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Thursday, January 29, 2009

U of Guelph's CSA backs down on pro-life ban

The University of Guelph's CSA has quietly decided to return to reason... they have re-granted status to the pro-life student club on campus.

Good to see this reversal of their earlier and poorly thought out decision. Of course, they still have several other issues to deal with, such as their support of the attacks on General Hiller, or their fundraising for the legal defence of criminal activity... but it's good to see them taking baby steps towards sanity.

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First salvo in next ad war launched

But it's not from the expected source, the Tories... it's from the jilted folks left standing at the alter, Jack Layton's NDP.

Ouch! I must say though, the strategy they're employing may just be quite succesful. There's a lot of folks on the left of the Liberal Party who really, REALLY don't like Iggy. This ad is aimed not at the general public, but squarely at them.

And you gotta love this pic from the NDP's website today...

Now where have I seen that sort of image before... oh, right, now I remember...
So much for Iggy beginning a new era for the Liberals... another leader, another day, and another climbdown, once again supporting our Conservative government.

I think Layton had the best line of the day yesterday too, I'm still looking for it online... "Yes, the coalition is still alive, the Liberal-Conservative coalition."

So on that note... a big welcome to all my fellow Liberal/Conservative coalition members! (or at least that's how "Jilted Jack" see is... hey, I think someone was suggesting we find a new name for "Taliban Jack"... I think we've got a winner!)

Humm... maybe someone needs to register

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ELECTION ALERT: Liberals threaten to topple Government

According to the Globe & Mail, Ignatieff may demand changes to the Budget that could topple the Government.

As this is already a fairly "liberal" budget, I hope (obviously depending on what the requests are) that Mr. Harper tells Iggy, "No... we're not prepared to go any further into debt... you either take it or leave it."

Of course, they could always then try to go through with their coup d’état with the Bloc and the NDP.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why I think Harper's on the right track

Why is it that when things get rough, some Conservatives decide so quickly to fly the coop? You hear things like "That's it, I'm not sending my money to the Party anymore until they change their mind on this issue", or "They can forget about my vote because they're not doing things my way". Just makes me roll my eyes, and want to beat some people over the head to knock some sense into them! (figuratively speaking, of course)

Today I started reading David Frum's "Comeback: Conservatism that Can Win Again". I'm only on the third chapter, but I'll already wholeheartedly recommend that all real Conservatives should give it a read. David is bang on in his analysis of the present political climate in North America. What he has to say hits to the very heart of what I've been saying for years... in order to win, in order to govern effectively, we need to clue in to what it is Canadians really want... a new and pragmatic conservatism. Or, put another way... Harper Conservatism.

Now people will say things like, "Harper has sold out" due to things like deficit spending, not dealing with Section 13, or not dealing quickly enough with hard core "conservative" issues that are near and dear to all our hearts. But here's a principle that a lot of Conservatives tend to forget... people will NOT be lead where they don't want to go.

What do I mean by that? It's quite simple, really... Canadians want a centrist, middle of the road approach to government. After so many years of Liberal rule, they're simply not ready for what we know as real conservatism... which of course we all know is the best possible form of government this country could possibly have. But in order for Canadians to give us their full confidence and trust, we need to show them that conservatism is the best political philosophy out there.

I submit to you all that we haven't been doing a very good job of that. Take our idiocy over Section 13, for example. Most Canadians, quite frankly, don't even know what Section 13 is all about. And they don't care. There are issues that are WAY more important to them and their families, and we put our priorities over theirs at our own peril. But every time I see another blog post complaining about how we're not repealing Section 13 quickly enough, I just shake my head, reminded once again that a lot of my fellow conservatives aren't being mindful of the long game... replacing the Liberal Party and becoming the new "Natural Governing Party" of this country.

It's only then, once we've established that we're not just the best of the bad options available, but in fact a desirable option, it's only then that we can take the time to show Canadians WHY our ideas are in their best interest... once they fully trust us.

So all these folks who are saying "That's it, I'm outta here", they obviously haven't clued in yet. Our present situation is not suitable to deal with many of our so called "core issues"... we're still on probation, as it were. Think of these last three years as an extended job interview... Canadians giving us the opportunity to show them what we can do. Personally, I don't think we've done a bad job, but these next few weeks will be our real test.

Canadians have said, quite clearly, that they expect the government to intervene in this current economic situation. Period. Regardless of how we feel about deficit spending, the people have spoken. They want the government to at least make the effort, and will not accept anything less. As I said before, you can't lead the people where they don't want to go. Likewise, once the people indicate what direction they want to go, it's our job to do so in a manner that best aligns our principles.

It's not "selling out"... it's called "governing". So if your key issues really mean anything to you, you'll recognize that in order to actually deal with them, it means that we have to form the government. And in order to form the government, we have to maintain the confidence of the people. And we only do that by leading the people in a direction and manner they're willing to be lead, using our principles to guide us.

Pragmatic Conservatism. It's the only kind of conservatism that can win. It might be familiar... because it's Harper's kind of Conservatism.

