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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NC ON: Doug Hawkins

Our second National Council candidate to send me his info is Doug Hawkins...

Name: Doug Hawkins
Age: 56
Contact: 1-866-525-5477,ext 2028
Current Positions: Doug has chaired numerous campaigns;a founding director of Whitby-Oshawa Conservative Assoc;presently chair of policy and constitution cttees
Key Endorsers: Doug was nominated by 250 Conservatives from every corner of Ontario
Why Vote for Me?: Doug is an MBA;a successful business person and community leader with a strong problem-solving orientation.
Doug will help enhance communications within our Party;and strengthen our policy development process.
Doug wants to see the party set--- and achieve ---the goal of recruiting large numbers of new Conservatives,with a view to making significant breakthroughs at the ballot box!!!

Previous National Council candidate submissions:
Kevin Wiener

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