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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Place of "Higher Learning"

One would assume that a University is a place where rational, reasoned discussion on issues can take place... or a place where the right to "Freedom of Speech" is honoured and respected.

Not so at Carleton.
Sparks flew during question period at a Nov. 21 Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) council meeting after a motion that would prevent pro-life groups from assembling on CUSA space was tabled.

The motion — moved by Katy McIntyre, CUSA vice-president (student services), on behalf of the Womyn’s Centre — would amend the campus discrimination policy to state that “no CUSA resources, space, recognition or funding be allocated for anti-choice purposes.”

The motion was met with resistance from Carleton University Lifeline, a pro-life student organization that was denied CUSA club status at an Oct. 26 council meeting.
Anyone have a contact for the CUSA? The gall and arrogance of these students is unbelieveable... who do you think you are, to say what views are acceptable, and what views are not?

h/t BBS.

Warren, Liberals, and "Retards"

Some would lump them all together... not I, however. The latest post from Warren...
November 30, 2006 - Not an auspicious start. Omar and I are on Via Rail, whistling our way to Montreal and Global National's convention coverage with a gaggle of Liberal delegates. A couple of them are talking, loudly, about what to do about "retards." Quote unquote.

This is going to be an interesting trip.
Boy am I glad that he, along with people like Stephen Taylor, Tasha Kheiriddin, and Paul Wells, are going to be there... ;-)

This is going to be fun.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Goodale Backs Rae

This just in... Ralph Goodale, named this week as "Canada's Best MP" by Maclean's magazine, (??? How on earth did he earn that?) has just endorsed Liberal Leadership hopeful Bob Rae.

In my opinion, Bob Rae may have just been pushed over the top...

Monday, November 27, 2006

You know you're a junkie when...

...there's a Federal by-election a mere hour away, and you're being driven NUTS because you can't find any way to get out there and help!!!

I guess I'll be watching the results from home, instead of the campaign office! :-(

UPDATE: WOO HOO!!! I got a ride! But he's headed home shortly after the polls close, so I'll still have to watch the results from home.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PM Harper - "Quebec a nation, within a united Canada"

"Here! Here!" Even the Liberal stood to that statement.

The Prime Minister was forced to comment on the issue that is tearing the Liberals appart, since the Bloc Quebecois were planning to introduce a motion asking the Government to recognize Quebec as a nation.

He upstaged them by making a brilliant statement, which I was able to watch live. The Liberals rose to applaud the statement. In reply, Bill Graham affirmed the Liberals full agreement with Mr. Harper's statement... and the Conservatives also rose to applaud his comments.

Irony for you... the Bloc force the issue in Parliament, and Mr. Harper comes riding to the rescue of the divided Liberal Party... watch the leadership candidates all sign on to Mr. Harper's statement. Any of them who disagree with it will get roasted, and if they agree to it, they're giving credit to Mr. Harper.

Thank you very much Messr. Duceppe... you just dealt our Prime Minister a winning card for the next election!

Wii are Helping the Community

The new Nintendo Wii is the coolest console ever. Been playing it off and on for a couple of days, and now, I'm taking the gaming experience to a whole new level... a Long Term Care facility!

I got to thinking, "Hey, this is so simple to use, and so much fun, I wonder if we could make a go of it at work!" Wrote up a proposal, sold it to the Recreational Therapy department, then took it to the Foundation... we're going to see if the local WalMart will consider donating one... and if not, buy it anyway! Plus another department is so sold on the idea, I got told that if I could find one in town, they'll cut a check for it TODAY!

The Wii Sports package comes with bowling, golf, tennis, baseball, and boxing. All of them, other than boxing, are incredibly simple to do, most needing only minimal hand control. I can just see an 80 year old resident, who hasn't been able to get out of his wheelchair and out to the fairway for a decade, falling in love with this thing! As a golfer, it's pretty realistic... yet a non-golfer like my wife can enjoy it too! They can go bowling from their wheelchair, just swing your arm a little! This thing is great! And with the wireless capability, we can set it up to go access various online games for those who like things like Sudoku! The possibilites are almost endless!

LOL... see Mom? My years of gaming did eventually come in handy in the real world!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sorry, Wii've been busy

I haven't posted for a day or two because Wii've been busy...

Wow... 38 hours without sleep is NOT cool. Got up at 8am for a local CPC EDA Board meeting, spent the day doing regular stuff, (such as buying a PCIe video card, then finding out that PCI and PCIe are NOT the same thing... grrr...) then getting some crazy last minute idea of taking the last spot in line at the local store for the new Nintendo Wii... at 8:30pm the night before. 12 hours in front of the store, no sleep, then directly off to church the next morning! Finally went to bed at 11:30pm last night... almost 40 hours after getting up. Needless to say, I slept WELL last night... and used some of my banked time at work to sleep in!