He's still got my vote, BECAUSE he's being pragmatic. And if any of my fellow "conservatives" try to show him the door prematurely, they'll only succed in making Michael Ignatieff the next Prime Minister. And we could be following the Republicans out into the wilderness, for what could be a very long time.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to go there. I'm glad Mr. Harper is at the helm, seeking to steer this country in a better direction... we're tacking against the wind, but we're making progress. Let's throw any mutineers that rear their ugly heads overboard, and let's stick together and continue sailing through the storm... tacking against the wind.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

The disgusting intolerance of the left

There's a little saying I came up with years ago, and I find I get to use it far too frequently... "The people who preach 'tolerance' are often the most intolerant people I've ever met."

Rachel, from the "Disco Baronettes" blog, has once again proven me correct, with her advocating physical and financial violence on anyone and everyone who supported California's Proposition 8 during the US election in November.

Despite her ignorance, Proposition 8 was not about "hatred" of homosexuals. Proposition 8 was, in fact, an effort by many of the people of California to protect something they valued, the institution of marriage.

Sadly, as Rachel has revealed, there are some people who now want to harm anyone who had anything to do with Proposition 8. Yea, that's the left's idea of democracy for you... you have a right to agree with their opinion, and that's about all.

Regardless of where you stand on Proposition 8, I think we can all agree, or at least we SHOULD be able to agree, that people have a right to their own personal beliefs, and a right not to have someone else's beliefs imposed on them. Otherwise, let's just go ahead and throw out this idiotic concept of democracy, shall we?

Of course, people are going to say that I've got it backwards, and that it's actually the supporters of Proposition 8 who are imposing their beliefs on everyone else. To them, I say that it's YOU that have it backwards. You see, marriage already had a definition, one that 90+% of the population was quite comfortable with. I submit to you that if you're going to seek to redefine it, then it is YOU who are imposing your morals and beliefs on the majority, NOT the other way around.

Anyway, that tired old discussion is not the purpose of this post... the purpose is to once again expose the utter hypocricy of the left, which I think has been done quite well by Rachel for me. The supposed adovates of democracy are once again happy for you to have your own beliefs, so long as they line up with theirs.

Otherwise, watch out... they might just try and slap you around.

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Last call to hear CFRB's Bill Carroll in Guelph!

I've got my name down for tickets, do you? I know of two or three other bloggers that are going to be there, looks to be a fun night!

CFRB's Bill Carroll always has something interesting to say, and I'm sure he'll have an opinion or two about the Throne Speech, the Budget, and the threatening coalition!

I've been told they need to know this weekend the final numbers, so if you're interested, call them now!

See you there!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

REPOST: UoG Campus Conservatives come up with a fun way to say "NO" to the coalition!


Got this sent to me by one of the members of the University of Guelph's Conservative Campus club... and it was just TOO GOOD not to share.

They developed this image into a little postcard to be sent to their local Member of Parliament, Frank Valeriote, regarding the Bloc supported coalition...

(for those who didn't follow the Guelph by-election, "Doing the right thing" was Frank's slogan during the campaign)

They've printed off a whole whack of them, and are passing them out around campus... looks like Guelph's coalition supporting (then non-supporting, and then supporting again) MP might be getting some mail!

So I thought I'd do my part to support these motivated young citizens, by helping to distribute their mass mailing template! (just click on the image below, print it as landscape, fold lengthwise, cut, sign, and send!)

For those who are really eager, all you have to do it print the one side, then insert the same page upside down and rotated 180 degrees, and print the same file again... that will also produce four usable postcards. Cut them appart, pass them around, sign them, and drop them in the nearest mailbox! As it's addressed to his offices on Parliament Hill, postage is free!!!

(just as a suggestion, I recommend that you use some form of cardstock so Canada Post doesn't destroy them enroute)

UPDATE: I've been advised that if anyone wants to help these kids out, they can contact them via e-mail at I'm sure a few bucks thrown their way would surely help them in their efforts to defend democracy here in Canada!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

UoG Campus Conservatives come up with a fun way to say "NO" to the coalition!

Got this sent to me by one of the members of the University of Guelph's Conservative Campus club... and it was just TOO GOOD not to share.

They developed this image into a little postcard to be sent to their local Member of Parliament, Frank Valeriote, regarding the Bloc supported coalition...

(for those who didn't follow the Guelph by-election, "Doing the right thing" was Frank's slogan during the campaign)

They've printed off a whole whack of them, and are passing them out around campus... looks like Guelph's coalition supporting (then non-supporting, and then supporting again) MP might be getting some mail!

So I thought I'd do my part to support these motivated young citizens, by helping to distribute their mass mailing template! (just click on the image below, print it as landscape, fold lengthwise, cut, sign, and send!)

For those who are really eager, all you have to do it print the one side, then insert the same page upside down and rotated 180 degrees, and print the same file again... that will also produce four usable postcards. Cut them appart, pass them around, sign them, and drop them in the nearest mailbox! As it's addressed to his offices on Parliament Hill, postage is free!!!

