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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frank Valeriote makes ANOTHER website mistake

First, the website address on his signs was busted... this time, it's an ethical issue on his MP website... check below. Can you see the mistake? Can you see the violation of the rules for MP's websites?

Did you spot it? No? Here's a hint... what Party does Frank belong to? NOW YOU GOT IT!!!

MP's websites are NOT permitted to display the partisan political logos of the Member's party... that's a no-no. Frank got caught doing the same thing a few years ago on his 10%ers too, as seen here...

Sorry Frank, better luck next time... in the meantime, make sure you get your web guys to pull the logo ASAP. We'll be watching.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get your Iggy, your Jack, and your Gilles on with "The Coalition Collection"!

The Libs were offering "Iggy Eyebrows" for people who donated online (no, seriously... they really were!!!), and now guess what? The other two Coalition partners have joined in! Get your Layton Mustache now! Get your Gilles hairnet too! Collect all three to complete your "Coalition Collection"!

Shamelessly stolen from Stephen Taylor, the new KING of wearable electoral fashion!

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"The Last Liberal" - Inside the Liberal War Room

Almost forgot about all these videos... but this last one is SOOOOO appropriate right about now!!! If you remember the final scene from "The Last Starfighter", here's a more modern interpretation... in the context of Ignatieff and the Liberal election campaign...

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PM Stephen Harper performs piano with 10-year old Youtube sensation Maria Aragon

Love his line... "and no religion too... I'm gonna get in trouble for that..."

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Liberal talking point gets TRASHED

Oh, so Ignatieff is claiming that Harper tried to form a "coalition" back in 2004, is he? Let's hear the truth from their own mouths instead, shall we?

Let's turn our attention back to those heady days back in September of 2004, shall we? Then Prime Minister Paul Martin had struck the Gomery Commission, who's mandate was to look into allegations of corruption relating to the Liberal Party of Canada in Quebec. By September of 2004, explosive testimony had already been heard, and there was fear that Martin may seek to force an election before Justice John Gomery had a chance to complete and issue his first report. The Opposition Leaders discussed the situation, and decided together not to form a coalition, but to ensure that Prime Minister Paul Martin could not engage in any underhanded manoeuvres to force a new election prior to Gomery's Phase I report being tabled. The Opposition leaders, then being Harper, Layton and Duccepe, were simply ensuring that the Liberals could not sweep the AdScam scandal under the rug, and that the Canadian public would be able to see the full report before any election.

That's right... there was no coalition. Just an insurance policy to prevent Martin and the Liberals from sweeping their corruption under the rug.

But I guess we ought to thank Mr. Ignatieff for reminding us of about what was going down in the Liberal Party back in 2004... scandal, corruption, kick-backs, money in brown paper bags, and if I recall correctly, the Liberal Party of Canada handing the Canadian taxpayer a cheque for $1.14 MILLION DOLLARS... a fraction of the missing money that AdScam stole from us. Where did the rest of it go? We still don't know.

Any ideas on that Iggy? Oh, right, never mind... you weren't around back then.

(Side Note: Mr. Duccepe called Mr. Harper a liar this week... suppose he's going to apologize, now that his own statement has come to light? Yea, I don't think so either...)

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According to Liberal MP David McGuinty

Here's the scenario... on Election Day, Mr. Harper wins with the most seats, but falls just shy of a Majority. The Governor General asks him to form a Government, to see if he can maintain "the Confidence of the House".

Considering that the Opposition Parties just voted non-Confidence, the likelihood is VERY HIGH that they will NOT grant Mr. Harper the "Confidence of the House".

So what happens in that result? The Governor General will then, according to Constitutional tradition, approach the Leader of the SECOND PLACE party, and ask him to seek the "Confidence of the House" by forming a Government.

That's right folks... THAT'S how the Opposition parties are planning to make Michael Ignatieff the Prime Minister, even if Stephen Harper wins the election without an outright Majority.

Don't believe me? Then listen to Liberal MP David McGuinty, as he lays out that very scenario for CBC's Evan Solomon...

There you have it folks... if Stephen Harper does not win an outright Majority on May 2, the Opposition Parties will ensure that they wrest power, and anoint their anointed Leader, Michael Igantieff, as Prime Minister.

