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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Warren Kinsella and the "Hidden Agenda"

Well, to quote the lead actor from the movie "Patton", in the scene where he first kicks Nazi General Erwin Rommell... "I read your book!"

I picked up a copy of Warren Kinsella's "Kicking Butt in Canadian Politics". (slight title modification in conformity to this bloggers faith...) Sorry Warren, "No cash for you", I bought it second-hand. There is much to say about knowing how the other side views things, and I sort of like Warren... I read his blog daily. He's honest and doesn't care what anyone thinks, he just calls it like he sees it.

Actually, I'm sure deep down within me somewhere, he's part of the reason I've gone so political. His book is very insightful and informative, and confirms LOADS of things that I've suspected for years about the Liberal Party and about the mainstream media.

For example, did you ever wonder where the "Hidden Agenda" label against the Conservatives came from? You guessed it... Warren & Co., back in the 2000 General Election. Page 73, halfway down the page. Next time anyone fires that one at you, ask them, "Do you know who came up with that one?" Show them that they've been duped by the Liberal Party of Canada, yet again. Challenge them to think about what they believe, and where they get their information from.

Like I said Warren, "I read your book!"


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