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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas comes early... got my new EeePC!

Now this is a very cool little device... the Asus 7" 4G EeePC, which I just picked up last night. And which I'm blogging on this very moment. It's an ULTRA portable laptop, with a tiny but usable 7" screen. I find the keyboard really tiny, I've made a few mistakes, like hitting the S key when I want to hit A, but that's a workable problem. Mine came with the Linux OS, which is something I've been wanting to learn more of in recent years... now I have a good excuse!

Will be great for when my wife and I go away, as we'll be able to keep some basic connectivity when on the road. Of course, my excuse for playing with it at work today is to get it working for support over the Christmas holidays... hey, if I can connect remotely while away, it means I won't have to bill more hours to drive in to the office!

Had some trouble getting the WPA2 wireless security working, but a quick Google search revealed that there's an update for that... fixed me up in a jiffy.

Even though I'm in the IT business, even I still get amazed some days...

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