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Monday, October 24, 2005

Mike "Myths R Us" King

Some gun named "Mike King" has been posting a rambling poem on every Blogging Tory website. As a result, I've deleted his comments, as they had nothing to do with the content on this site. Now, I'm not one to quelch free speech, but as he's being an idiot by posting the same thing everywhere, I've removed it. Mike, original comment based on current political events and on these articles is welcome, however, cut and paste dribble will not be accepted.

Now, having said that, this is my reply back to his poem...

Interesting Mike... and what relevance, may I ask, did that have to any semblance of reality? What issue is it that you're trying to point out that's wrong with the Conservative agenda?

All you're doing in your "poem" is making vague allusions to some of the MYTHS regarding the Conservative Party. Instead, why not come on out to a meeting or two... I'll gladly expose some of those myths you've been fed. Or just stick around and read on as each of those myths are addressed.

Thanks for coming out Mr. Mike "Myth" Music.


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