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Sunday, March 27, 2011

OOPS - Anyone checked out

If you're going to put your website address on your election signs... YOU THINK YOU'D MAKE SURE IT WORKS FIRST!!!

Guelph Liberal Candidate Frank Valeriote's team have been proudly putting up their election signs in Guelph for the last two days, with their website address, (UPDATE: link severed, see below) proudly displayed, as seen in the picture here posted by the UoG's Young Liberal Association...
However, has anyone bothered to look and see what's posted on that site? I'll bet you at least a few dozen people have... and what, you ask, might they find there? Some words of encouragement on why they should pick Frank to be Guelph's MP? Maybe some policy positions of the Liberal Party? Maybe a photo of Frank posing with his leader, Michael Igantieff? (on second thought, scratch that last one... why would he hang that millstone around his neck...)

How about NONE OF THE ABOVE? I present to you, Frank's website as of this very moment!
And just in case, I also checked out, which some voters may mistakenly assume is the website, based on his signs...

Nope, not that one either! Sigh, poor old Frank... right out of the gate, and falling flat on his face. There's a real sense of irony in his slogan too... "Doing the right thing". #FAIL

UPDATE: Took them a few days, but they FINALLY got things working... therefore, to ensure that I'm not driving any traffic his way, the above links have been severed. ;-)

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