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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Hon. Garth Turner, Minister of Finance

THIS is why Canada needs a Conservative government. I've shamelessly lifted this from Garth's post today:

The middle class is now under attack. Who will speak for them?

We will.

This is what a Conservative government will do for the middle class of Canada. Here is an agenda of ten actions that will help restore hope to these families and in doing so make us all stronger:

1) We will ensure stable, predictable and affordable interest and mortgage rates. This will result from a return to sensible government spending and an end to the budget demands of the NDP and Jack Layton.

2) We will immediately reduce the taxes on both individuals and families. We will reform family taxes, eliminating inequalities between families with one or two incomes and giving deductions for dependent kids.

3) We’ll bring in balanced budget legislation and a debt repayment plan funded by the surplus. We must, and will, pay off our national mortgage.

4) We will immediately reduce gas taxes for everyone.

5) We will cut the capital gains tax, so your retirement investments can grow more rapidly. We will reduce business and payroll taxes, to encourage more jobs.

6) We will improve health care delivery through a balance of both public and private service providers, while ensuring it remains accessible to everyone.

7) We will give you a tax break on public transit use, including the GO train.

8) We will make the neighbourhood safer through mandatory minimum sentences, a sex offender registry, parole reform and overhaul of the way we treat dangerous young offenders.

9) We will help your retirement plans by allowing income-splitting from RRSPs and creating a Registered Lifetime Savings Plan.

10) We will provide tax incentives to parents who care for children instead of spending your tax money on state-run centers.

We will be wise stewards of the economy and defenders of your interests. We will help your family, assist you to save and invest, be there for your retirement, protect your children, increase your disposable income and safeguard your job.

We do this as a priority because, without a strong, hopeful and prosperous middle class, the very heart of Canada is at risk. This is the special interest group that matters most.

This, along with Healthcare and the cleanup of corruption, is why I am a member of the Conservative Party of Canada. This is why I've been in contact with my local riding exec. to volunteer with the local campaign during the next election. (and maybe even before it) This is why I talk to people about politics. This is why I blog. There are SERIOUS problems in Canada, and the majority don't even realize it. They won't until we're in the midst of the next recession... which will be too late. We need a new government in Ottawa NOW... and Stephen Harper, the economist, as our Prime Minister.

Canadians only seem to vote against the current government when trouble is already upon them. A vote for the Conservative Party is a vote to head off some of these problems BEFORE they hurt.

Canada... make the choice to Stand Up for Canada.


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