Now, some may call me crazy for doing that, but I had two main motives. Personally, I could have waited until after Christmas for the Wii. BUT, my wife saw the thing on TV the other day (Tuesday or Wednesday) and REALLY, REALLY wanted it! (quote... "This thing is EXACTLY what I wanted video games to be like when I was eleven!")

AND, my main overriding reason for wanting to line up all night for it... about 10 young people, between the ages of 14 and 20, sitting there all night long, with nothing to do but play handheld video games, and TALK. Me, putting my money where my mouth is with the "Christian" in my name, spent some good time with these kids, asking and answering questions regarding matters of Eternity... Heaven, Hell, God, demons, angels, aliens, Creation, evolution, the heart of man, etc. (Hey, they started the conversation! More than happy to contribute!) Was talking to just two of the kids, then two more dragged their chairs over to join in. It was a good time, and each of them got a few thoughts to consider... and those that wanted one got a camoflage cover Gospel of John, in the NLT version.

Well worth a night of no sleep...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Have dinner with PRESTON MANNING

Any takers?
A local EDA President sent this my way... I AM SO THERE! (already told him I was coming)

The Guelph CPC EDA is celebrating Sir John A MacDonald's birthday on Friday January 26, 2007, with their guest speaker, The Honourable Preston Manning. They think tickets are going to go fast, so if you're in the area, or feel like making a trip, give them a call and book your tickets!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Planning to see "Borat"?

Read THIS first.

Good old Hollywood, making comedy for us at the expense of the poor of the world. Nice, eh?

"Turtle Island" again

Are you afraid yet? The latest from Hazel Hill...
"Given the current population growth, the number of warriors coupled with our alliance with other Indigenous Nations, we still have a stronghold on our territorial lands [which is all of 'Canada' - Turtle Island]. The Crown had better realize this. The coercion, force and deceit of the past will not continue. The Onkwehonweh are not going allow this fraud to go on against us and our brothers and sisters across Turtle Island."
No need to comment on that. But I see that most Canadians still haven't woken up to the problem yet...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Belinda and Sexism

Belinda and her fellow Liberals have been playing the "Conservatives are sexist" card for a couple of weeks now. I don't like it when people play cards like this. Now it's my turn.

I recall a Conservative, at the leadership convention in 2003, making the following statement... "But between me and Paul Martin, I ask you, who do you think can bake a better economic pie?"

Yep, envoking the image of the little lady in the kitchen, baking a pie. Sounds pretty sexist to me, how about you?

Hang on a sec... you mean to tell me that statement was made by Belinda herself? Oh... now that makes things a bit more complicated. So, let me get this straight... on the one hand, she says that Conservatives are too sexist... meanwhile, when it suits her, she'll invoke such imagery when it's to her own advantage.

Guess I never will make a good politician... I'm no good at such games.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dems to take the Senate

Well, it looks like it's over folks. With an 8500 vote lead in Virginia, and a 1500 vote lead in Montana, with 99% of precints reporting in both states, it's pretty much said and done.

The automatic recount in Montana will be the last chance... and we all know the Democrats are fully in favour of recounts. ;-) Both parties need this state to win the Senate, and 1500 votes is not an insurmountable amount... especially if not all the overseas military ballots have been counted yet. (they sometimes take a couple of days to be included in the final totals, and they often favour the Republicans)

Watching elections in the USA is the one and only time time I HATE seeing BLUE on an electoral map...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gloria Watch V

Thanks to Uncommon Truths, who caught this one from Gloria today. (and thanks for the "esteemed colleague" comment, and for the hat tip too)

Despite what some of you may think, I don't go looking for each and every piece she writes, in order to pass judgement... just to set the record straight. So, if you see something she's written, be it positive OR negative towards the Tories, send it my way, so we can keep an ACCURATE count. This needs to be a group effort, if we're going to build an honest and realistic profile of her leanings.

That being said, on to today's feature.
"While Canadians support the troops, they do not necessarily support the war in Afghanistan. Nearly 60 per cent of people polled in October by the Strategic Counsel for The Globe and Mail and CTV said they believe the price Canada is paying terms of casualties in that conflict is too high."
I have to disagree a little, just a little, with Uncommon Truth's evaluation of the above quote. While I can see how she's clearly spun the numbers, they do allow a little room for her interpretation. That being said, however, she chose to spin them in the negative light.... she very well could have spun them the other way, but she didn't. So, I'd give her a 50-50 split on this one... half a mark Negative, half a mark Neutral.

