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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Off to the 'Peg! Vote for Mark! Support P-117!

Time to sign off and head on out to Winnipeg! As a final note, I hope everyone will support Resolutions P-117 (Young Offender Rehab) and P-308 (Right to avoid Union Membership), I hope everyone will reject C-101 (Age for Membership), and that all Ontario delegates will support Mark Dotzert for National Council!

If anyone is looking to get a hold of me on the floor, I can be reached at cc.winnipeg.2008(at) it's a temp address for the Convention only. Keep your message VERY short and include your cell # for a reply... along the lines of "CC, text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx" or "Meet me at room #000". Longer messages won't likely even get to me... you've been warned!



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