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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ontario Election of 2007... The "YouTube" Election

Wow... there are litterally THOUSANDS of videos up on YouTube connected with this year's Provincal Election. Will this be the election where the power of YouTube will make a difference? Will there be one video that tips the scales? Will there be a knockout punch delivered not via the debates, but via YouTube?

I don't know how exactly I feel about this, but it sure is going to be interesting to watch...

Humm... maybe I'll post a semi-daily YouTube winner of the day... on days when I have the chance. I'm open to nominations to name the contest... maybe I'll even open it up to a vote at the end for the of the election, with votes on various catagories... a "Funniest Video" award, one for "Best Attack Ad", for "Most Influential", one for "Best Official Campaign Video" (officially released by one of the parties), and maybe even a "Jean Chretien Face Video Award" for the most stupid and idiotic video release of the election!

Well, here's my picks for the three top videos for today... and the writ isn't dropped until tomorrow. I'll try to post good ones from all sides... but no promises! ;-)

(Nominee for "Best Attack Ad")

Actually, a hat tip is due to Warren for these next two videos... Warren is one of McGuinty's campaign gurus. Great job Warren! Sometimes, ignoring it is the best move...

(this one's kinda funny... they should have played more songs though)

(this one's a good "Official" one from the Ontario NDP)

Send in your nominees! Send in your ideas for the awards at the end!

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