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Friday, October 21, 2005

A Peaceful Coup?

Just read the latest poll results. It's all about who you talk to, and what the question that's asked is. Read all about it here.

Who says we can't have a Fall election? If the public reacts strongly to the Gomery report, here's what the Opposition parties need to do... Stephen, Jack and Gilles, need to get together and go straight to Rideau Hall... and inform the GG that the Liberals do not hold the confidence of the House, and that they want to form a coalition government... with Jack Layton as PM. (hey, why not? PM for a day, Jack might go for that) As his first act as PM, he could ask the GG to disolve Parliament, and call an election. All perfectly legal and legit. And a great big slap in the face of the Liberal Party of Canada. A peaceful coup? It can be done, if they have the will to do it.

If the public were to actually be outraged, which I doubt, the writ could be dropped the first week of November. That is, IF Jack Layton has the political guts to do it.

What do you say Jack? Believe it or not, I like Mr. Layton. I don't like most of his policies, but he's a very effective member of the House. However, the MAIN reason he's been so effective is because he's got a noose around the government's neck... and they know all he has to do it kick the chair out from under their feet.

And now, the Liberals are taking a few pages out of our platform... re-introducing tax cuts. (according to today's Toronto Star) That's right... the pre-election goodies are starting to flow...


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