Because don't forget... THE COALITION DEAL IS STILL IN FORCE!!! This was their plan all along... wait until the Budget came down, drop the Government, fight an election campaign, and then take power by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, since they already had the framework in place.

There's only one way they can disprove my theory... for Michael Igantieff to publicly withdraw his signature on the Coalition Accord.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

OOPS - Anyone checked out

If you're going to put your website address on your election signs... YOU THINK YOU'D MAKE SURE IT WORKS FIRST!!!

Guelph Liberal Candidate Frank Valeriote's team have been proudly putting up their election signs in Guelph for the last two days, with their website address, (UPDATE: link severed, see below) proudly displayed, as seen in the picture here posted by the UoG's Young Liberal Association...
However, has anyone bothered to look and see what's posted on that site? I'll bet you at least a few dozen people have... and what, you ask, might they find there? Some words of encouragement on why they should pick Frank to be Guelph's MP? Maybe some policy positions of the Liberal Party? Maybe a photo of Frank posing with his leader, Michael Igantieff? (on second thought, scratch that last one... why would he hang that millstone around his neck...)

How about NONE OF THE ABOVE? I present to you, Frank's website as of this very moment!
And just in case, I also checked out, which some voters may mistakenly assume is the website, based on his signs...

Nope, not that one either! Sigh, poor old Frank... right out of the gate, and falling flat on his face. There's a real sense of irony in his slogan too... "Doing the right thing". #FAIL

UPDATE: Took them a few days, but they FINALLY got things working... therefore, to ensure that I'm not driving any traffic his way, the above links have been severed. ;-)

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Election concerns of kids

True story from a friend's dinner table tonight, when discussing the prospect of a Federal Election. Concerned about a possible Green Party win, my friend's son asked the following:

"Will the Green Party take away my meat?"

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Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla seeking to "gag" nanny

Yea, I'll bet they they do... Ruby Dhalla and her family are trying to legally "gag" their former nanny, right on the eve of yet another Federal election.

You know, I'm not in the least bit surprised... when your re-election hopes are fading as fast as Dhalla's, I'm sure you'd be willing to try just about every trick in the book.

Which makes me wonder what antics are we going to see the Liberals pull in their other "at risk" ridings... Mississauga South, Ajax-Pickering, Guelph, Brampton West, Kingston and the Islands, etc., etc...

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Truth About Tim Hudak

As we all know, the Ontario "Working Families Coalition", (a union funded Liberal front group) has launched the first negative salvo in this year's provincial election. (because the Liberals know they'll get killed by the media for saying the things the WFC is saying)

Well Tim Hudak and the Ontario Tories aren't going to let them spread their falsehoods without a fight... they've launched The Truth About Tim Hudak, a website dedicated to countering the union funded smear campaign.

Cause a little light of truth is just what the doctor ordered to counter this plague on our province.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ontario's "Working Families Coalition" explained

Everything you need to know about how the "Working Families Coalition" actually works...
More money for unions means more donations to the McGuinty Liberals, and more attack ads from WFC. Which results in getting the McGuinty Liberals re-elected, which means even more money for the unions. Which means more donations to the McGuinty Liberals and more attack ads from WFC... you get the picture.

You know what they say... FOLLOW THE MONEY.
Your money, their friends.

You can break the cycle at October's ballot box.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Working Families" launch attack ads: Obviously Unions don't need any more money!

Once again, a third party Liberal front group is taking the dirty attack shots at the Opposition, seeking to mitigate any flack that the Ontario Liberals might get were they to run these ads themselves.

We're all familiar with the expression, "It takes a VILLAGE to raise a child". But they seem to misunderstand that statement, thinking that it actually means, "It takes a UNION to raise a child".

Well, my thought is that obviously, there should be no problem with implementing a full scale public sector wage freeze after the next election... BECAUSE THE UNIONS OBVIOUSLY HAVE MORE MONEY THAN THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH!!!

At a time where business are struggling, and scraping by trying to avoid laying people off, what do we see the unions doing? Blowing wads of cash, all in an effort to keep the guys who are giving them a sweet deal in power. Ever wonder why McGuinty only implemented a NON-UNION Public Sector wage freeze? THIS IS WHY... to keep the fat cat union leaders on side.

