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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Liberals vs. Hockey Fans

Now that's a REALLY smart move there by the Liberals... attacking one of Canada's greatest hockey idols? Booing Don Cherry in the House of Commons? Are they for real? I didn't realize that they were so far ahead in the polls that they could afford to do that...
Don Cherry cheered, booed at House of Commons
Last Updated: Tuesday, November 7, 2006 | 5:01 PM ET

Hockey commentator Don Cherry has raised a stir in the House of Commons — not for what he said, but for merely showing up.

There was applause and loud cheering as Cherry's presence Tuesday in the parliamentary visitor's gallery was recognized by Commons Speaker Peter Milliken.

But there were a few boos as well.

A short time later, Liberal MPs, including former cabinet minister Jean Lapierre, complained that Cherry should not have been recognized because of his denigration of French Canadians.
If I recall, Cherry made a comment about some French Canadian players (and European players, if I'm correct) being wimps... something to do with wearing visors.

And the big deal would be... ??? (cue the crickets...) It's hockey folks, just a game. Get over it.

None the less, I'm pretty sure they'll be able to kiss a few hockey fan votes goodbye... even in places like Toronto! That is, of course, if the MSM should so choose to make the public aware of this incident... (sorry, had to get my obligitory shot at the MSM in there somehow)

Then there's Mr. Harper, doing what most Average Joe Canadian would do... stand with him and have his picture taken...


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