(just as a suggestion, I recommend that you use some form of cardstock so Canada Post doesn't destroy them enroute)

UPDATE: I've been advised that if anyone wants to help these kids out, they can contact them via e-mail at I'm sure a few bucks thrown their way would surely help them in their efforts to defend democracy here in Canada!

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"Maverick" MP Valeriote flip-flops on Coalition opposition

Decided to do some digging on an old story, as I'm hearing rumblings that the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition may be rearing it's ugly head yet again.

Anyway, remember the "maverick" Liberal MP, Frank Valeriote, who bravely took a stand against the coalition idea? And remember all the praise he received from all corners of the political spectrum? Then, of course, there was his near immediate flip-flop on his flip-flop, if you will. At first, he supported it. Then, in the face of all the opposition to the idea, he came out against it. Then he publicly restated his support for the coalition. (it was one of those stories I said I'd get back to, but never did)

Anyway, ran his name through Google looking for any new coalition quotes, and lookie what I found...

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Hatred of Bush fueling love for Obama

Looks like I'm not the only one who's had that thought... my lovely wife pointed me to this article on the American Thinker website this morning, which echoes many of the things I said yesterday.
It is no accident that the three most hated recent presidents are all Republican. These campaigns are yet another symptom of the American left's collapse into an ideological stupor characterized by pseudo-religious impulses, division of the world into black and white entities, and the unleashing of emotions beyond any means of rational control. The demonization of Bush -- and Reagan, and Nixon -- is the flip-side of the messianic response to Barack Obama.
Turns out there's an actual political term for the irrational hatred of this single man, George W. Bush... the "Bush Derangement Syndrome", defined as; "the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush".

Could they perhaps add yet another set of "symptoms" for this condition?
"Sufferers may display euphoric feelings at the mention of the name Obama. Such individuals may in a Tourette like fashion utter random words like, "Hope", "Change", or "Renewal", yet are unable to further articulate their feelings related to these words. Tears often accompany these Tourette like outbursts."

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why I'm NOT celebrating today

Of course, I'll be amongst the very few I'm sure. However, I will be watching Obama's swearing in just like everyone else, but I think my overall perspective will be a whole lot more clear than most people right now.

For sure, the prospect of a new President is a reason for hope. And with the inaguration of America's first black President, I can understand all the hype and hysteria, and could even join in. It's fantastic to see this racial barrier finally broken, and to see the real sense of hope and pride it's instilled in millions.

But I have several serious concerns today, on what ought to be a great day.

Firstly, I think Mr. Obama essentially used the hype of "Hope" and "Change" to swoon the voters, and millions of people bought into it. Not that that's necessarily wrong, but I honestly think that he's raised expectations so high, that when people realize that he is indeed just a man, and not the "Omabassiah" some people think he is, there could end up being a whole lot of anger, and dashed dreams. While "Hope" is a tremendously postive thing, I think the inevitable letdown could be a whole lot worse than the euphoric feelings people have right now.

Secondly, I think a significant amount of the "postive" vibes he's getting out of people are not really "real". In fact, it's not genuine love and admiration for him that we're seeing today. I believe a large part of what we're seeing today is in fact a response, the flip-side if you will, of the virulant hatred that some people had for his predecessor, the 43rd President of the United States of America, George W. Bush. And "love" for one man, born out of the sheer hatred of another one, is a very dangerous thing indeed.

Now of course, I'm not saying that about the "common man" on the street. I've been watching the coverage, and watching the interviews of regular folks in the US, and I think their feelings are indeed genuine. The people I'm talking about are the partisans, the dyed-in-the-wool liberals. Their love for Obama, I suspect, is built largely on their hatred of Bush, and as such, is a truely dangerous house of cards for Obama to build his support upon. I actually fear somewhat for the guy, because they're lible to snap if he doesn't do things their way. Think of a jilted lover, running from the arms of one man into the arms of the first available passerby. That's what I think a lot of his "support" is predicated on.

And as such, I'm genuinely afraid for the American people today. That's why I'm not feeling very celebratory right now. I think he's used people's hopes and dreams to get elected, but built them up in such a manner that they're going to get let down really hard. And I think that the "love" of the man isn't so much love for him, but a result of the hatred of another man.

Either way, I think Obama has to walk very carefully. From the rumours I've been hearing though, he doesn't look to be off to a good start. I am genuinely willing to give the guy a chance, but if after being elected on the alter of "Change", he uses one of his very first Executive Orders to condemn tens of thousands of children to their deaths, then that goodwill goes right out the window.

But with all that being said, and just so people don't think I hate the guy, my wife and I prayed last night for President-Elect Barak Obama. We prayed that God would give him wisdom, and that he would genuinely be able to govern the people of the United States of America well. That he would indeed be able to fix many of the problems within their nation, and that at the end of the day, the world would be a better place as a result of his being elected President.

Indeed, I say God Bless the 44th President of the United States of America... cause he's gonna need it.