Once again, we have McGuinty and his MPP's refusing to actually govern, refusing reign in the exponentially growing demands of their union cronies, in a reprehensible and desperate bid to stay in power. That's right, they're spendingYOUR MONEY, in an effort to keep THEIR FRIENDS happy.

But Ontarians get it this time... they're getting SICK of these whining unions demanding more and more money, at a time when many families are facing layoffs, wage freezes, and even wage rollbacks. Ontarians get that we're STILL in the midst of an economic crisis, and that we simply CANNOT afford to give in to the unions demands anymore... a truth that the unions simply don't want to, or simply can't, comprehend.

In 1995, Ontarians understood this... and they ushered in "The Common Sense Revolution" to deal with the union caused economic crisis we faced. Thanks to the "Working Families Coalition", they're only setting the stage for Ontarians to cry out for some more "Common Sense" to come to the rescue at Queen's Park.


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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Will the Opposition even ALLOW an election? THE 2008 COALITION ACCORD IS STILL IN FORCE!!!

We all know that the Opposition plans to take down the Harper Government soon after the Budget is released. But here's a scary thought... will the Opposition parties even ALLOW the Canadian public to decide who gets to govern them at the ballot box?

Everyone seems to be forgetting one important detail... the 2008 Opposition Coalition Accord is STILL IN EFFECT. The signed document, which has yet to be revoked by any of the signatory Parties, had an inbuilt expiry date of JUNE 30, 2011!!!

Can anyone tell me what today's date is? That's right, today is March 12, 2011... the Accord is still in force for another three and a half months!

Don't believe me? Then take a look for yourself!

So I guess the big question that Canadians need to ask is will ANY of the Leaders of the Opposition Parties publicly withdraw their support for the Accord before the upcoming confidence votes?

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Kid faints at Harper event... NOW THE REST OF THE STORY

Bet some of you have seen the footage of the kid who fainted at today's Harper event, as seen here.

Bet the media didn't show you this, what Harper did afterwards...
WOW... goes and checks on him, and then decides to hang out for a bit! The better I get to know this guy, the more I like him!

UPDATE: Of course, the Young Liberals at the U of Guelph think that videos of fainting kids are HILARIOUS... sick.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Editorial Cartoon: Absent Liberal MP's

Gotta love it...

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hill Times: WHO is leading the Liberal Party?

The Hill Times made a MAJOR faux pas today in this article...
"As Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff (Toronto Centre, Ont.) pressed Mr. Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) again in Question Period..."
Really? The Liberal Leader is the MP from TORONTO CENTRE, you say? Well, just WHO might the MP for Toronto Centre be, you might ask?

None other than Bob Rae.

Was this just a simple editing error... or is there something more to it? ;-)

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Well played, Green Party of Canada

I think this was an excellent strategic move on the part of the Green Party of Canada... also an excellent strategic move to NOT have Lizzy May doing the narration.

With many people's current feelings towards these type of ads, I think this will get them some positive feedback, so long as their TV ad placement is well thought out and in sufficient rotation.

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Iggy "Goes Negative"... and falls FLAT

Well, so much for his promises to "take the high road". Iggy has officially flip floped on "going negative", trying to personally insult Harper during a press scrum... but his flip flop, well, flopped. And then backfired, HUGE.

The CPAC Twitter feed reported this from Iggy's scrum on Tuesday...
"PM’s answers on Elections Canada charges make him the “Charlie Sheen of Cdn democracy”"

Seriously Iggy? The "Charlie Sheen of Canadian democracy"? Does that even make any sense? I mentioned the statement to a few folks, and they just all screwed up their faces, trying to figure out how on earth that even makes any sense!

Except a few of us have made an altogether different connection between Harper and Charlie Sheen than Iggy was trying to imply, thanks to Sheen's new favorite word... "WINNING!!!" That's right Iggy, looks like Stephen Harper IS the "Charlie Sheen" of Canadian politics...


You kinda gotta feel bad for Ignatieff... he tries to "go negative", and he can't even manage to do THAT right without screwing it up!!!

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