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Monday, January 12, 2009

BREAKING: CBC host asks a good question about Hamas in Gaza!

We're all painfully aware of the severe left-wing bias of the CBC, depsite all their protests to the contrary. But tonight, on CBC's "As It Happens", the host (not sure which one it was) asked one of the most pointed, direct, and truth probing questions that I've EVER heard on the CBC, exposing the truth about Hamas.

During a segment discussing the number of civilian casualties during the current IDF operation, the point was clearly made that Hamas has been purposely locating their bases and weapons caches within urban population centres. Of course, everyone with a brain knows this is true, but I was shocked to actually hear that bit of truth reported on the CBC. But I was in for an even greater shock with one of the next questions. She asked the interviewee the following question, in regards to the civilian deaths among the Palestinians in Gaza: "Do you think Hamas NEEDS these civilian casualties in order to survive?"

A question which every sane thinking person already knows the answer to... YES, of course they do, and it's clearly a part of their cold-blooded calculations. They know full well (or rather, KNEW full well, in the past) that the IDF will (would, in the past) think twice about bombing such locations, and that if the IDF were to bomb them, they'd face international condemnation. That's why Hamas has been pretty much untouchable to Israel for all these years.

But this current conflict is where the tables are finally being turned. Israel and the IDF has finally said, "Enough is enough", and have devised their current strategy... clearly warning the local population of their impending attack. They're using every means available... advising the civilian population where they're targeting next via radio, dropping leaflets, and even making phone calls to the homes being targeted when possible.

And the strategy is finally working... I saw footage last night of Palestinians packing up their cars and getting out of the soon to be targeted areas. Yes, there have been a large number of deaths so far, and to me, any passing of lives from this realm to the next is regrettable. However, it looks like the people of Gaza have got the point, and the human shields that Hamas assumed they'd be able to use are getting out of the way.

I heard one story today of Hamas fighters refusing to go out and man the mortars, knowing they'd be blown sky-high if they did. So one of their leaders goes out himself with two "volunteers" to go and launch the mortars himself... and was promptly blown sky-high. I'm thinking those "fighters" who had the good sense to keep their heads down will be strongly considering turning in their green Hamas bandannas right about now.

If things continue the way they have in the last few days, things are looking up for real peace in the region. The IDF has taken out a large number of Hamas fighters and weapons caches, supporters of Hamas are starting to lose faith in their "heroes", and some amongst the civilian population are coming to realize that Hamas only spells their doom, not their ultimate victory.

As such, real peace may actually have a real chance in the region sometime soon.

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  • At Mon. Jan. 12, 07:24:00 p.m. EST, Blogger David Graham - said…

    Looney perspectives on Gaza aren't a left wing thing, they're just a looney thing. :)

  • At Mon. Jan. 12, 07:45:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Touché David, touché. ;-)

  • At Mon. Jan. 12, 10:01:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Gordon said…

    Overall, I get the feeling that the western public has finally stopped buying into the press' "poor Palestine, bully Isreal" narrative. I hope Isreal senses it too and takes the fight to complete victory this time.

  • At Tue. Jan. 13, 01:10:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The viewing public has been so numbed by the violence that I think we are just tired of the same old same old - its always Israel at fault and the Hamas fighters, methods and philosophy of hate is never questioned. Well I'm tired of it - I stopped watching CBC a long time ago (post 9/11), and if that crowd of loons at CTV doesn't get it together - they will be off my list too. Frankly most of my news is now obtained from the net especially bloggers. I'm a grownup and quite able to discern the bs from the actual news. I don't need some overpaid journalism major telling me how to think and interpet the facts - can spot the "Cheese and Crackers" on my own thankyou very much.


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