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Count won't commit on size of the deficit

Humm, Ignatieff won't commit to a number... Mr. Dithers II? Not a Leader the Second?

Don't know why, but I couldn't get this image out of my mind of what Ignatieff's response to the size of the deficit might be on Budget Day...

"Ten billion dollars! Ahh, ahh, ahh..."

"Twenty billion dollars! Ahh, ahh, ahh..."

"THIRTY billion dollars! Ahh, ahh, ahh..."

I think you get the picture...

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A bloody stain on his inauguration?

According to CNN, it's rumoured that one of his first acts as President will be to sign the death-warrants of tens of thousands of innocent children around the world.

So much for "Hope".

Bet you that if this had been known during the campaign, a whole lot of Christians would have thought twice about voting for him... likely enough to have cost him the White House.

(NOTE: Would be commenters, don't be stupid... if you have something of substance to say, go ahead and say it, but I'm not going to bother with idiocy on this one)


WOO HOO!!! Server hard drive failure!

Good old IBM's ServerRAID 7k to the rescue. (sorry folks, this post is strictly for the geeks... no politics today)

Server (IBM x346) has got three 146.6GB Ultra320-SCSI Hot-swap 10k disks in a RAID 5 configuration, and I've got a spare drive sitting in a box waiting for just such an eventuality... open the box, rip out the bad drive, slide in the new one, and the rebuild processes kick in automaticly.

And Bob's your uncle!

Just passing on a good news techie story for all you geeks out there!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Liblogs in full blown REVOLT

We all knew this was coming... with the installation, instead of of the election, of Michael Ignatieff as the new Liberal leader, and then the imposition of the "official" Iggy/Liberal viewpoint by Jason on the Liblogs, things have now erupted into a full blown revolt. (Interesting tidbit... isn't it interesting how many former Rae supporters, or at least left-leaning Liberals, are a part of this little "rebellion"?)

There's been a number of their better known and respected bloggers who have tended their "resignation" from the Liberal aggregator, and a new aggregator has popped up, called Liberals ONLINE. It's pretty basic at the moment, but they're apparently working on it.

Sorta takes me back to, oh, I dunno, the "conservative" movement here in Canada of the 1990's.

Here's just a few posts from "former" Libloggers...

James Curran:
Ignatieff/Harper/Canada Offside with the Rest of the World (intro post for the new aggregator)
For #*$&*@ Sake Michael! SAY SOMETHING!!!

The Mound of Sound: (who's now renamed his blog, "The Disaffected Lib")
Attention Liberals - This Remind You of Anyone?
Warning - may be offensive to Liberal ears

Liberal Party - Then and Now

James C. Morton:
Good bye to Libloggs

Constant Vigilance:
Ignatieff - Trudeau follow-up or The Iggy Conundrum

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Star Trek's "Khan" passes at 88

Still one of my ALL TIME favorite movies... so much so that I wore out the VHS tape for it when I was a kid. Khan, as played by the famous Ricardo Montalban, is still regarded as perhaps the best villian in all of Star Trek lore... over the entire 50+ years of it's history.

h/t to Phantom Observer

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CJC says anti-Israel protests crossed the line of "hate speech"

Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks the anti-Israel protests last week crossed the line. I reaffirm what I said then... such bigoted and racist "speech" has no place in a modern and democratic country like Canada.

Actually, I'll clarify that... I think you should be free to say stupid things like that, so long as the authorities have enough of a spine to throw your butt in the slammer for it.

Publicly threating an entire people group with genocide is unacceptable... PERIOD.

You got that, moron? This is the first guy who should be arrested, for using a bullhorn to loudly proclaim,

"You're [Israel and all Jews] being wiped off the planet, AND THAT'S A PROMISE"

Fortunately, the Toronto Police Service had an officer standing right in front of that racist, so IDing him shouldn't be a problem... RIGHT GUYS? (although why he wasn't arrested on the spot is still a question that the Toronto Police Service needs to answer... unless it's their opinion that such a proclamation does NOT constitue hate speech)

And here's a photo of the second guy that should be arrested... for being idiotic enough to support these rallies, and for helping to fan the flames of racist and anti-Semetic sentiment here in Canada.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First local political bash of the year!

For all those in the KW-Cambridge-Guelph area, good news! Guelph's annual Sir John A Dinner is coming up in just over two weeks!

This has been, by far, the best local event I've attended over the last few years for getting to know other local Conservatives. (it's where I've met folks who've ended up being key contacts later on) The food is fantastic (no rubber chicken dinners), the speakers have always been thought provoking and entertaining, and the company is supurb year after year!

The timing of the event couldn't be better... with it being one of the most climatic weeks in Canadian political history (the Obama inaguration just ten days prior, then the Throne Speech, then the Budget, and likely Obama's visit to Parliament), it's going to be a great way to cap of the week! Take this as my RSVP... I'll be there with bells on!

Here's hoping the Guelph EDA puts on a great show once again!

