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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Let's boycott Syd Ryan instead

Once again, but worse than ever before, the unabashed anti-semetic bigotry of the left is revealed by Syd Ryan, who's calling for a boycott of all professors and teachers who don't support Hamas.

Technically, he's only advocating that Ontario universities refuse to hire people who don't condemn Israel, but in my mind, if he's not also advocating for a condemnation of Hamas, it's an outright acceptance of their actions, which is what started this whole thing in the first place.

The National Post's Jonathan Kay said it well in his Full Comment posting yesterday...
Jonathan Kay on the disgusting anti-Israeli bigtory of Sid Ryan and CUPE Ontario
Posted: January 05, 2009, 5:31 PM by Jonathan Kay

As usual when Israel fights back at terrorists, Canadian leftists are lining up behind the men in the masks and suicide vests. But no one has disgraced himself — and his organization — quite so much as Sid Ryan, president of the Ontario section of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Mr. Ryan’s Gaza plan: Boycott the victim. In a Jan. 5 press release, he declared: “We are ready to say Israeli academics should not be on our campuses unless they explicitly condemn the [Dec. 29 bombing of the Islamic University in Gaza] and the assault on Gaza in general. It’s a logical next step.”

Never mind that Israel’s campaign in Gaza has been humane by military standards — surgically killing hundreds of Hamas gunmen yet only a few dozen of their human shields. And never mind that the Islamic University is a suspected arms depot for Hamas. Where, we ask, were the CUPE boycotts against academics from Russia, China, Sri Lanka, or any of the many other nations whose battles against terrorists have resulted in a far greater civilian toll?

Nowhere. On this file, Mr. Ryan and his fellow CUPE leaders care about demonizing only one country: the Jewish state.

There’s a name for that kind of bigotry, isn’t there? Remember to speak its name plainly next time you meet a CUPE Ontario employee.
Hey Syd... I support Israel's "No Rockets for Peace" campaign. Why don't you?

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  • At Tue Jan 06, 10:18:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm not taking sides here, my only point is that what business does CUPE have wading into the whole mid-east mess anyway? What good does getting involved in foreign affairs do for CUPE's membership?

    Again, I'm not taking sides between Israel and Hamas. I would say the exact same thing if Sid Ryan proposed a Hamas boycott

    My 2 cents

    Mike Wisniewski

  • At Tue Jan 06, 01:14:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Ontario Blue Tory said…

    What else can you expect from a group like CUPE? After the C. Difficile outbreak was traced to improper cleaning procedures (CUPE's members' responsibility) they had the audacity to say that privatizing the janitorial service would make the situation worse. I can't understand the gall of these people!

  • At Tue Jan 06, 01:30:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well Mike...Sid is taking sides. The majority of the far left is taking a side. This nonsense ends when people and country's take sides. A terrorist group has fired close to 10,000 rockets in Insrael over the past 3 years and you cant take a side? Sorry...but I'm taking Israel's side on this, and that is..stop firing rockets into our country and stop strapping explosives onto civilians and then walking across the border to kill as many Jews as possible. The Republicans get it, the Democrats get it, the Conservatives get it, hell, even Iggy gets it...its the far left in this country that can make a grey area out of black and white. billg

  • At Tue Jan 06, 02:45:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    for what it's worth, I'm not educated enough on the Middle East to intelligently take a side.

    For all I know, there is decades, centuries, millenia of history there that I don't know enough about to cast a judgement on either side.

    I'm not saying either side is right OR wrong. Because I don't know.

    My point is just that how educated are CUPE members on these things, therefore how much of a right does Sid Ryan have to speak on their behalf.

    That's all I'm saying

    Mike Wisniewski

  • At Tue Jan 06, 10:19:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Unions are just there to make trouble. Look at the York University strike. 50 thousand students, YES, 50 THOUSAND students are been affected by this strike. Why doesn't syd ryan sympathize with the students? NO, the union is right! This individual should be charged with HATE CRIMES, thrown in jail, have the key disposed off and maybe we may have a better Ontario without this sorts of individuals.

  • At Wed Jan 07, 08:31:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sid Ryan should be "fired", period. CUPE are "employees". Since when do employees make executive decisions?

    It's taxpayers, private funding and student tuitions that pay for the universities - not CUPE.

    Just think what it would be like if the NDP were the government. You will notice that most of the NDP caucus were former union activists/employees.

    (I'm a Liberal by the way).

  • At Wed Jan 07, 09:22:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Hey Lyn, Liberals are more than welcome to comment here too. ;-)


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