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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Caucus support grows for Mark Dotzert

The list of endorsements continues to grow for Mark Dotzert, National Council candidate for Ontario. On his website, he has statements of support from re-elected MP Harold Albrecht, newly elected MP Lois Brown, who herself was a National Councillor until her election to Parliament last month, along with newly elected MP Stephen Woodworth, who knocked off Karen Redman in Kitchener-Centre.

And now, just yesterday, newly minted MP Peter Braid, the man who sucessfully knocked of Andrew Telegdi by a mere 17 votes, has also joined Mark's Facebook group in a show of support. Would you consider voting for Mark at the Convention, and joining his Facebook group? (even if you can't make it, you can still join the group!)

The KW area went blue in this last election... let's make sure we help keep them blue with a strong organizing voice from KW and SW Ontario on National Council!

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