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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

UoG Campus Conservatives come up with a fun way to say "NO" to the coalition!

Got this sent to me by one of the members of the University of Guelph's Conservative Campus club... and it was just TOO GOOD not to share.

They developed this image into a little postcard to be sent to their local Member of Parliament, Frank Valeriote, regarding the Bloc supported coalition...

(for those who didn't follow the Guelph by-election, "Doing the right thing" was Frank's slogan during the campaign)

They've printed off a whole whack of them, and are passing them out around campus... looks like Guelph's coalition supporting (then non-supporting, and then supporting again) MP might be getting some mail!

So I thought I'd do my part to support these motivated young citizens, by helping to distribute their mass mailing template! (just click on the image below, print it as landscape, fold lengthwise, cut, sign, and send!)

For those who are really eager, all you have to do it print the one side, then insert the same page upside down and rotated 180 degrees, and print the same file again... that will also produce four usable postcards. Cut them appart, pass them around, sign them, and drop them in the nearest mailbox! As it's addressed to his offices on Parliament Hill, postage is free!!!

(just as a suggestion, I recommend that you use some form of cardstock so Canada Post doesn't destroy them enroute)

UPDATE: I've been advised that if anyone wants to help these kids out, they can contact them via e-mail at I'm sure a few bucks thrown their way would surely help them in their efforts to defend democracy here in Canada!

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