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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Your Ontario National Council candidates

As promised, submissions to this blog for candidates for the four Ontario spots is now closed. Here are the names and information for the six (of the nine) candidates that responded to my request for information, in the order they were received:

Kevin Wiener
Doug Hawkins
Dan Hilton
Mark Dotzert
Andrew Carson
Simon Chapelle

Name: Kevin Wiener
Age: 18
Current Positions: Secretary, St. Paul’s Conservative EDA
VP Policy, St. Paul’s PC Association
President, St. Paul’s PC Youth Association
Secretary-Treasurer, Ontario PC Youth Association
Executive Member, Queen’s University Conservative Association
Key Endorsers: Peter Kent, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (Americas), MP Thornhill
Con Di Nino, Senator (Ontario)
Frank Klees, MPP Newmarket Aurora
Why Vote for Me?: I am committed young Conservative with a passion for this Party. I have seen first-hand the energy and enthusiasm that youth bring to riding campaigns and to the Party as a whole. On November 15th, elect One Young Person and ensure that recruiting youth and getting them involved is a priority for this Party.

Name: Doug Hawkins
Age: 56
Contact: 1-866-525-5477,ext 2028
Current Positions: Doug has chaired numerous campaigns;a founding director of Whitby-Oshawa Conservative Assoc;presently chair of policy and constitution cttees
Key Endorsers: Doug was nominated by 250 Conservatives from every corner of Ontario
Why Vote for Me?: Doug is an MBA;a successful business person and community leader with a strong problem-solving orientation.
Doug will help enhance communications within our Party;and strengthen our policy development process.
Doug wants to see the party set--- and achieve ---the goal of recruiting large numbers of new Conservatives,with a view to making significant breakthroughs at the ballot box!!!

Name: Dan Hilton
Age: 40
Contact info:
Current/Past Positions: Past President Carleton Gloucester, Currently on Board of Mississippi Mills EDA, President Scouts Canada Foundation
Key Endorsers: Gordon O'Connor MP, Steve Liakos EDA President, Liz Mackinnon EDA President
Why vote for me?: Family oriented Chartered Accountant with strong business and community background. Significant public company and not for profit Board experience. I offer integrity, good governance and most importantly, strong and accessible representation. We are a grass roots party that needs to hang on to that heritage. It is our strength and it is critical that the member's views have a voice on National Council. Let me be that voice.

Name: Mark Dotzert
Age: 48
Contact info: 519-662-6196
Current/Past Positions: Vice-President, Kitchener-Conestoga CPC EDA (2007-present)
Election Campaign Executive, Harold Albrecht, M.P. (2006 and 2008)
Nomination Advisor, Stephen Woodworth, M.P.
Membership Chair and founding member, Kitchener-Conestoga Provincial PC Association (2005-2007)
Business Owner, IT consulting for government agencies (1995-present)
Key Endorsers: Harold Albrecht, M.P. / Kitchener-Conestoga
Lois Brown, M.P. / Newmarket-Aurora (former National Councilor)
Stephen Woodworth, M.P. / Kitchener Centre
Why vote for me?: Mark Dotzert will take initiative to support grassroots members in Ontario through effective representation on National Council. He will work to ensure effective, timely communication and cooperation between National Council and EDA’s concerning membership and fundraising initiatives. He will promote strategies whereby the policy concerns of Conservative Party members continue to be heard, and he will support local EDA’s in recruiting strong local candidates.
CIMS reporting functions can be improved to facilitate local campaign management. Mark will utilize his 15 years of professional IT experience consulting for municipal agencies to advocate for this.

Name: Andrew Carson
Age: 60
Contact info: Office: 519-941-6300; Cell 647-273-4270; e-mail
Current/Past Positions: President Dufferin-Caledon EDA; CFO Dufferin-Caledon PC Association; Official Agent to David Tilson
Key Endorsers: David Tilson, Q.C., MP
Why vote for me?: National Council has to make more effort to communicate with EDAs both ways (receiving & sending) as I am detecting some annoyance expressed by presidents of the EDAs. Councillors have to attend regional meetings and not just once in their term of office. This is asking a lot for a volunteer position, but that is what the job entails if we are going to make our Party grow and motivate our volunteer base that lets us win elections.
Name, Age: Simon Chapelle, 38
Contact: e-mail, mobile 416-347-2650
Current Positions: Prince Edward Hastings Provincial PC Association – Vice President and Fundraising Chair
Prince Edward Hastings CPC Board Member – Special Events Fundraising
Past Positions: 20 years of board and executive experience
Sudbury boards – provincial and federal – youth member through to president
1998-2002 – Northeastern Region Vice President – Provincial PC Party Executive – served two terms
2002/03 – Northern Organizer – Jim Flaherty Leadership Campaign
Why vote for me?: Experience, commitment to make a difference, I have a plan for building “Campaign Team Capacity” at the grassroots, support for youth engagement

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  • At Wed. Nov. 12, 01:44:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Konrad said…

    Kevin Wiener's stated purpose of attracting youth support is stillborn - the Conservatives will never get it anyway (short of Kim Campbell; a great unelected PM along with Robert Stanfield). Youth are generally lower-income, and therefore tend to see few benefits in voting CON. Aside from which it's not fashionable.


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