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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NC ON: Dan Hilton

The third of the Ontario National Councillor candidates to reply to my e-mail...

Name: Dan Hilton
Age: 40
Contact info:
Current/Past Positions: Past President Carleton Gloucester, Currently on Board of Mississippi Mills EDA, President Scouts Canada Foundation
Key Endorsers: Gordon O'Connor MP, Steve Liakos EDA President, Liz Mackinnon EDA President
Why vote for me?: Family oriented Chartered Accountant with strong business and community background. Significant public company and not for profit Board experience. I offer integrity, good governance and most importantly, strong and accessible representation. We are a grass roots party that needs to hang on to that heritage. It is our strength and it is critical that the member's views have a voice on National Council. Let me be that voice.

Previous National Council candidate submissions:
Kevin Wiener
Doug Hawkins

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