a new office of petroleum pricing information charged with providing information "in the most transparent way possible"

May we PLEASE have an Election NOW? Pretty please?

Maybe a chance for an Election?

Most MP's aren't overly enthused by the Liberal's Rebate Program. Also, some of their own MP's aren't to happy with the Dingwall severence either.

Here's an overview of some of the rebate reaction.

Many are saying that this program won't help out those who need it. I heard loads of negative reaction from average people on CFRB1010 in Toronto this morning.
I know that this won't help me out with a single dime. It won't help out the VAST MAJORITY of Canadians one little bit. But I'm willing to bet that a bunch of my student friends will get rebate cheques... AGAIN. (it really ticked me off last time... my brother got a cheque, and I didn't... grrrr)

Hey, I have a great idea! Why not reduce the cost of energy AT THE SOURCE! That way, the people who really need it will get an IMMEDIATE cost reduction as they purchace the energy resources they require! Like, perhaps a reduction in GAS TAXES! Yea! What a great idea! WAY lower cost in administration too... 100% of the rebate is kept by the consumer! No red tape, no costs for staff to run the program, and no chance of mismanagement or scandal... what a great idea!

The other week, I made the best energy saving decision possible... I bought a bike. Now, a rebate for THAT would be nice. Hey, I'm saving TONS of energy! But I had to shell out a whole lot for the bike, at least for a good one. I'm so happy at my gas savings, just look at the smile on my face.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Democracy DENIED!!!

What a FARCE!!! How can it be considered a Democracy when the present government dictates to the Opposition the terms of how that democracy is to be conducted?!?!?! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS IN DICTATORSHIPS, NOT WESTERN DEMOCRACIES!!!

THAT'S A SHAM! Schedule at least ONE Opposition Day sooner than that, and let Democracy WORK!

Call your MP, your local newspaper, don't let this go unchallenged!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm on the Guelph EDA website!

Yes, you can see Yours Truely on a Conservative Party website! In this photo, the large BOB sign in the middle of the shot... at the top right corner of this sign is a head... and behind/above that head, the forehead, hair, and left ear just barely visible are mine...

Or, there's a better one here; look at the front row, second guy from the right of the photo, then the third head above is mine... right above the granny.

But no, seriously... I'm in one more shot. Right here, with Brenda Elliot, former Ontario MPP. Hint: I'm the other person in the shot, beside Brenda, on the left side of the photo. (the one and only time I'll ever describe myself as being on the "Left" of ANYTHING...)

I was looking to see if I was in any photos at all, and just about fell out of my chair when I saw my big mug with Brenda! So now ya'll get to see what I look like!

Now that the CBC is back...

...let's keep an eye on things. We feel that it's anti-Conservative, and the proof will be in the pudding soon enough. Now that the "talent" isn't locked out anymore, watch for them to start heralding the Liberals from DAY ONE.

And NO, I'm not one of those people who will only be satisfied if the CBC is turned into the herald of the Conservative Party... I just think that they should give all parties a fair shake, and the MAJORITY of political stories they run put the Tories in a bad light. THAT'S all I'm saying.

CBC, we'll be watching.

Two things

One, this post is mostly a test of my new RSS setup.

Second, compare the content of the Liblogs or the Progressive Bloggers to the The Blogging Tories. Talk about meaningless fluff!

And they say we don't have policy? And they say that our grassroots has no say? I find that the things we're talking about often end up being part of the news within several days or weeks, or often reflected in new policy.

Let's keep it up... the NEW TORY MEDIA!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

One Book Down...

...on to book number two. Just finished the book by the so called (and incorrectly named) "Prince of Darkness", Warren Kinsella. (sorry Warren, that name is already taken by another being) Highly recommended, very informative. It's nice to know that it's not just the Tories who seem to hate the media. For any future political hacks... a must read; Warren Kinsella's "Kicking BUTT in Canadian Politics".(title slightly modified)

Now, enough about the past, time to look to the future... William Johnson's "Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada". Will keep you all posted as I read.

Warren Kinsella and the "Hidden Agenda"

Well, to quote the lead actor from the movie "Patton", in the scene where he first kicks Nazi General Erwin Rommell... "I read your book!"

I picked up a copy of Warren Kinsella's "Kicking Butt in Canadian Politics". (slight title modification in conformity to this bloggers faith...) Sorry Warren, "No cash for you", I bought it second-hand. There is much to say about knowing how the other side views things, and I sort of like Warren... I read his blog daily. He's honest and doesn't care what anyone thinks, he just calls it like he sees it.

Actually, I'm sure deep down within me somewhere, he's part of the reason I've gone so political. His book is very insightful and informative, and confirms LOADS of things that I've suspected for years about the Liberal Party and about the mainstream media.

For example, did you ever wonder where the "Hidden Agenda" label against the Conservatives came from? You guessed it... Warren & Co., back in the 2000 General Election. Page 73, halfway down the page. Next time anyone fires that one at you, ask them, "Do you know who came up with that one?" Show them that they've been duped by the Liberal Party of Canada, yet again. Challenge them to think about what they believe, and where they get their information from.

Like I said Warren, "I read your book!"

And now... Monte

Not a very political post, but you know what? You gotta love this guy. A member of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, Finance Critic, highly respected in the House... and he's still just a regular guy, doing regular things, with a regular imagination.

Read about the regular guy here.