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U of Guelph students continue to attack Gen. Hiller

These photos just in from my contacts at the U of Guelph... even after their vicious article attacking retired Gen. Rick Hiller was removed from the UofG's website (the replacement note from the operating committee is rather interesting, posted below), a small group of extremist students at the University are continuing their personal attacks on Mr. Hiller, subjecting the institution to further shame and criticism, such as David Akin's public and scathing one from late last week.

It seems a group of students have just unfurled this banner in the U of Guelph's student commons...

But I'd like to draw your attention to the following photo, because it appears my contacts have identified one of the other masterminds behind this shameful display... former Guelph Communist candidate Drew Garvie.

My contacts have let me know that instead of just letting this issue go, the group responsible for these disgusting attacks on the General are continuing their vicious attacks by reading their pulled article in public over a megaphone. Guess it's a good thing I posted the original article in full.

Editorial: Rick Hillier Editorial
by The Cannon Operating Committee

Jan 11, 2009 - The Rick Hillier editorial written by Scott Gilbert and posted on The Cannon Friday, January 9 has been removed while The Cannon operating committee investigates its appropriateness. As with other writing that appears on this website, this editorial does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Central Student Association and the Guelph Campus Co-op who jointly administer The Cannon.
UPDATE: Well I've obviously got the attention of the protesters at the UofG... some interesting Google searches wound their way to my blog this afternoon.

Hey guys... sup.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

BREAKING: CBC host asks a good question about Hamas in Gaza!

We're all painfully aware of the severe left-wing bias of the CBC, depsite all their protests to the contrary. But tonight, on CBC's "As It Happens", the host (not sure which one it was) asked one of the most pointed, direct, and truth probing questions that I've EVER heard on the CBC, exposing the truth about Hamas.

During a segment discussing the number of civilian casualties during the current IDF operation, the point was clearly made that Hamas has been purposely locating their bases and weapons caches within urban population centres. Of course, everyone with a brain knows this is true, but I was shocked to actually hear that bit of truth reported on the CBC. But I was in for an even greater shock with one of the next questions. She asked the interviewee the following question, in regards to the civilian deaths among the Palestinians in Gaza: "Do you think Hamas NEEDS these civilian casualties in order to survive?"

A question which every sane thinking person already knows the answer to... YES, of course they do, and it's clearly a part of their cold-blooded calculations. They know full well (or rather, KNEW full well, in the past) that the IDF will (would, in the past) think twice about bombing such locations, and that if the IDF were to bomb them, they'd face international condemnation. That's why Hamas has been pretty much untouchable to Israel for all these years.

But this current conflict is where the tables are finally being turned. Israel and the IDF has finally said, "Enough is enough", and have devised their current strategy... clearly warning the local population of their impending attack. They're using every means available... advising the civilian population where they're targeting next via radio, dropping leaflets, and even making phone calls to the homes being targeted when possible.

And the strategy is finally working... I saw footage last night of Palestinians packing up their cars and getting out of the soon to be targeted areas. Yes, there have been a large number of deaths so far, and to me, any passing of lives from this realm to the next is regrettable. However, it looks like the people of Gaza have got the point, and the human shields that Hamas assumed they'd be able to use are getting out of the way.

I heard one story today of Hamas fighters refusing to go out and man the mortars, knowing they'd be blown sky-high if they did. So one of their leaders goes out himself with two "volunteers" to go and launch the mortars himself... and was promptly blown sky-high. I'm thinking those "fighters" who had the good sense to keep their heads down will be strongly considering turning in their green Hamas bandannas right about now.

If things continue the way they have in the last few days, things are looking up for real peace in the region. The IDF has taken out a large number of Hamas fighters and weapons caches, supporters of Hamas are starting to lose faith in their "heroes", and some amongst the civilian population are coming to realize that Hamas only spells their doom, not their ultimate victory.

As such, real peace may actually have a real chance in the region sometime soon.

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Rogers doesn't want your business anymore

Wanted to talk to someone at Rogers about buying something, but here's what I got when I hit their "Contact Us" link... on every single one of their pages...

Guess they'd prefer that I talk to Telus or Bell instead.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

An appeal to the police... arrest the RACISTS

A request to the RCMP, and the Toronto Police Services... please review all available videos of the various anti-Israel rallies held in Canada over the last few days, like the one posted below, and attempt to find and arrest the individuals who made racially motived statements like, "You're [Israel and all Jews] being wiped off the planet, AND THAT'S A PROMISE". For example, take a good look at this anti-Semitic RACIST...

If anyone can put a name to that face, please contact the Toronto Police Services, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. Seeing as they had an officer standing DIRECTLY in front of the lovely fellow, perhaps we should all demand to know why he wasn't arrested on the spot. If you feel so inclined, you can contact the media relations desk here via their web submission form.