However, she loses that half Neutral mark for the rest of the article. Immediately after the above section, she writes this...
"Mr. Harper's address came shortly after a news conference at which an advisory council to the Veteran's Affairs Department said Canada's war vets have earned the right to government-sponsored health benefits and should not have to navigate the complex maze of qualifying criteria that is demanded of them."
Nice segue, eh? Go from the speech, right into the criticism... nice. And don't you find it interesting how it looks like she's trying to pin the problems of these veterans on Mr. Harper? No mention that the direct cause of the neglect these veterans have faced is due to the last 13 years of Liberal rule... not a word. Move that half mark to the Negative column.

Negative - 6
Positive/Netural - 2

Until next time...

Liberals vs. Hockey Fans

Now that's a REALLY smart move there by the Liberals... attacking one of Canada's greatest hockey idols? Booing Don Cherry in the House of Commons? Are they for real? I didn't realize that they were so far ahead in the polls that they could afford to do that...
Don Cherry cheered, booed at House of Commons
Last Updated: Tuesday, November 7, 2006 | 5:01 PM ET

Hockey commentator Don Cherry has raised a stir in the House of Commons — not for what he said, but for merely showing up.

There was applause and loud cheering as Cherry's presence Tuesday in the parliamentary visitor's gallery was recognized by Commons Speaker Peter Milliken.

But there were a few boos as well.

A short time later, Liberal MPs, including former cabinet minister Jean Lapierre, complained that Cherry should not have been recognized because of his denigration of French Canadians.
If I recall, Cherry made a comment about some French Canadian players (and European players, if I'm correct) being wimps... something to do with wearing visors.

And the big deal would be... ??? (cue the crickets...) It's hockey folks, just a game. Get over it.

None the less, I'm pretty sure they'll be able to kiss a few hockey fan votes goodbye... even in places like Toronto! That is, of course, if the MSM should so choose to make the public aware of this incident... (sorry, had to get my obligitory shot at the MSM in there somehow)

Then there's Mr. Harper, doing what most Average Joe Canadian would do... stand with him and have his picture taken...

Great line from Paul Wells

Great line in Maclean's by Paul Wells about this whole "Iggy-Nation" fiasco...
"All of this is happening because Michael Ignatieff landed fresh off the boat and didn't get properly briefed on the distinction between those two subtle Canadian concepts, a "good idea" and a "really freaking bad idea." As a direct result, the Liberal party is tying itself in knots over whether, and how, to "recognize" the Quebec "nation" in the Constitution."
Almost had me in stitches.

Now, to today's US Midterm election prognostications... that's to good old John Kerry, the Republicans will retain the Senate by a NARROW margin, but will still likely lose control of the House. But I'm still holding on to that small glimmer of hope... yes, I say HOPE, because the Democrats running the House will prove to be a disaster, mark my words.

On the bright side... the fiasco that the Dems will cause in the House over the next two years will only increase the GOP's chances of holding on to the White House in 2008. The next two years will be marked by ineffective governance, and as a result, the American people in 2008 will punish the people they think (or are convinced to think) are responsible... which will end up being the Democrats, NOT the GOP.

Just you wait and see... my prediction, and quote me on this, is that the Democratic win today will spell the end of Hillary's White House ambitions. (or whoever wins the ticket for the Dems in '08)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Electoral Reform

FINALLY, is all I can say. The Tories have introduced proposed changes to the Elections Act... which all parties, at this point, have agreed to support.

I just hope that they give scruitineers back the ability to challenge voters, and to make a request to the DRO that the voter provide ID.

I live in a University town. At my poll during the last election, I am SURE that some voter fraud occured, but I had nothing to go on to prove it. One university aged voter came up to the table, used a bill to prove his proof of address, and then said "Who's the local Liberal candidate? I don't know, I'm from Toronto." The DRO wisely responded "The candidate's name and party is on the ballot." (maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was standing right there, but who knows...) "I'M FROM TORONTO"!?!?!?!?!? Then what the heck are you doing casting a ballot in MY riding? Why are you allowed to cast a ballot here, after you have just openly admitted that this is not your primary place of residence? Of course, he was allowed to vote... for the local Liberal, who eventually won the riding. There was nothing I could do to stop or challenge him. The poll I was at had a large number of University students, and had a much higher number of voters show up than the other polls I was monitoring... and had a significantly higher percentage of Liberal votes that all the other polls in the neighbourhood. Call me suspicious if you will, but something sure smelled funny that day...

