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Sunday, November 09, 2008

NC ON: Simon Chapelle

And what looks like our final contribution from the National Councilor candidates, Simon Chapelle.

Name, Age: Simon Chapelle, 38
Contact: e-mail, mobile 416-347-2650
Current Positions: Prince Edward Hastings Provincial PC Association – Vice President and Fundraising Chair
Prince Edward Hastings CPC Board Member – Special Events Fundraising
Past Positions: 20 years of board and executive experience
Sudbury boards – provincial and federal – youth member through to president
1998-2002 – Northeastern Region Vice President – Provincial PC Party Executive – served two terms
2002/03 – Northern Organizer – Jim Flaherty Leadership Campaign
Why vote for me?: Experience, commitment to make a difference, I have a plan for building “Campaign Team Capacity” at the grassroots, support for youth engagement

Previous National Council candidate submissions:
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Doug Hawkins
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Mark Dotzert
Andrew Carson

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