That joker makes his appearance in the video below at the 4:20 mark, and spews his hate filled rhetoric till the 5:00 mark. If I'm correct, I believe the above quote constitutes a racially motivated threat... don't you? (please see the 4:20 mark to see his face, and then listen to his racially motivated off camera statement at the 4:55 mark)

Take a good look at the video, and see what other hate crimes occured right here on Canadian soil last week, under the guise of a "peaceful protest". Gotta love all the Hezbollah flags... personally, since it's a banned terror organization, I say we arrest folks at protests who are carrying them under various terror or organized crime or hate laws, take your pick.

All in all, it was a revolting display of hate, and has no place here in Canadian society. For SHAME.

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Finally some sanity in the Liberal Party of Canada

I have to give credit where credit is due... I tip my hat to newly minted Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, who it appears may have given a strong "hint" (though nothing formally written down, which is understandable) to his MP's not to show up at any of the dispicible anti-Israel rallies that were held by various Hamas and Hezbollah supporting groups this past week... like the CUPE and USW supported ones in Toronto, where Syd Ryan gave a speech in support of Hamas on January 3rd.

A wise move Mr. Ignatieff, and commendable. Thank you for showing your support for democracy, and the right for a nation to defend oneself.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gen. Hiller called a "War Monger" by U of G's "" editor

First, it was the UoG's CSA attempt to ban a pro-life student group... for which they got shredded in the local and national media. Now, they calling retired General Rick Hillier A WAR MONGER.

Yes, you read that correctly... Scott Gilbert, one of the editors of (the CSA sanctioned and supported online portal of the UofG's undergraduate body) wrote an article yesterday, decrying the University's decision to honour him with the Lincoln Alexander Outstanding Leader Award on January 13th.

One of the University of Guelph's former students, who was at one time the Editor-in-Chief of the student paper there, the Ontarion, has come out and said that the article is "absolutely shameful", is "beyond the pale", is "a hateful and vicious smear", is a "vicious attack on Canada's former chief of defence staff", is "monstrous libel", and that he was "saddened and ashamed" as an alumni to see it published.

Perhaps you've heard his name before... it's David Aiken. Yes, that David Aiken, of CanWest Global, formerly of CTV.

I wonder how the University of Guelph's Chancellor feels about all this... none other than newly minted Senator Pamela Wallin.

I think the CSA has really stepped in it this time.

(and just so no one makes a dumb comment, this kid is indeed a "loony lefty", as he was the Communist candidate in Guelph in the 05/06 election... look it up)

UPDATE: Full text of the disgusting article posted below, just in case, I don't know, it somehow "disappears":
Editorial: U of G to Honour War Monger
by Scott Gilbert

Jan 9, 2009 - "Retired Canadian general and chief of defence staff Rick Hillier will receive the Lincoln Alexander Outstanding Leader Award on Jan. 13 from the University of Guelph's College of Management and Economics (CME)."

When I read this earlier today I nearly pissed myself. The press release was baffling and showed an utter disregard for human rights - a poor reflection on our university. Let me explain.

Hillier is being honoured for "his exceptional abilities as a communicator with soldiers, the public and the media..."

Exceptional abilities as a communicator? Rick Hillier is the source of the infamous linguistic rampage of a nature you wouldn't even expect from George W. Bush. In 2005 he spoke about the role of Canada's Armed Forces in Afghanistan. The CTV News website quotes him as saying: "We're not the public service of Canada," he said. "We're not just another department. We are the Canadian Forces, and our job is to be able to kill people." Really? Whatever happened to Canada's role as peacekeeper? Why is it our job to "kill people" in Afghanistan? What about due process, or the right to a fair trial?

As absurd as this already was, he went on to say the role of Canada's JTF-2 soldiers in Afghanistan was to join the fight against "detestable murderers and scumbags". How eloquent of him - just the kind of terminology sure to help our image abroad in these difficult times.

Then in 2007 the Globe and Mail exposed the debacle of prisoner transfers. This is when, under the oversight of Hillier and O'Connor, Canadian soldiers where transferring some of the prisoners they captured over to Afghan forces where they were subsequently tortured. The Globe's Graeme Smith wrote: "Afghans detained by Canadian soldiers and sent to Kandahar's notorious jails say they were beaten, whipped, starved, frozen, choked and subjected to electric shocks during interrogation."

One of these prisoners, Mahmad Gul, 33, said he was interrogated for three days by Afghan police in May of 2006. He said Canadians told him to ‘Give them real information, or they will do more bad things to you,' and said that although it was the Afghan police actually doing the dirty work, the Canadian soldiers who visited him between beatings had surely heard his screams. Reminiscent of Abu Ghraib?

Now this award is going to someone who supposedly demonstrated "exceptional abilities as a communicator with...the public and the media..."

What did the media think of him during the prisoner transfer scandal? Well, at the time there were numerous calls for the resignation of Hillier and O'Connor from both political parties and many public advocacy groups, including the well-respected Council of Canadians. The Toronto Star's usually very conservative columnist Rosie Dimanno wrote an article with the subtitle "[Hillier] defends decision to hand over captured Taliban as 'right thing to do'". At the end of this piece that looks at the gaffes of Canada's Armed Forces over prisoner abuse, she writes:

"Asked if his own leadership should be put into question as a result of this imbroglio, the general responded: 'Well, that wouldn't be a question to ask me, would it? You'd have to ask the men and women that I lead. And you'd have to ask my Prime Minister, of course.'