I've said all along that I, as an election monitor, need the ability to ask that voters provide ID as proof of residence. Reason is that the MAJORITY of university voters still have their licenses and/or health cards registered to Mom and Dad's... mainly to get a break on car insurance. Well then, my dear student, you can't have it both ways! You are only eligiable, by law, to vote in your riding of PRIMARY RESIDENCE. So, is it back with Mom and Dad in Toronto, where your Liberal vote will make virtually no difference, or is it here in my town, where it will UNFAIRLY tip the balance in favour of the Liberal Party of Canada?

Forcing them to prove their place of residence would have a nice detering factor... get caught trying to vote in a riding that's not your primary residence, and you could get fined by Elections Canada... which would be a nice little reward for most activist students who try to unfairly usurp our democratic right to vote.

Basic premise of my post? STUDENTS SHOULD BE FORCED TO VOTE IN THEIR HOME RIDING, and should not be able to pick and choose where they cast their vote. Those who are of an activist mentality, of which there are MANY in this town, knowingly use that ability to "stop the regressive neo-cons!" as they put it... or, as I put it, unfairly tip the balance to a candidate that the majority of legitimate residents in this town didn't vote for.

Since none of the rest of us have that option of picking where we cast our ballot, nor should they. They can cast their vote for their home riding on any day after the writ has been dropped at the local Elections Canada office, or by mail, if need be.

I think each and every person in this country should make themselves aware of the issues and should vote... I would not ever want to be accused of trying to take away someone's right to vote. But changes need to be made, so here's hoping.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Funny GMail Link

Okay, so I'm searching for an e-mail in my GMail account, and what should appear in the "Sponsored Links" section? A link to Dr. Ruby Dhalla, Liberal MP for Brampton Springdale!

How sick is that? ;-)

Gloria Watch IV

Well, I've been watching Gloria Galloway's stuff from the Globe & Mail over the last year and a half now. She's running about 70%/30%... 70% negative about the Federal Tories, and about 30% being either neutral or positive.

So, rather than just complaining once again about the kind of article she writes, I'm going to start keeping score... this post is about the fourth recorded instance I can find in my blog about Gloria's writting. Keep your eyes peeled for future "Gloria Watch" posts, and maybe we'll finally start to convince the nay-sayers. (that being those who don't believe that bias in the MSM exists)

Here's today's contribution... Long-time Tory angrily quits party over trusts. You be the judge.

And now, for your ongoing viewing pleasure, here is the "Official Gloria Galloway vs. Federal Tory Scoreboard"!

The GG Scoreboard:
Negative - 5
Positive/Netural - 2

(current scores are based on my recollection of her past stories, and a quick review/averaging this morning of her articles posted online at the Globe & Mail)

It's nice when the MSM agrees with me

Well, it's always nice when the predictions made by the pollsters, and published in the MSM, agree almost exactly with what I've been saying for the last seven or eight months!
"Dark horse candidate Stéphane Dion appears to have the most potential for growth in voting at the upcoming Liberal leadership convention, according to a new Ekos poll for the Saturday Star." - Pollster predicts cliff-hanger

h/t to Warren.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trust and such

My two cents on yesterday's Income Trusts announcement.

To be honest, I didn't notice the promise not to tax income trusts during the last election. However, in my opinion, was a dumb promise to make. Things have changed since the last election, and more and more companies have announced they will convert to Trusts. Any responsible government would act, and that's what they've done.

But the fact that a promise was made during the election sure makes this decision difficult. There will be a price to pay, to be sure, but I think it was the right decision to make.

The problem with how Mr. Goodale dealt with this last year was how he openly mused about it, and then left the market hanging. It was a fiasco.

Contrast with Mr. Flaherty. Total surprise to everyone... no leaks, no mess. And when the announcement was made, he had a clear, comprehensive plan, covering all the bases. In an effort to help protect the investments of seniors, incoming splitting. To help companies make the transition, 4 years before any changes are implemented. Steps taken to slow the number of companies making the switch by making tax penalties immediate. And as Warren pointed out, everyone treated equally... no insider info. (Even Stephen Harper thought it was a good point... he quoted Warren today in Question Period... to the massive number of catcalls from the Liberal benches, no less)

I've never been a fan of Income Trusts. I think that companies should pay their fair share. I don't agree, however, with the NDP, who support chasing business away with high taxes. I think this is a more moderated and fair means of dealing with the issues at hand.