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Monday, October 31, 2005

Warren and Me, we both agree

Warren Kinsella referred to a good article by Norm Spector, reminding all Canadians that indeed, The Right Hon. Paul Martin must have known something was going on. Read it here.

I remember when I almost earned myself a three-day vacation from high school. I was a member of "Camelot", a group of hackers who had, under supervision, been granted higher level access to the system to help out with various computer related tasks. Several friends of mine had decided to use this access to hack into the grades and attendance system. All I knew was that they were planning something, and I told them "I want no part in whatever you guys are doing."

It was only my reputation as a Christian that proved my innocence and redeemed me. However, the sys admin never trusted me again, because, in his words, "You knew something was up and never told me."

Same with today's PMO. Norm points out that Paul Martin earmarked $50 million a year to this project of the former PM.

He knew something was up. Let's hope Canada holds him to account on it.


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