The answer is self-evident."

Sounds like even the Star approved a call for his resignation. Is he really the effective communicator the university is honouring him for?

And I love the quote Maclean's ran in 2008. "Asked early this year about a gaffe by a Harper staffer on the delicate subject of Afghan prisoner transfers, Hillier, who was on a winter holiday in the Dominican Republic when it happened, remarked, 'I was on my third rum and Coke, and I really didn't give a damn.'" Surely the words of an exceptional leader and someone devoted to advocacy, collaboration, and scholarship.

Hillier also faces a legal challenge from Amnesty International and the BC Civil Liberties Union (Amnesty International Canada and British Columbia Civil Liberties Association v. Chief of Defence Staff for the Canadian Armed Forces, General Rick J. Hillier, Minister of National Defence and Attorney General of Canada)

In the case, they argue "that transfers of these detainees violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canada’s international human rights obligations not to transfer detainees when there is a high probability of torture or ill treatment." The case is against Rick Hillier himself.

Another Globe and Mail article contains the following quotes from "Human rights experts and university professors Michael Byers and Amir Attaran"

"In the current circumstances, they said, Canadian Forces members are complicit in the alleged torture that is inflicted on prisoners of war in Afghan prisons.

'Under international law, you are prohibited from transferring to torture. You are prohibited from facilitating torture in any way,' said Mr. Byers, who teaches international law and politics at the University of British Columbia.

'We're not simply speaking about the criminal responsibility of individual Canadian soldiers. We're speaking also of command responsibility, of criminal responsibility that continues up the chain of command, to any superior officer who knew of the risk of torture and who ordered or allowed our soldiers to transfer detainees nevertheless,' he said."

It really is a shame that Rick Hillier of all people has been chosen for this award. There are so many people in Canada far more deserving of such a prestigious award and with much better track records. For the U of G to praise this guy shows a lack of critical thinking, poor moral judgment and tells the world how complicit we are in activities that violate countless international laws and multi-national conventions. Not exactly the "moral conscience of society" that U of G president Alastair Summerlee touts this institution as being.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

The TRUTH about CUPE's strike at YorkU

I heard this last week via an insider connected to the YorkU strike, but this confirms it... the CUPE strike at YorkU has NOTHING to do with their current contract, it has EVERYTHING to do with WHAT'S BEST FOR THE UNION.

This quote from The Toronto Star: "CUPE 3903 also wants a two-year deal that will expire in 2010 along with those of CUPE locals at other Ontario universities, which would bolster the union's bargaining clout across the province."

It has nothing to do with what's best for the staff or the students... IT'S ALL ABOUT WHAT'S BEST FOR THE UNION, and enhancing their hand in 2010.

I say stand fast to the Administration of YorkU... I hope they hold out and BREAK the folks at CUPE. (and send a message to the likes of Syd Ryan, who's also been in the news lately for his biased and anti-Semetic comments earlier this week)

John Tory to finally get a seat?

h/t to Joanne for this news... but it's NOT good news, in my opinion. John Tory will finally be able to contest a seat, as PC MPP Laurie Scott looks ready to step down so Tory can run in her seat.

I commented with the following on Joanne's blog, Blue Like You:
My bet? The Ontario Liberals are so desperate to keep Tory around, that they’ll do one of the following:

1) Run a no-name, no-chance candidate
2) Rerun the runner-up from last time, and then sabotage their own campaign so Tory wins
3) Call the by-election immediately, then not contest the seat

Make no mistake, the Ontario Liberals WANT Tory back in Queen’s Park… he’s the key to Dalton’s 12 year DYNASTY.
The Toronto Star article that Joanne links to lends credence to my theory...
"If things fall into place as Tory hopes, he could be in the Legislature as early as this spring.

Last year, Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty indicated he would expedite a by-election when Tory found a riding. By law, McGuinty has six months to call a by-election, but he has repeatedly said he thought the Opposition leader should be in the House sooner rather than later for the good of democracy in Ontario.

Ontario Liberals in recent years have fielded candidates against rival leaders seeking seats. In other jurisdictions, governing parties have tended to give seatless leaders a free pass. It is not yet known whether the Liberals would contest the by-election."
I'm still somewhat undecided on where I stand on all this. My biggest problem is that I'm convinced the Ontario Liberals WANT John Tory around, because he's the best chance they have at keeping Dalton in the Premier's office. However, I'm inclined to give Tory at least half a chance, to see if he's REALLY been listening, and has changed his tune after 33.1% of us gave him a clear vote of non-confidence. (Of course, I still firmly believe that percentage would have been higher had Toronto delegates not swamped the convention, and if ALL the legitimate delegates had been permitted to register and vote...) Thus far, I'm still not convinced that John Tory can do what we need him to do... defeat Dalton McGuinty at the polls in 2011.

