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Monday, January 12, 2009

Rogers doesn't want your business anymore

Wanted to talk to someone at Rogers about buying something, but here's what I got when I hit their "Contact Us" link... on every single one of their pages...

Guess they'd prefer that I talk to Telus or Bell instead.



  • At Mon. Jan. 12, 03:27:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Reid said…

    I had a Rogers phone and they were billing me for services they were not providing. In total I spent over 5 hours either on hold or being bounced around to people who were supposed to be able to help but none could. Finally I told the last person to get someone who could solve my problem to call. No one did. So I just stopped paying my bill.

    Their accounting department started phoning me about the unpaid bill and I told them I wouldn't pay until someone got the issue of billing for service not provided straightened out. They said they couldn't talk to other departments within Rogers. I laughed at them and said that they won't be receiving any money from me then.

    The funny thing for me is that the phone is registered to company I used to own but have since folded. So they won't be getting that money.

    Rogers just doesn't care about it's customers.


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