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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Now accepting applications for my next Internet Provider

With the big players in telco industry seeking to kill the innovative online spirit of the average Canadian customer, I am now currently shopping around for a new ISP. My requirements are as follows:

- At least 80GB of data usage
- 12MB download, 1MB upload speeds
- Reasonable price point, which SHOULD no more than $50 per month

As a Network and Systems Administrator, I have a better idea on what these services ought to REALLY cost... and believe me folks, we're ALL being WAY OVERCHARGED. I've always managed to talk them down in their pricing, or get them to do things like credit my modem rental charge for the year, in order to compensate for their overcharging. But with their recent moves to further REGULATE our Internet usage is unacceptable.

That being said, I do recognize that there are a few ABUSERS of the current systems, who's abusive usage affects the rest of us with slowdowns, etc. The ISP's should be going after them DIRECTLY, instead of punishing the rest of us by forcing us to curb our own usage. Of course, I've never even gone over 75% of my "allowance", but that's beside the point. When I sign up for Internet, I want to be able to USE my Internet. With more and more services becoming available online, ISP's like Bell and Rogers ought to be finding ways to ATTRACT more customers, by offering more COMPETITIVE packages... NOT by seeking to punish smaller ISP's for offering better packages than they're offering. And what's most disturbing is that they're using their lobbying efforts via the CRTC, which is SUPPOSED to serve CANADIANS, to restrict and punish Canadians, instead of fixing their own internal issues and offering Canadians CHOICE.

So, think about supporting the various online initiatives that are taking aim at the CRTC, Bell and Rogers... that is, if you haven't used up your monthly "allowance" already.

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