But you know what the even bigger problem is? The biggest problem is that I don't know if I really care anymore... I mean, I don't know if I really care if Mr. McGuinty remains the Premier in 2011. Part of it, I guess, is the sense of apathy that John Tory gives me... I don't know if replacing Mr. Liberal with Mr. Liberal-lite will really make any difference. The other part is, and here's the real shocker, that I'm starting to actually think that Mr. McGuinty is actually doing a passable, though not particularly good, job.

Of course, he's made a mess of the economy, mainly because he's been so beholden to the unions, and has given them anything and everything they've wanted to keep them onside. But the Ontario Liberals I think are starting to realize what the rest of us have known all along... that the unions are an insatiable beast, and they're never going to be happy no matter how far backwards you bend for them. We'll see how things go with the Elementary Teachers union, they're supposed to make some big announcement today that they've reached an impasse on their contract negotiations. He's also helped wreak the economy, and harmed the auto-sector, but until the CAW makes concessions, I'm inclined to think that McGuinty's errors on that file may actually prove helpful in the long run, if it helps to reduce the power and influence of the unions in the auto-sector... and plant closure or two may be a good thing on that front, in the long run.

The Health Tax is of course, my biggest issue, as it was a massive tax hit on my family, plain and simple. But the Ontario Liberals implemented a program that meant that we didn't have to pay the Land Transfer Tax when we purchased our first home, which resulted in a significant savings... not equal to what they've taken from us via the Health Tax, but did help us out a bit when we needed it, so my anger has subsided somewhat.

Bottom line is, I don't know if replacing Dalton McGuinty with John Tory is going to do any significant good. Therefore, unless Mr. Tory can win me back by making a SIGNIFICANT shift to the BASE, which resides on the RIGHT of the spectrum, with something along the lines of a "Common Sense Revolution II", I'm someone who will be on the sidelines next time. Of course, I was mostly on the sidelines last time... I showed up at the debates, asked a probing question of the Liberal candidate, blogged on behalf of the "cause", put up lawn signs, repaired arterials, showed up to a rally, helped out on E-Day, etc. But perhaps the most telling sign of my apathy, if you'll notice, was that I never proudly posted a photo of myself with "The Leader" during the election campaign. I had several chances to meet him, but was never inclined to take that "souvenir" shot I so often take. Heck, I have one of myself with Ontario Green Party leader Frank de Jong, but not with John Tory.

But, wait, my secret gets even worse... I must admit, I was so apathetic to Mr. Tory's leadership, that at each opportunity I had to meet him at various events, I purposely positioned myself out of his reach, so that I never had to shake his hand.

Here's the bottom line, Mr. Tory... if that's the way you make hard-core partisans feel during the heat of an election campaign, that's a signal that you have some significant work to do.

The window to win me back is narrowing... and you've spent over a year, in my opinion, not doing anything about it. Get moving.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Let's boycott Syd Ryan instead

Once again, but worse than ever before, the unabashed anti-semetic bigotry of the left is revealed by Syd Ryan, who's calling for a boycott of all professors and teachers who don't support Hamas.

Technically, he's only advocating that Ontario universities refuse to hire people who don't condemn Israel, but in my mind, if he's not also advocating for a condemnation of Hamas, it's an outright acceptance of their actions, which is what started this whole thing in the first place.

The National Post's Jonathan Kay said it well in his Full Comment posting yesterday...
Jonathan Kay on the disgusting anti-Israeli bigtory of Sid Ryan and CUPE Ontario
Posted: January 05, 2009, 5:31 PM by Jonathan Kay

As usual when Israel fights back at terrorists, Canadian leftists are lining up behind the men in the masks and suicide vests. But no one has disgraced himself — and his organization — quite so much as Sid Ryan, president of the Ontario section of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Mr. Ryan’s Gaza plan: Boycott the victim. In a Jan. 5 press release, he declared: “We are ready to say Israeli academics should not be on our campuses unless they explicitly condemn the [Dec. 29 bombing of the Islamic University in Gaza] and the assault on Gaza in general. It’s a logical next step.”

Never mind that Israel’s campaign in Gaza has been humane by military standards — surgically killing hundreds of Hamas gunmen yet only a few dozen of their human shields. And never mind that the Islamic University is a suspected arms depot for Hamas. Where, we ask, were the CUPE boycotts against academics from Russia, China, Sri Lanka, or any of the many other nations whose battles against terrorists have resulted in a far greater civilian toll?

Nowhere. On this file, Mr. Ryan and his fellow CUPE leaders care about demonizing only one country: the Jewish state.

There’s a name for that kind of bigotry, isn’t there? Remember to speak its name plainly next time you meet a CUPE Ontario employee.
Hey Syd... I support Israel's "No Rockets for Peace" campaign. Why don't you?

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Monday, January 05, 2009

I support Israel's "No Rockets for Peace" Campaign

Don't you?

Personally, I can't believe ANYONE could support a terrorists "right" to launch rockets on civilians, but hey... to each their own.