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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NC ON: Mark Dotzert

Here's the information on Mark Dotzert, the next in our lineup of Ontario National Council candidates:

Name: Mark Dotzert
Age: 48
Contact info: 519-662-6196
Current/Past Positions: Vice-President, Kitchener-Conestoga CPC EDA (2007-present)
Election Campaign Executive, Harold Albrecht, M.P. (2006 and 2008)
Nomination Advisor, Stephen Woodworth, M.P.
Membership Chair and founding member, Kitchener-Conestoga Provincial PC Association (2005-2007)
Business Owner, IT consulting for government agencies (1995-present)
Key Endorsers: Harold Albrecht, M.P. / Kitchener-Conestoga
Lois Brown, M.P. / Newmarket-Aurora (former National Councilor)
Stephen Woodworth, M.P. / Kitchener Centre
Why vote for me?: Mark Dotzert will take initiative to support grassroots members in Ontario through effective representation on National Council. He will work to ensure effective, timely communication and cooperation between National Council and EDA’s concerning membership and fundraising initiatives. He will promote strategies whereby the policy concerns of Conservative Party members continue to be heard, and he will support local EDA’s in recruiting strong local candidates.
CIMS reporting functions can be improved to facilitate local campaign management. Mark will utilize his 15 years of professional IT experience consulting for municipal agencies to advocate for this.

Previous National Council candidate submissions:
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Doug Hawkins
Dan Hilton

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