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Friday, March 04, 2011

Iggy "Goes Negative"... and falls FLAT

Well, so much for his promises to "take the high road". Iggy has officially flip floped on "going negative", trying to personally insult Harper during a press scrum... but his flip flop, well, flopped. And then backfired, HUGE.

The CPAC Twitter feed reported this from Iggy's scrum on Tuesday...
"PM’s answers on Elections Canada charges make him the “Charlie Sheen of Cdn democracy”"

Seriously Iggy? The "Charlie Sheen of Canadian democracy"? Does that even make any sense? I mentioned the statement to a few folks, and they just all screwed up their faces, trying to figure out how on earth that even makes any sense!

Except a few of us have made an altogether different connection between Harper and Charlie Sheen than Iggy was trying to imply, thanks to Sheen's new favorite word... "WINNING!!!" That's right Iggy, looks like Stephen Harper IS the "Charlie Sheen" of Canadian politics...


You kinda gotta feel bad for Ignatieff... he tries to "go negative", and he can't even manage to do THAT right without screwing it up!!!

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